Introduction to the Scientific Study of Education

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Ginn, 1918 - Education - 333 pages

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Page 318 - minimum of four units. (c) A teacher's course in at least one subject in which the candidate expects to be recommended for certification, if such course be given in the institution and be accepted by or listed under the work in education —- a maximum of three units for all such courses.
Page 224 - pupil read the teacher recorded the time required to read each paragraph together with the number of errors which were made of the following types: (a) Gross mispronunciations, which include such errors in pronunciation as indicate clearly that the word is too difficult for the pupil to pronounce.
Page 123 - the said selectmen, with the help of two magistrates, shall take such children or apprentices from them, and place them with some masters for years, boys until they come to
Page 88 - are certain ready-made materials which are there, which have been prepared by the school superintendent, the board, the teacher, and of which the child is to take in as much as possible in the least possible time.
Page 122 - That, as an adjunct to the board of education, an advisory commission of 15 members, composed of employees, employers and educators, be established, whose duty it shall be to report changes in the demands of business and industry, and to advise modifications of the course of study to meet these new demands.
Page 173 - two or three inches apart. Say: " You see these blocks. They look just alike, but one of them is heavy and one is light. Try them and tell me -which one is heavier." If the child does not respond, repeat the instructions, saying this time, "Tell me which one is
Page 318 - A course in secondary education, presenting particularly the purpose and attainable goals of high school work—a minimum of two units. (e) Such other courses relating to the theory, function and administration of public education, as are needed to complete the required
Page 16 - someone] to teach all such children as shall resort to him, to write and read.
Page 88 - simply studying lessons out of a book is only another kind of listening; it marks the dependency of one mind upon another. The attitude of listening means, comparatively speaking, passivity, absorption; that
Page 182 - Resolved, That we note with approval the increasing tendency to establish, beginning with the seventh grade, differentiated courses of study aimed more effectively to prepare the child for his probable future activities. We believe that as a result of these modifications a more satisfactory type of instruction will be developed and that a genuine economy of time will result.

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