Investigating Discrete Mathematics: A University Core Curriculum Course

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Auburn University, Jul 15, 2015
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It is in the nature of inquiry based learning activities that we cannot completely predict which concepts students will develop during their explorations. While each group may explore the activities differently, the authors of this text have used these activities with a wide variety of students and believe most students will be able to delve deeply into the intended topics. To aide the instructor, we have provided a Mathematical Outcome section at the beginning of each chapter which outlines the general concepts that the activities developed in the chapter are intended to reveal to the students. Included with each question in the activities of the instructors guide is a detailed explanation explaining the concepts that should arise during the exploration. In some cases, there even exists multiple explanations for a varied student population. It is highly possible that many more mathematical conclusions can be discussed during the activities. We encourage instructors to allow students to explore the mathematical concepts beyond what is written in the outcomes.

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