Is: The Phenomenon of the Facebook Status

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Wheatmark, 2009 - Aphorisms and apothegms - 143 pages
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Among the many changes to sweep American literacy education has been a move toward whole class instruction. Nonetheless, children still bring to literacy a wide range of experiences and competencies. How, then, might teachers best support a literate community yet still meet the needs of individual readers? For Fountas and Pinnell, the answer lies in guided reading, which allows children to develop as individual readers within the context of a small group. Their new book is the richest, most comprehensive guided reading resource available today and the first systematic offering of instructional support for guided reading adherents.

Guided Reading was written for K-3 classroom teachers, reading resource teachers, teacher educators, preservice teachers, researchers, administrators, and staff developers. Based on the authors' nine years of research and development, it explains how to create a balanced literacy program based on guided reading and supported by read aloud, shared reading, interactive writing, and other approaches. While there is an entire chapter devoted solely to the process by which children become literate, every chapter clearly presents the theoretical underpinnings of the practices it suggests. Also included are guidelines for:

  • observation and assessment
  • dynamic grouping of readers
  • creating sets of leveled books
  • selecting and introducing books
  • teaching for strategies
  • classroom management.

Best of all, there are well over 2,500 leveled books in the Appendixes, along with many other reproducible resources that teachers will use for years to come.

"Good first teaching is the foundation of education and the right of every child," assert the authors. With the publication of this book, educators themselves will find the foundation in reading skills instruction they so rightly deserve.

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I recently purchased this booked and loved every turn of the page. I normally research anything before I buy and some of the reviews that I read will give you a better indication of what this book consists of (well it is there job), so have a read and see what you think:
InDublin Magazine
Social networking sites have exploded into our lives over the past few years and now everyone from Barack Obama to your mum is sharing their thoughts with the world.
If you are one of the one million Irish Facebook users, then Patrick Hamilton Walsh's “is: The Phenomenon of the Facebook Status” (Wheatmark) is a must-read for you.
The book is divided into subcategories and has something for everyone. Ranging from the boastful, “just got back from the Virgin Islands…they are now just called the Islands”, to the romantic “is strolling in a field with grass, just wanting to hold someone’s hand”, to the obvious “30 years and 9 months ago a lot of my friends folks were shagging”, all the way to who-thinks-of-this-kinda-stuff, “is wondering what a chair would look like if our knees where on the back of our legs”. You will find them all here in their uncensored glory.
Due to its warts-and-all approach, the book has already picked up a cult-following and has created quite a frenzy among Facebook fans everywhere.
Walsh will have you laughing and gasping, thinking and cringing, wondering and learning with this collection of laugh out loud, witty, poignant, crude and downright rude updates, which offer a unique insight into everyday life in the 21st century, mischievously leaving you with that ‘been there, done that’ feeling…
Guaranteed to make a lively after-dinner conversation, some light-hearted bedtime reading or simply just to give you a much-needed smile on a down-hearted day, ‘is’ will never grow old and will send you hurtling head first to your Facebook status. You have been warned!
Romance, TMI in Patrick Hamilton Walsh's 'is, The Phenomenon of the Facebook Status'
DC Books Examiner Camille Tuutti-Winkler
Facebook users gladly share everything and anything about their lives when updating their status updates.
Browsing through your Facebook page, you may be lucky to have friends like yours truly and encounter status updates such as; from the outright funny "occasionally drinks beer in the shower;" to the poetic"with your taste still on the edge of my lips, I walk alone each breath a reminder of you;" to the suicidal"working... shoot me please;" to the questionable "JUST DO ME. lol;" and to end-of-the-workweek-elation "TGIF......Where's Happy Hour!"
However, if your friends' updates more often than not include mundane rants about snooty children, neighbor feuds and nobody-cares-but-it-makes-you-happy-writing like "shopping for apples today!!!" or "going to the beach!" Patrick Hamilton Walsh's "is:The Phenomenon of the Facebook Status" (Wheatmark) is a must-read for you.
Published four months ago, this gem of lighter reading material has not quite gotten the buzz it deserves; delving into the depths of imaginative (or lack thereof) Facebook statuses, Walsh has separated the dull from the devious and collected statements, which according to Amazon, will "bring a smile to any Facebook aficionado."
In the introduction of the book, the author writes the following about his topic:
The interpretation of the status all depends on whether you are on that person's wave length, because what a person lists as their status may leave one person laughing until their belly hurts, can leave another cringing, while everyone else is totally confused as to what they are trying to say! So here it is, a book dedicated entirely to the 'is's that people may possibly list as their status."
Walsh has divided the updates into numerous subcategories, including is full of lurve; is having the times of their lives and is giving out way too much

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