Islamic Perspectives on Science and Technology: Selected Conference Papers

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Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Osman Bakar, Daud Abdul-Fattah Batchelor, Rugayah Hashim
Springer, 25 Apr 2016 - 382 halaman

This book presents 25 selected papers from the International Conference on “Developing Synergies between Islam & Science and Technology for Mankind’s Benefit” held at the International Institute for Advanced Islamic Studies Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, in October 2014. The papers cover a broad range of issues reflecting the main conference themes: Cosmology and the Universe, Philosophy of Science and the Emergence of Biological Systems, Principles and Applications of Tawhidic Science, Medical Applications of Tawhidic Science and Bioethics, and the History and Teaching of Science from an Islamic Perspective. Highlighting the relationships between the Islamic religious worldview and the physical sciences, the book challenges secularist paradigms on the study of Science and Technology. Integrating metaphysical perspectives of Science, topics include Islamic approaches to S&T such as an Islamic epistemology of the philosophy of science, a new quantum theory, environmental care, avoiding wasteful consumption using Islamic teachings, and emotional-blasting psychological therapy. Eminent contributing scholars include Osman Bakar, Mohammad Hashim Kamali, Mehdi Golshani, Mohd. Kamal Hassan, Adi Setia and Malik Badri. The book is essential reading for a broad group of academics and practitioners, from Islamic scholars and social scientists to (physical) scientists and engineers.


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Philosophy of Science Cosmology and Emergence of Biological Systems
Tawhidic Science Principles
Tawhidic Science General Applications
Tawhidic Science Bioethics
Islamic Teaching of Science
History of Science and Technology in Islamic Civilisation
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Professor Dr. Mohammad Hashim Kamali is Founding CEO of the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia. He was Professor of Islamic Law and Jurisprudence at the International Islamic University Malaysia (1985-2004), and also Dean of the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC) from 2004 to 2006. Professor Kamali serves on the advisory boards of 13 local and international academic journals; addressed over 200 national and international conferences, and has published 28 books and over 170 academic articles. He is Senior Fellow of the following: Royal Academy of Jordan; Institute of Advanced Study Berlin and Afghanistan Academy of Sciences. Kamali’s works are translated into numerous languages including Arabic, German, Italian, Turkish and Japanese. He features in the book The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World (2009, 2010). He is recipient of King Abdullah II International Award 2010 in recognition of his intellectual contributions towards serving Islam and Muslims.

Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr. Osman Bakar, who holds a doctorate in Islamic philosophy from Temple University, Philadelphia (USA) is currently Chair Professor and Director of Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Centre for Islamic Studies (SOASCIS), Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Formerly Malaysia Chair of Islam in Southeast Asia at the Prince Talal al-Waleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, Washing

ton DC he is also Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Science at the University of Malaya. Dr Bakar is an author of 18 books and more than 300 articles on various aspects of Islamic thought and civilization, particularly Islamic science and philosophy in which he is a leading authority. His most well-known books are Classification of Knowledge in Islam (1992) and Tawhid and Science (1992). His latest book is titled Islamic Civilization and the Modern World: Thematic Essays (2014). He has been named several times among the 500 most influential Muslims in the world.

Dr Daud Abdul-Fattah Batchelor leads the Science, Technology, Environment and Ethics unit of IAIS Malaysia where he is Associate Fellow. Daud has broad experience in industry and academia. He served as head of the PETRONAS Waste Management Unit, Malaysia and as Senior Environmental Advisor to Peabody Energy Australia. He is a Fellow and Chartered Environmental Professional with the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Member, Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. With an MA in Islam and Other Civilisations and Diploma of Islamic Studies from the International Islamic University of Malaysia, he obtained his PhD from Universiti Malaya winning the Longmans Award for outstanding research. He holds an MSc with Distinction from Imperial College of Science & Technology, London, and Master of Engineering Science in Environmental Management. Daud taught as A

ssistant Professor at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, and at University Malaya and Universiti Sains Malaysia. He co-founded the Islamic College of Brisbane.

Associate Professor Dr. Rugayah Hashim is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. One of her research interests includes Islamic and spiritual perspectives in humanoid-assisted social skill development of brain-impaired children. She has been appointed as the visiting research fellow by the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia from 2009-2015.

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