International Politics and German History: The Past Informs the Present

David Wetzel, Theodore S. Hamerow
Greenwood Publishing Group, 1997 - 180 sidor
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Questions of international politics, as they relate to German history, are explored in this authoritative and controversial volume. Of the seven essays that constitute the book, four--those by Schroeder, Lauren, Rupieper, and Abenheim--center on diplomatic history and international politics, while the other three--by Barclay, Chickering, and Post--illuminate related political and cultural transformations. The Afterword by the two editors, Wetzel and Hamerow, deals with the works and philosophy of Gordon Craig, the preeminent historian of Germany to whom the book is dedicated. Craig's achievement has been to bring knowledge and interpretation into narrative history and to show that history is a self-sufficient and self-contained discipline, important for its own sake. These essays are bold and provocative; they can rightly claim originality, new insights, hitherto unrecognized aspects, new techniques of analysis for the subjects they cover; and for these reasons, as much as for any other, they deserve the attention of all those who care about German or international history.


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Does the History of International Politics Go Anywhere?
The Diplomatic Revolution of Our Time
Monarchy Court and Society in Constitutional Prussia
Karl Lamprecht A Historians History
Der Bund fur Burgerrechte Transnational Relations and the Problem of Democratization in West Germany 19491954
German Unity and Military Professionalism The Officer Corps of the German Armed Forces Confronts the Legacy of the Nationale Volksarmee Nov...
Reflections on the German Question
Gordon A Craig and the OldFashioned Way of Doing History
Selected Bibliography
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Sida 6 - Two great princes who wish to establish good personal relations should never meet each other face to face but ought to communicate through good and wise emissaries.

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DAVID WETZEL is an analyst in the administration of the University of California at Berkeley.

THEODORE S. HAMEROW is G. P. Gooch Professor Emeritus of History, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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