Ireland in the New Century: With an Epilogue in Answer to Some Critics

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J. Murray, 1905 - Ireland - 340 pages
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Page 309 - full as it is of undisguised contempt for the Irish race, makes it plain to me that the real object of the movement in question is to undermine the National Party and divert the minds of our people from Home Rule, which is the only thing which can ever lead to a real revival of Irish industries.
Page 328 - that no set of men upon earth have it in their power to do good on easier terms, with more advantage to others, and less pain or loss to themselves. Your
Page 309 - some of our people in America have been deceived in this matter. I myself, indeed, at one time entertained some belief in the good intentions of Sir Horace Plunkett and his friends, but recent events have entirely undeceived me; and Sir Horace Plunkett's recent
Page 237 - of kindred matters are included. In this miscellany appears the following little clause :— For the purpose of co-ordinating educational administration there shall be established a Consultative Committee consisting of the following members :—. (a.) The Vice-President of the Department, who shall be chairman thereof;
Page 234 - has a two-fold function. It is, in the first place, a deliberative assembly which must be convened by the Department at least once a year. The domain over which its deliberations may travel is certainly not restricted, as the Act defines its . function as that of “discussing matters of public interest in connection with any of the purposes of this Act.
Page 304 - it is the folly of follies to say that on its other side the national character has preserved that strength, self-reliance, and sense of responsibility, or that appreciation of true liberty, which a modern people must possess if it is to succeed, or even to survive, in the industrial fight.
Page 220 - The story of our deliberations and ultimate conclusions cannot be set forth here except in the barest outline. We instituted an inquiry into the means by which the Government could best promote the development of our agricultural and industrial resources,
Page xx - It is hard to say where history ends, and where religion and politics begin; for history, religion and politics grow on one stem in Ireland, an eternal trefoil.”—Lady Gregory. CHAPTER I. THE ENGLISH
Page 54 - the word. If he love the place of his habitation he does not endeavour to improve or to adorn it or indeed to make it in any sense a reflection of his own mind and taste. He treats life as if he were a mere sojourner upon earth whose true home is somewhere else,
Page 92 - night in the House of Commons was one of the strangest and most pathetic of spectacles. There were the veterans of the Irish party hardened by a hundred fights, ranging from Venezuela to the Soudan in search of battlefields, making allies of every kind of foreign potentate, from President Cleveland to the

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