Introduction to Unicist Diagnostics

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Blue Eagle Group, 2007
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The unicist approach to diagnostics changed the paradigms of decision making. In the short and long run, the nature of a reality prevails over all Voluntaristic actions. The discovery of the nature of evolution set the bases for a structural change in diagnoses, including business diagnostics. Descriptive, static, causal and conceptual diagnoses define the level of possibilities depending on who is diagnosing. Unicist diagnostics is an approach used to diagnose and to prognose a reality based on the apprehension of its nature. The nature of a given reality defines the trends of that reality. In the short or long run the nature of a reality will prevail over voluntaristic drivers. Voluntaristic drivers can withhold evolution but cannot hinder it. This book is an introduction to the basics for diagnosing complex problems. Simple problems diagnoses do not require the knowledge of their structure to be secure. But complex problems cannot be solved unless their structure is known. Test and error, extreme analytics, empiric approaches and intuition are palliatives for diagnosing without knowing the structure of a fact. When problems are complex, a unicist reflection methodology is necessary to secure knowledge. Rational approaches cannot go beyond the limits of cause-effect relations. The most difficult part of unicist diagnoses is the definition of the context in which the problem is immersed. Diagnoses are secure when their conclusions have been tested. Both non-destructive and destructive tests are necessary to accept the validity of diagnoses. This book is an introduction to the unicist approach to diagnostics. Its application is universal. Its goal is not to provide specific knowledge todiagnose different types of problems, but to give an introduction to the structure of: "the nature of diagnostics."

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