Isabel and the Magic Jewelry Box

Front Cover

"Her legs tensed, ready to leap back. She arched her arm up as far away from the box as she could while still lifting the lid.

As she lifted the lid, her mouth fell ajar, slack-jawed with astonishment. Inside her jewelry box was a miniature girl about the length of her hand, sitting in one of the jewelry separators, her hands covering her eyes, weeping."

What could be more exciting than discovering portals connecting to another world? On a wintry, Saturday morning, Isabel learns the secret of her grandmother's jewelry box and sets off on a quest to help two magical visitors find their way home. With uncharacteristic courage, Isabel confronts a crossroads between two universes and the dangers lurking near the mysterious portals. Only with the help of her new friends and her grandfather's magic can she overcome the challenges endangering both worlds.

"Isabel and the Magic Jewelry Box" is a rare tale that speaks to both young and old. Isabel's untapped courage and strength resonates, but it is Isabel's relationship with her family that serves as a gentle reminder to never underestimate the value of listening and loving consideration.

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