International Sea Level Workshop: Workshop Report

Front Cover
V. Gornitz
DIANE Publishing, 2000 - 133 pages
Report of a Workshop convened by the GCOS/GOOS/WCRP Ocean Observations Panel for Climate and the CLIVAR Upper Ocean Panel, with the sponsorship and support of the Nat. Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. (NOAA). The aim of the workshop was to more explicitly link the scientific requirements of the Ocean Climate Observing System plan of GCOS/GOOS, and the scientific research areas of the CLIVAR Science Plan, to the implementation of the in situ sea level network, as represented by GLOSS and its Implementation Plan. The Workshop framed several statements and conclusions for consideration by NOAA, and the organizations with prime oversight responsibility. Illus.

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Page 119 - Kawabe, M. (1985): Sea level variations at the Izu Islands and typical stable paths of the Kuroshio. J. Oceanogr. Soc. Japan, 41, 307-326.
Page 114 - The Flinders University of South Australia, GPO Box 2100, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia, by 5 April 1991.
Page 114 - Univ. of South Florida, 140 Seventh Ave., South St. Petersburg, FL 33701, USA.
Page 44 - Variability in spiny lobster Panulirus marginatus recruitment and sea level in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands.
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Page 44 - A test of the ability of TOPEX/POSEIDON to monitor flows through the Drake Passage.
Page 125 - A comparative study of tropical Pacific sea surface height variability : tide gauges versus the National Meteorological Center data-assimilating ocean general circulation model, 1982-1992.
Page 71 - Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level The Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level...
Page 43 - Pacific low-latitude western boundary currents and the Indonesian Throughflow.
Page 124 - While the results agree with earlier studies Indicating that the Gulf Stream was considerably weaker (by about 30 Sv) during the 1970s compared to the 1950s, they also Indicate some changes in the poleward heat transport, although the statistical significance of these changes relative to sampling errors in the data Is not clear.

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