Isabella of Castile: Europe's First Great Queen

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In 1474, a twenty-three year old woman ascended the throne of Castile, the largest and strongest kingdom in Spain. Ahead of her lay the considerable challenge not only of being a young, female ruler in an overwhelmingly male-dominated world, but also of reforming a major European kingdom that was riddled with crime, corruption, and violent political factionism. Her marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon was crucial to her success, bringing together as it did two kingdoms, but it was a royal partnership in which Isabella more than held her own. Her pivotal reign was long and transformative, uniting Spain and setting the stage for its golden era of global dominance. For by the time of her death in 1504, Isabella had laid the foundations not just of modern Spain, but of one of the world's greatest empires.

Acclaimed historian Giles Tremlett chronicles the life of Isabella of Castile as she led her country out of the murky middle ages and harnessed the newest ideas and tools of the early Renaissance to turn her ill-disciplined, quarrelsome nation into a sharper, modern state with a powerful, clear-minded, and ambitious monarch at its centre. With authority, insight and flair he relates the story of this legendary, if controversial, first initiate in a small club of great European queens that includes Elizabeth I of England, Russia's Catherine the Great, and Britain's Queen Victoria.

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Isabella of Castile: Europe's First Great Queen

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Tremlett (Catherine of Aragon), Madrid correspondent for the Economist, reveals how decades of ineffective rulers led the Crown of Castile to land on the unlikely head of Isabella (1451–1504), who ... قراءة التقييم بأكمله


Europes First Great Queen
No Man Ever Held Such Power
The Impotent
The Queens Daughter
Two Kings Two Brothers
Choosing Ferdinand
Marrying Ferdinand
The Vale of Tears
The Race to Asia
Partying Women
A Hellish Night
A New World
Indians Parrots and Hammocks
Dividing Up the World
A New Continent

Rebel Princess
The Borgias
And King
Clouds of
Under Attack
Though I Am Just a Woman
The Turning Point
Degrading the Grandees
Rough Justice
Adiós Beltraneja
The Inquisition Populism and Purity 20 Crusade
They Smote Us Town by Town
God Save King Boabdil
The Tudors
Granada Falls
Expulsion of the Jews
Borgia Weddings
All the Thrones of Europe
Though We Are Clerics We Are Still Flesh and Blood 38 Juanas Fleet
Twice Married But a Virgin When She Died 40 The Third KnifeThrust of Pain
The Dirty Tiber
We Germans Call Them Rats
The End of Islam?
The Sultan of Egypt
Like a Wild Lioness
The Final Judgement
A Beam of Glory
Monetary Values and Coinage
Plate Section
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Giles Tremlett is the Madrid correspondent for the Economist. Until 2013, he covered Spain for the Guardian, for which he is now a contributing editor. He has lived in, and written about, Spain for the past twenty years, and is the author of Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Queen of Henry VIII and Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through Spain and Its Silent Past. He lives in Madrid with his wife and their two children.

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