Is Islam Compatible with the Constitution?

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Xlibris Corporation, Jun 18, 2010 - Reference - 233 pages
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Women under Islam: Suffering – Islamic Law, everyone suffers, but women suffer most—what happens to women under Islamic Law? A review of those who suffer first and suffer most under Islam. WOMEN.

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About the author Steve Klein 1968 ndash; 1970, Infantry, USMC, Team Leader, Translator Republic of Viet Nam, Combined Action Program . Hunted down cells of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army ndash; as an 18/19 year old ndash; learned how CELLS operate which is how the Muslim CELLS in America operate today. 1970 ndash; 1977 USMC paid for my college, I earned a Regular Commission in the USMC, less than 10% of the USMC officers earn this honor. Served as Communications officer with the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines as a unit commander and also Battalion Battle Planning Staff Officer ndash; where we began practicing for Desert Storm, executed 14 years later. 1977 ndash; Current, Self Employed Businessman, Insurance Brokerage and Ferrier. Author of "Is Islam Compatible with the Constitution?" and "The Invisible Empire of Saudi Arabia in America." Fields of knowledge and endeavor. 1. Political Science of the Founding Fathers centering on Anglo-American law as summed up by William Blackstone and the Founding Founders. 2. Implementing First Amendment Educational Outreaches ndash; Educating the general public about the Biblical, Anglo-American Basis of our Charter Documents: Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and U.S. Constitution minus slavery. We have done this about 1500 times ndash; have sued several jurisdictions breaching our First Amendment Rights. 3. With 9/11 2001 I immersed myself with Islam in America ndash; went to every major Mosque in SoCal with Arabic speaking Christians as translators and uncovered useful information about many Mosques being the head quarters of terrorism in America. (NOTE: I will not give their locations as CELLS operate outside of provable information ndash; this is how CELLS survive.) 4. Contracted with USMC, IMEF ndash; to teach Marines Arabic and Islamic Philosophy ndash; fired by the USMC as I taught the TRUTH about Mohammed and how Muslim soldiers and leaders follow his murderous example. I was paid $500 an hour and was told by the IMEF operations officer, "Mr. Klein, you may be correct about Mohammed, but I have been commanded by the Pentagon that I must be PC ... and PC I will be. I politely told the Colonel that I would not comply and was fired. 5. My son survived a suicide blast by listening to me about Islam and rescued 9 U.S. soldiers by killing a number of Muslim soldiers in Iraq and applying his medic skills to even save a Captain with his arm severed by the suicide bomber. 6. I am currently working with young Soldiers and Marines back from Iraq and Afghanistan to teach them the TRUE fundamentals of our Anglo-American Heritage. Favorite quotes ndash; Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it and My People are Destroyed for a lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6. Born 1950, married to Lorraine since 1970 ndash; Son, 29 year old Sergeant First Class, United States Army, led hunter killer team in Iraq as I did in Viet Nam, served in Afghanistan and Bosnia, married with son and daughter. Married Daughter, degree in Math, son and daughter lives with husband on 107 year old farm in Washington. I am a born again Christian ndash; in history Cromwell and George Washington are my heroes. I look at life as ceaseless spiritual warfare ending only in a noble death for King Jesus ndash; and I conduct myself as if it is spiritual warfare, using the skills of the USMC to resist evil with good.

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