Introduction to the Study of Commerce

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Silver, Burdett, 1901 - Commerce - 224 pages
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Page 193 - ... growth of at least five years. The pepper was picked green ; it had to be dried in the sun, and this meant employing women. It took one ship and a thousand miles of railroad to bring the pepper to the United States. The tea on the table came from China, and the coffee from South America. The codfish had to be brought from Maine. Men had to be employed to catch the fish ; other men and women were employed in drying, packing, and boxing it, and it, too, had to make a long railroad journey. The...
Page 193 - Men had to be employed to catch the fish; other men and women were employed in drying, packing and boxing it, and it too had to make a long railroad journey. The flour of which the bread was made was grown in Dakota; some one owned the land, and that meant the investing of capital ; and then he had also to pay wages to workingmen. The flour had to be ground, and the building of the mill and the plant, or machinery, meant more money invested. The millers had to be paid; coopers had to be paid for...
Page 193 - Recently a gentleman who is fond of arithmetic made up his mind that he would find out how much a dinner really cost. This gentleman asked how much a simple dinner that he was eating cost, and he was told 75 cents. He contradicted this, and then made out the following statement about the cost of the dinner: The pepper, he said, came from 10,000 miles away. It grew on a little bush about eight feet high, which must have had a growth of at least five years. The pepper was picked green; it had to be...
Page 194 - ... Archipelago. After the gentleman had pointed out what the dinner really cost, he asked what on the table could be raised within the limits of the county where they were living. The answer was: only the corn bread, the butter, and buttermilk, and it was decided that the family could not live on these alone. The gentleman estimated that that little dinner represented, directly or indirectly, the employment of five hundred millions of dollars of capital and five millions of men.
Page 165 - The foaming waves dashed against their cliffs, and the bleak winds blew over their forests ; but the winds and waves brought no adventurers to land upon the Islands, and the savage Islanders knew nothing of the rest of the world, and the rest of the world knew nothing of them. It is supposed that the Phoenicians, who were an ancient people, famous for carrying on trade...
Page 99 - NORTH AMERICA NORTH AMERICA, a continent of the Western Hemisphere comprising the northern part of the land mass bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Arctic Ocean on the north, and the southern border of Mexico on the south. Traditionally, North America includes Greenland on the northeast, but excludes Iceland, which is usually considered a part of Europe. In the concept of North America as used here, the continent includes the islands lying...
Page xx - States, it does not exempt sales of articles for use as fuel supplies, etc., on civil aircraft engaged in trade between such ports. In the case of civil aircraft registered in a foreign country, the exemption is further limited in that the privilege...
Page xii - The governing purposes running through the work is not so much to prepare the student for practical business as to enable him to comprehend some of the principles which lie at the bottom of all business, and to give him that larger intelligence by which he may see the social significance of any detail, as well as its relation to his own pocket. PUBLISHER'S NOTES Messrs. Ginn & Company announce a new text to be known as "The Working Principles of Rhetoric.
Page xx - political economy" means something different in China than it does in the Journal of Political Economy published by the University of Chicago.

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