Introduction to Materia Medica and Pharmacology: Including the Elements of Medical Pharmacy, Prescription Writing, Medical Latin, Toxicology, and Methods of Local Treatment

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Lea, 1906 - Materia medica - 167 pages
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Page 100 - English cubic inches. 10 millilitres . . =1 centilitre; 10 centilitres . . =1 decilitre; 10 decilitres . . =1 LITRE; 10 Litres '. . =1 decalitre; 10 decalitres . . =1 hectolitre; 10 hectolitres . =1 chilolitre; 1-0 chilolitres . . =1 myrialitre.
Page iii - Materia Medica and Pharmacology, including the Elements of Medical Pharmacy, Prescription Writing, Medical Latin, Toxicology and Methods of Local Treatment. For the use of Students of Medicine and Pharmacy. By Oliver T.
Page 100 - LENGTH 10 Millimeters 1 Centimeter 10 Centimeters 1 Decimeter 10 Decimeters 1 Meter 10 Meters 1 Dekameter 10 Dekameters 1 Hectometer 10 Hectometers.
Page 67 - Centigrade to degrees Fahrenheit, multiply by 9, divide by 5, and add 32 to the quotient.
Page v - The object of this book is to introduce the student to the study of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, with the purpose constantly in mind of preparing him for the practice of medicine, ie, to care for the sick.
Page 140 - U, generally in short lengths, which are light to handle, and can be brought within easy shoveling distance of the face. (Power) Bridge wire. The fine platinum wire which is heated by the passage of an electric current to ignite the priming charge of an electric blasting cap, an electric squib or similar devices. (Du Pont) Bridgman sampler.
Page 17 - MATERIA MEDICA is that branch of medical science, which treats of the known properties of mineral, vegetable, or animal substances.
Page 65 - Potassii Acetas Potassii Bicarbonas Potassii Bitartras Potassii Bromidum Potassii Carbonas Potassii Chloras Potassii Citras Potassii Citras Effervescens Potassii Cyanidum Potassii Dichromas Potassii et Sodii Tartras Potassii Ferrocyanidum Potassii...
Page 23 - This effect is believed to be due to the action of the drug on the central nervous system.
Page 158 - Barley Water is made by adding a tablespoonful of pearl barley to a quart of boiling water. Let it stand on the back of the...

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