Investigative Forensic Hypnosis

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CRC Press, Jul 29, 1998 - Law - 192 pages
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Historically viewed as a vehicle for entertainment or the occult, hypnosis has slowly gained recognition as an effective tool in the medical arts, sports programs, and stress seminars. Gradually law enforcement specialists also have used hypnosis - specifically forensic hypnosis - as a powerful tool when collecting information from the witness. Hypnosis serves police and prosecutors by enabling the witness to recall minute details that they had previously forgotten due to momentary excitement or fear.
Investigative Forensic Hypnosis presents the practical application and scientific side of this subject, explaining forensic hypnosis in an understandable way, answering many common questions, and identifying its practical use in the courtroom.
The author, with 22 years of experience in law enforcement and 14 years experience in forensic hypnosis, brings his outstanding law enforcement background and valued expertise to this important, informative handbook, dissolving misconceptions or doubts and illuminating forensic hypnosis as a valuable advantage in any case.
Two parts divide the discussion:
The Essence of Hypnosis - covers the origins of hypnosis to its current uses o explains hypnosis from a scientific approach o clarifies misleading information o provides a logical approach to this unusual phenomenon o illustrates its potential in law enforcement
Investigative Forensic Hypnosis - arms its reader with a clear understanding of hypnosis o discusses applications to the criminal justice system o outlines essential guidelines for correctly using forensic hypnosis o identifies specific procedures for determining the facts of a case
The information presented assists:
  • the hypnotist performing this investigative technique
  • the investigator considering hypnosis
  • lawyers and judges determining the appropriate application of hypnosis in a case
    This book provides the framework for hypnosis as a successful and dependable tool to assist in investigations - not to solve crimes by magic but to provide useful, indispensable clues and details. This technique improves information gained from that most important asset in a case - the witness. Understanding the proper guidelines provided in Investigative Forensic Hypnosis can make a good witness a great witness.

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    A foundation of hypnosis
    Freedom from fear
    Applications of hypnosis
    Of titles and things
    The Law of Dominant Effect
    A hypnosis session
    Selfhypnosis step one
    The dangers of hypnosis
    Hypnosis and the courts
    The forensic session
    Inside the forensic session
    Professional ethics
    Dos and donts
    Of polygraphs artists and such
    Preparing for trial
    Induction techniques

    Common questions about hypnosis
    Preparation for the forensic session

    Common terms and phrases

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