Inventories of Goods in the Churches and Chapels of the Hundreds of Salford, West Derby, Blackburn, and Leyland, in the County of Lancaster: Salford hundred

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Page 14 - That Images abused with Pilgrimages, and offerings thereunto, be forthwith taken down and destroyed ; and that no more wax candles or tapers be burnt before any image, but only two lights upon the High Altar before the Sacrament shall remain still, to signifie that Christ is the very light of the world.
Page 1 - Society be audited annually, by three auditors, to be elected at the general meeting; and that any member who shall be one year in arrear of his subscription, shall no longer be considered as belonging to the Society. 5. That every member not in arrear of his annual subscription, be entitled to a copy of each of the works published by the Society. 6. That twenty copies of each work shall be allowed to the editor of the same, in addition to the one to which he may be entitled;as a member.
Page 1 - Vice-President, and twelve other members, including a Treasurer and Secretary, all of whom shall be elected, the first two at the general meeting next after a vacancy shall occur, and the twelve other members at the general meeting annually. 4. That the accounts of the receipts and expenditure of the Society be audited annually, by three auditors, to be elected at the general meeting; and that any member who shall be one year in arrcar of his subscription, shall no longer be considered as belonging...
Page 34 - A gentlema' dwellinge wlhin xvjth myles of you tolde me that he hade 300 whiche came in at the north p'ts, so that there is no wante amongest you and in these p'ties the Jesuytes and semynarye prestes do vse it for the Instruction of the people, thankes be to god manye are Reclaimed I have done yor com'endacon to Mr. Stewarde, who thancks you of yor gentlenes...
Page 2 - II. Tracts relating to Military Proceedings in Lancashire during the Great Civil War. Edited and Illustrated from Contemporary Documents by GEORGE ORMEIIOD, DCL, FRS, F.8.A., FGS, author of
Page 1 - SOCIETY. 1. That the Society shall be limited to three hundred and fifty members. 2. That the Society shall consist of members being subscribers of one pound annually, such subscription to be paid in advance, on or before the day of general meeting in each year. The first general meeting to be held on the 23rd day of March, 1843...
Page 35 - Dec. 26, 1583. Confession of Alexander Barry taken before Sir Richard Greynvile and Barnard Drake touching a popish book or catechism set forth by one named Lawrance Vaux belonging to William Edmonds servant of Mr. Chapell and used by him in the church of Great Torrington
Page 26 - Friday ; and that not only the candles that were to burn at the Easter celebration, but the very fire that was to kindle them, was particularly consecrated on Easter Eve
Page 2 - Second year (1844-5). IV. The Life of Adam Martindale, written by himself, and now first printed from the original manuseript in the British Museum. Edited by the Rev. RICHARD PARKINSON, BD, Canon of Manchester.
Page 47 - Holte y' ye sayd chaleses belles vestementes organs & other ornamentes Aboue sayd shall not at any tyme hereafter be alyenated Imbeaseled or oy! wyse putt awaye from or sayd souaigne lord ye Kyng but...