Introduction to Metallography

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1908 - Metallography - 214 pages

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Page ii - LUPTON.— Works by ARNOLD LUPTON, MICE, FGS, etc. MINING. An Elementary Treatise on the Getting of Minerals. With a Geological Map of the British Isles, and 596 Diagrams and Illustrations. Crown Svo.
Page 20 - The eighth report of the Alloys Research Committee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers shows that rich copper aluminium alloys do not corrode when in conjunction with mild steel in sea-water.
Page 37 - ... which is probably scolecite were observed in association with natrolite. The chemical relationship between natrolite and scolecite is somewhat similar to that between chabazite and gmelinite, but the group appears to present an example of a different type of solid solutions, namely, that in which the two components do not form a continuous series of mixed crystals, mutual solubility being limited and the end members being of distinct crystallographic forms.28 Most of the specimens are plainly...
Page 69 - The freezing-points of alloys containing zinc and another metal.
Page 8 - ... between (C ) on the one hand, and (D) , ( E) on the other — form the subject of chapter IV.
Page 3 - The transformation of one allotropic form into another offers so many analogies to the transformation of one state of aggregation into another, that, strictly speaking, the three states of aggregation of any substance should be described as three allotropic modifications of it. ... The melting of ice, for exnmplc, is a transformation of the lighter into the heavier modification of water" (Lothar Meyer in Watt's "Dictionary of Chemistry,
Page ii - Privy Councillor, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Metallurgy and Director of the Institute of Mines and Electro-Metallurgy at the Royal Technical College, Aachen. Translated by HENRY G. SOLOMON, AMIEE Consulting Electrical Engineer. With 282 Illustrations.
Page 164 - Fifth Report of the Alloys Research Committee." Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1899.
Page 3 - ... must be described as three allotropic modifications of it. ... The melting of ice, for example, is the conversion of the light into the heavy modification (of water).
Page 136 - The process of etching a section consists in pouring a certain amount of the solution of sodium picrate into a test tube which is placed in a beaker of boiling water, and when it has attained the temperature of the bath, introducing the section.

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