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Neglected traumatic dislocation of the subaxial cervical spine
Midterm survivorship analysis of a shoulder replacement with a keeled glenoid and a modern cementing technique
Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Proximal Humeral Fractures with Use of the Locking Proximal Humerus Plate
Realignment and Extended Fusion with Use of a Medial Column Screw for Midfoot Deformities Secondary to Diabetic Neuropathy
Free vascularised iliac bone graft for recalcitrant avascular nonunion of the scaphoid
The impact of new hospital orthopaedic surgery programs on total joint arthroplasty utilization
Does a trauma course improve resident performance on the trauma domain of the OITE?
Effect of implantation accuracy on ankle contact mechanics with a metallic focal resurfacing implant

Change in longterm mortality associated with fractures of the hip evidence from the scottish hip fracture audit
Timing of reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in athletes and the incidence of secondary pathology within the knee
Does diabetes affect outcome after arthroscopic repair of the rotator cuff?
Acute isolated injury of the posterior cruciate ligament treated by a dynamic anterior drawer brace a preliminary report
Coccygectomy an effective treatment option for chronic coccydynia retrospective results in 41 consecutive patients
The future of the orthopaedic clinicianscientist part II Identification of factors that may influence orthopaedic residents intent to perform research
Resurfacing arthroplasty of the hip for avascular necrosis of the femoral head a minimum followup of four years
Interobserver reliability of radiographic measurements of contralateral feet of pediatric patients with unilateral clubfoot
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy compared with surgery for hypertrophic longbone nonunions
The Incidence of Plantar Fasciitis in the United States Military
Openingwedge high tibial osteotomy with a locked lowprofile plate surgical technique
Traumatic valgus instability of the elbow pathoanatomy and results of direct repair Surgical technique
Comparison of a Standard and a GenderSpecific Posterior CruciateSubstituting HighFlexion Knee Prosthesis A Prospective Randomized ShortTerm O...
Comparison of standard and genderspecific posteriorcruciateretaining highflexion total knee replacements a prospective randomised study
Should an ulnar styloid fracture be fixed following volar plate fixation of a distal radial fracture?
Complications associated with distraction osteogenesis for infected nonunion of the femoral shaft in the presence of a bone defect a retrospective series
Findings from C Berton et al in surgery reported
Findings from G Georgiades and coauthors provide new insights into osteoarthritis
Findings from JF Cazeneuve et al in prostheses reported
Findings from SA Stufkens and coresearchers advance knowledge in bone research
The use of silk fibroinhydroxyapatite composite cocultured with rabbit bonemarrow stromal cells in the healing of a segmental bone defect
Osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures with an intravertebral cleft treated by percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty
Comparison of two intraoperative assessment methods for injuries to the ankle syndesmosis A cadaveric study
A comparison of the long gamma nail with the sliding hip screw for the treatment of AOOTA 31A2 fractures of the proximal part of the femur a pro...
Internal fixation of typeC distal femoral fractures in osteoporotic bone
Periacetabular Osteotomy in Patients Fifty Years of Age or Older
Primary cementless total hip arthroplasty with an alumina ceramiconceramic bearing results after a minimum of twenty years of followup
Intercarpal ligamentous laxity in cadaveric wrists
Effect of laceration and trimming of a tendon on the coefficient of friction along the A2 pulley an in vitro study on turkey tendon
Effect of innominate and femoral varus derotation osteotomy on acetabular development in developmental dysplasia of the hip
Role of 2deoxy2F18 fluoroDglucose positron emission tomography in the management of bone and softtissue metastases
Proximal row carpectomy with capsular interposition arthroplasty for advanced arthritis of the wrist
Analysis of wear of retrieved metalonmetal hip resurfacing implants revised due to pseudotumours
Concomitant arthroscopic SLAP and rotator cuff repair
Correlation of radiographic muscle crosssectional area with glenohumeral deformity in children with brachial plexus birth palsy
Diversity based on race ethnicity and sex between academic orthopaedic surgery and other specialties a comparative study
Effect of insurance status on the rate of surgery following a meniscal tear
Intermediate to longterm results following the bernese periacetabular osteotomy and predictors of clinical outcome surgical technique
Operative management of distal radial fractures with 24millimeter locking plates a multicenter prospective case series Surgical technique
Operative Management of Distal Radial Fractures with 24Millimeter Locking Plates A Multicenter Prospective Case Series
Duration of the Increase in Early Postoperative Mortality After Elective Hip and Knee Replacement
Isolated subtalar dislocation
Differences between sexes in lower extremity alignment and muscle activation during soccer kick
Effect of early and delayed mechanical loading on tendontobone healing after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Epidemiology of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction trends readmissions and subsequent knee surgery
Hypovitaminosis D in patients scheduled to undergo orthopaedic surgery a singlecenter analysis
Management of articular cartilage defects of the knee
Massive tears of the rotator cuff
Plantar pressures in patients with and without lateral foot pain after lateral column lengthening
The radiological evaluation of acetabular fractures in the elderly
Survival analysis in total joint replacement an alternative method of accounting for the presence of competing risk
Treatment of posterior ankle pain by excision of a bipartite talar fragment
Does smoking influence outcome after autologous chondrocyte implantation? A casecontrolled study
The effectiveness of interventions in the management of patients with primary frozen shoulder
Effect of lumbar disc replacement on the height of the disc space and the geometry of the facet joints a cadaver study
Quality of life during orthopaedic training and academic practice Part 1 orthopaedic surgery residents and faculty
Displaced fracture of the femoral neck in children open versus closed reduction
Supracondylar osteotomy of the humerus to correct cubitus varus do both internal rotation and extension deformities need to be corrected?
Pathoanatomy of firsttime traumatic anterior glenohumeral subluxation events
The prevalence and radiological findings in 1347 elderly patients with scoliosis
Acetabular retroversion in developmental dysplasia of the hip
Capsuloligamentotaxis and definitive fixation by an anklespanning Ilizarov fixator in highenergy pilon fractures
Migration of the humeral component of the SouterStrathclyde elbow prosthesis a longterm RSA study
Comparison between surgery and physiotherapy in the treatment of small and mediumsized tears of the rotator cuff A randomised controlled study o...
Comparison of AO TypeB and TypeC volar shearing fractures of the distal part of the radius
Glenohumeral contact kinematics in patients after total shoulder arthroplasty
Health status after open elbow contracture release
Repair of a deficient abductor mechanism with Achilles tendon allograft after total hip replacement
Effect of postoperative mechanical axis alignment on the fifteenyear survival of modern cemented total knee replacements
Effects of a lubricincontaining compound on the results of flexor tendon repair in a canine model in vivo
Failure patterns after linked semiconstrained total elbow arthroplasty for posttraumatic arthritis
Linked elbow replacement a salvage procedure for distal humeral nonunion Surgical technique
Total hip arthroplasty with shortening subtrochanteric osteotomy in Crowe typeIV developmental dysplasia surgical technique
Treatment of adolescent tibia vara with hemiepiphysiodesis risk factors for failure
Ultrasound assessment of the displacement and deformation of the median nerve in the human carpal tunnel with active finger motion
Twenty years of metaanalyses in orthopaedic surgery has quality kept up with quantity?
Intraarticular injection of the acromioclavicular joint
Quality of life after volar plate fixation of articular fractures of the distal part of the radius
Initial shortening and internal fixation in combination with a SauveKapandji procedure for severely comminuted fractures of the distal radius in elder...
Shock wave therapy compared with intramedullary screw fixation for nonunion of proximal fifth metatarsal metaphysealdiaphyseal fractures
Photographic measurement of the inclination of the acetabular component in total hip replacement using the posterior approach
Targeted hyperthermia using magnetite cationic liposomes and an alternating magnetic field in a mouse osteosarcoma model
Development and validation of an illustrated questionnaire to evaluate disabilities of the upper limb
Physician tiering by health plans in Massachusetts
Effects of implantation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells disc distraction and combined therapy on reversing degeneration of the intervertebr...
Translation of science to surgery linking emerging concepts in biological cartilage repair to surgical intervention
The prognosis for patients with osteosarcoma who have received prior manipulative therapy
Plantar flexion influences radiographic measurements of the ankle mortise
Assessment of hip abductor muscle strength A validity and reliability study
New bone research data have been reported by FS Santori and coauthors
New bone research findings from J Carmichael and coresearchers published
New bone research research from I McNamara et al outlined
New bone research study findings recently were published by I Mcnamara and coresearchers
New bone research study results reported from SM Johnson et al
New findings from H Pihlajamaki and coresearchers in the area of clinical trials research described
New findings in bone research described by G Cox and coresearchers
New findings in bone research described by G Holt and coresearchers
New findings in bone research described from University Hospital
New HIVAIDS research from MP OReilly et al outlined
New life sciences study findings have been published by P Vaananen and colleagues
New osteonecrosis study findings have been reported from JA Casaletto et al
New research on bone research from F Qureshi and coauthors summarized
Outcome following open reduction and internal fixation of open pilon fractures
Ethnic disparities in recovery following distal radial fracture
Distal Radial Fractures in the Elderly Operative Compared with Nonoperative Treatment
Early failure of metalonmetal bearings in hip resurfacing and largediameter total hip replacement A consequence of excess wear
Early failure of the Ultima metalonmetal total hip replacement in the presence of normal plain radiographs
Agespecific incidence of first and second fractures of the hip
Autologous chondrocyte implantation a systematic review
Outcomes of singlerow and doublerow arthroscopic rotator cuff repair a systematic review
Differences between the sexes in the anatomy of the anterior condyle of the knee
Effect of femoral tunnel placement for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament on tibial rotation
Comparison of bone mineral density between porous tantalum and cemented tibial total knee arthroplasty components
Reduction of acute anterior dislocations a prospective randomized study comparing a new technique with the Hippocratic and Kocher methods
Twodimensional glenoid version measurements vary with coronal and sagittal scapular rotation
Management of severe extraarticular contracture of the elbow by open arthrolysis and a monolateral hinged external fixator
Metastatic adenocarcinoma after intramedullary fixation of a tibial fracture A report of two cases
Injuries to the lower back in elite fast bowlers acute stress changes on MRI predict stress fracture
Arthroscopic femoral osteochondroplasty for cam lesions with isolated acetabular chondral damage
Lengthening of the shortened first metatarsal after Wilsons osteotomy for hallux valgus
Recent findings in bone research described by PR Loughenbury and colleagues
Recent studies by CM Blakey and coauthors add new data to hip replacements findings
Report summarizes bone research study findings from GS Athwal and coresearchers
Reports by CM Blakey and coresearchers describe recent advances in hip replacements
Reports by HK Pihlajamaki and coresearchers describe recent advances in OsgoodSchlatter disease
Reports on bone research findings from University Hospital provide new insights
Reports outline bone research research from SM Klein and colleagues
Reports outline bone research study results from E GarciaCimbrelo et al
Longterm survival of concurrent meniscus allograft transplantation and repair of the articular cartilage a prospective two to 12year followup report
Research from AN Nada and coresearchers in the area of bone research published
Research from C Berton and coresearchers yields new findings on bone research
Research from HJ Seeherman and coresearchers provides new data on bone research
Research from HK Pihlajamaki and colleagues provide new insights into OsgoodSchlatter disease
Research from MI Parker and coauthors yields new data on clinical trial research
Research from RP van Riet and coauthors in the area of bone research published
Research from S Badhe and coauthors in the area of bone research published
Research from SM Raikin and coresearchers in the area of bone and joint surgery described
Research from University Hospital has provided new information about joint replacements
Distal biceps tendon injuries
Research on bone research described by BP Boden and colleagues
Research on knee arthroplasty detailed by PM Bonutti and coauthors
Research on life sciences published by SJ Spencer et al
Research reports from ML Nault and coauthors provide new insights into bone research
Research results from S MuirheadAllwood and coauthors update knowledge of hip replacements
Research results from SAS Stufkens and colleagues update understanding of bone and joint surgery
Changes in bone mineral density in the proximal femur after hip resurfacing and uncemented total hip replacement A prospective randomised contro...
Birmingham hip resurfacing the prevalence of failure
Functional results of isolated femoral revision of hip resurfacing arthroplasty
The Avon patellofemoral joint replacement independent assessment of early functional outcomes
Clinical and radiological followup of the Aequalis thirdgeneration cemented total shoulder replacement a minimum tenyear study
Respiratory failure due to a displaced fracture of the odontoid
Segmental fractures of the tibia treated by circular external fixation
Orthopaedic aspects of paediatric nonaccidental injury
Elastofibroma dorsi management outcome and review of the literature
Femoral diaphyseal endoprosthetic reconstruction after segmental resection of primary bone tumours
Use of metal proximal radial endoprostheses for treatment of nontraumatic disorders a case series
Histological evaluation of repair of the rotator cuff in a primate model
Surgical site signing and time outissues of compliance or complacence
The natural history of untreated asymptomatic osteonecrosis of the femoral head a systematic literature review
Normalization of glenohumeral articular contact pressures after Latarjet or iliac crest bonegrafting
Treatment of locked chronic posterior dislocation of the shoulder by reconstruction of the defect in the humeral head with an allograft
A modular femoral neck and head system works well in cementless total hip replacement for patients with developmental dysplasia of the hip
Scientists at Childrens Hospital Orthopaedic Department publish new data on osteonecrosis
Scientists at Medical School publish new data on clinical trials research
Correlation of magnetic resonance imaging findings with the chronicity of an anterior cruciate ligament tear
Reliability and validity of radiographic measurements in hindfoot varus and valgus
Statistical consideration for bilateral cases in orthopaedic research
The level of vitamin D in the serum correlates with fatty degeneration of the muscles of the rotator cuff
Aluminaonalumina total hip arthroplasty a concise followup at a minimum of ten years of a previous report
Musculofascial lengthening for the treatment of patients with medial epicondylitis and coexistent ulnar neuropathy
Chronic lumbar paraspinal compartment syndrome a case report and review of the literature
Enhancement of meniscal repair in the avascular zone using mesenchymal stem cells in a porcine model
Longterm followup of replacement compared with internal fixation for displaced femoral neck fractures results at ten years in a randomised study of ...
Electrocautery of the patellar rim in primary total knee replacement beneficial or unnecessary?
Fractures of the pelvis
Acetabular and proximal femoral alignment in patients with osteoarthritis of the dysplastic hip and its influence on the progression of disease
The reliability and variation of measurements of the os calcis angles in children
Studies by MW Smith and coauthors describe new findings in bone research
Studies conducted at CP Christensen et al on bone research recently published
Studies conducted at Memorial Hospital Department of Orthopaedics on osteomalacia recently published
Studies conducted at SE Mitchell et al on femoral fracture recently published
Studies from AJ Suda et al have provided new data on bone research
Studies from BM Wroblewski and colleagues reveal new findings on bone research
Studies from M Franken and colleagues provide new data on hip replacements
Studies from Medical University of Graz Institute of Anatomy further understanding of bone research
Studies in the area of bone research reported from M Clauss and coresearchers
Study findings from F Lattig et al broaden understanding of bone research
Study findings from SJ Spencer et al provide new insights into bone research
Study findings on bone research are outlined in reports from St VincentdePaul Hospital
Study results from BJ McGrory and colleagues update understanding of hip replacements
Study results from CM Robinson and colleagues update understanding of bone research
Complications associated with the Bernese periacetabular osteotomy for hip dysplasia in adolescents
Ultrasonographic findings in hips with a positive Ortolani sign and their relationship to Pavlik harness failure
Assessment of the posterior ligamentous complex following acute cervical spine trauma
Commercial liquid bags as a potential source of venous air embolism in shoulder arthroscopy
Perioperative stroke after total joint arthroplasty prevalence predictors and outcome
Risk factors for incisionhealing complications following total ankle arthroplasty
The effect of stem design on the prevalence of squeaking following ceramiconceramic bearing total hip arthroplasty
Arthroscopic repair of circumferential lesions of the glenoid labrum surgical technique
Increased strain in the femoral neck following insertion of a resurfacing femoral prosthesis
Operative treatment of fractures in children is increasing A populationbased study from Finland
The outcome of pelvic reconstruction with nonvascularised fibular grafts after resection of bone tumours
Muscle healing and nerve regeneration in a muscle contusion model in the rat
A new musculoskeletal curriculum HAS IT MADE A DIFFERENCE?
The use of a femoral revision stem in the treatment of primary or secondary bone tumours of the proximal femur a prospective study of 31 cases
Metalonmetal hip arthroplasty in patients thirty years of age or younger
Is the socalled French paradox a reality? longterm survival and migration of the CharnleyKerboull stem cemented linetoline
Effects of orthopaedic immobilization of the right lower limb on driving performance an experimental study during simulated driving by healthy vol...
Morphologic analysis of periprosthetic fractures after hip resurfacing arthroplasty
Debridement of cartilage lesions before autologous chondrocyte implantation by open or transarthroscopic techniques a comparative study using pos...
The posterior bone block procedure in posterior shoulder instability a longterm followup study
The longterm functional and radiological outcome after open reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament
Dynamic compared with static external fixation of unstable fractures of the distal part of the radius a prospective randomized multicenter study
Surgical dislocation of the hip for a locked traumatic posterior dislocation with associated femoral neck and acetabular fractures
Surgical dislocation of the hip for the fixation of acetabular fractures
Management of combined nonunion and limblength discrepancy after vascularised fibular grafting
Assessment of the radii of the medial and lateral femoral condyles in varus and valgus knees with osteoarthritis
Prospective Longitudinal Evaluation of Elbow Motion Following Pediatric Supracondylar Humeral Fractures
Relationship between the pivot shift and Lachman tests a cadaver study
Comparison of selfreports and parent proxyreports of function and quality of life of children with belowtheelbow deficiency
Asynchronous muscle and tendon adaptation after surgical tensioning procedures
Fractures of the acetabulum in patients aged 60 years and older an epidemiological and radiological study
Preoperative predictors of persistent impairments during stair ascent and descent after total knee arthroplasty
Survivorship of a Charnley total hip arthroplasty A concise followup at a minimum of thirtyfive years of previous reports
The hipkneeankle angle in children reference values based on a fulllength standing radiograph
Moment arms of the shoulder musculature after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
Prioritizing Perioperative Quality Improvement in Orthopaedic Surgery
Ninetyday mortality after intertrochanteric hip fracture does provider volume matter?
Outcomes of an anatomic posterolateral knee reconstruction
Provider factors associated with intramedullary nail use for intertrochanteric hip fractures
Allograft compared with autograft infection rates in primary anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Metal ion release from bearing wear and corrosion with 28 mm and largediameter metalonmetal bearing articulations a followup study
Genetic influences in the aetiology of femoroacetabular impingement a sibling study
Risk factors for inflammatory pseudotumour formation following hip resurfacing
Tendinopathy and tears of the rotator cuff are associated with hypoxia and apoptosis
The use of patientreported outcome measures and patient satisfaction ratings to assess outcome in hemiarthroplasty of the shoulder
Reversed gracilis pedicle flap for coverage of a total knee prosthesis
Intraobserver and interobserver agreement in the measurement of displaced humeral medial epicondyle fractures in children
Biomechanical consequences of a tear of the posterior root of the medial meniscus Surgical technique
Effect of tibial drill angles on bone tunnel aperture during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Nonanatomic tunnel position in traditional transtibial singlebundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction evaluated by threedimensional computed...
The location of femoral and tibial tunnels in anatomic doublebundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction analyzed by threedimensional compute...
Is the human acetabulofemoral joint spherical?
Ergometer Cycling After Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery A Randomized Controlled Trial
Lack of a central role for osteoprogenitor cells from the femoral canal in heterotopic ossification of the hip an experimental study in a rat model
What happens to femoral neck bone mineral density after hip resurfacing surgery?
Spondylolysis originates in the ventral aspect of the pars interarticularis a clinical and biomechanical study
The nonvascularised fibular graft a simple and successful method of reconstruction of the pelvic ring after internal hemipelvectomy
A comparison of conventional guidewire alignment jigs with imageless computer navigation in hip resurfacing arthroplasty
Competencies for a Canadian orthopaedic surgery core curriculum
Total hip replacement in Gauchers disease EFFECTS OF ENZYME REPLACEMENT THERAPY
Mechanical axis following staple epiphysiodesis for limblength inequality
Minimal clinically important differences in ASES and simple shoulder test scores after nonoperative treatment of rotator cuff disease
The biomechanics of pedicle screwbased instrumentation
Contribution of the olecranon to elbow stability an in vitro biomechanical study
Older patients can accurately recall their preoperative health status six weeks following total hip arthroplasty
Misalignment of total ankle components can induce high joint contact pressures
A systematic review of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with autograft compared with allograft
Driving with an arm immobilized in a splint a randomized higherorder crossover trial
Maintenance of hardware after early postoperative infection following fracture internal fixation
Outcomes associated with the internal fixation of longbone fractures proximal to traumatic amputations
Are extreme distal periprosthetic supracondylar fractures of the femur too distal to fix using a lateral locked plate?
Combined hip arthroscopy and limited open osteochondroplasty for anterior femoroacetabular impingement
Is afterhours orthopaedic surgery associated with adverse outcomes? A prospective comparative study
Location and initiation of degenerative rotator cuff tears an analysis of three hundred and sixty shoulders
Pelvic inlet and outlet radiographs redefined
Relationship of tear size and location to fatty degeneration of the rotator cuff
Cervical disc arthroplasty compared with arthrodesis for the treatment of myelopathy Surgical technique
Revision arthroscopic rotator cuff repair repair integrity and clinical outcome
A new barbed device for repair of flexor tendons
Epidemiology of shoulder dislocations presenting to emergency departments in the United States
The epidemiology of ankle sprains in the United States
The incidence of plantar fasciitis in the United States military
Examining the ethical implications of an orthopaedic joint registry
Total ankle replacement the results of 100 mobility total ankle replacements
Prognostic factors and longterm outcomes following a modified Thompsons quadricepsplasty for severely stiff knees
Comparison of the clinical results of three posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction techniques surgical technique
Percutaneous anterior transarticular screw fixation for atlantoaxial instability a case series
Foot and Ankle Surgery
General Surgery
Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery
Social networking among upper extremity patients
Longterm outcomes of corrective osteotomy for the treatment of distal radius malunion
Intraosseous Schwannoma of the Second Metacarpal Case Report
Anatomic outcome of percutaneous release among patients with trigger finger
Anatomy of the ulnar tunnel and the influence of wrist motion on its morphology
Intra and interexaminer variability in performing Tinels test
A new technique of flexor profundus repair in the distal part of zone I inclusion of the palmar plate
Obstetric brachial plexus palsy in newborn babies of diabetic and nondiabetic mothers
Hyaluronan modulates proliferation and migration of rabbit fibroblasts derived from flexor tendon epitenon and endotenon
Arthroscopically assisted percutaneous fixation for transscaphoid perilunate fracture dislocation
Strength enhancement of the interlocking mechanism in crossstitch peripheral sutures for flexor tendon repair biomechanical comparisons by cyclic l...
Ring and Little Finger Metacarpal Fractures Mechanisms Locations and Radiographic Parameters
Scapholunate dissociation with radiolunate arthritis without radioscaphoid arthritis
Epiphyseal bar resection and fat interposition for clinodactyly
Outcomes of proximal interphalangeal joint pyrocarbon implants
The incidence of intrinsic and extrinsic ligament injuries in scaphoid waist fractures
A patientspecific version of the disabilities of the arm shoulder and hand questionnaire
Elbow position affects distal radioulnar joint kinematics
Predictors of Pain Intensity and Disability After Minor Hand Surgery
Lateral tilt wrist radiograph using the contralateral hand to position the wrist after volar plating of distal radius fractures
The arterial anatomy of the medial femoral condyle and its clinical implications
Modified flexor digitorum superficialis slip technique for A4 pulley reconstruction
Nodular fasciitis of the finger and hand case report
New bone research research from MM Alqattan and colleagues discussed
New hand surgery study findings have been reported from R Takagi et al
New life sciences research from S David and coresearchers described
New pediatrics findings from C Irisarri and coauthors described
New research on prostheses from AH Schuurman and coauthors summarized
New synovitis study findings reported from PR Sharma and coauthors
Triangular fibrocartilage complex tears associated with symptomatic ulnar styloid nonunions
Madelungs deformity a review
The effects of core suture purchase on the biomechanical characteristics of a multistrand locking flexor tendon repair a cadaveric study
Thumb metacarpophalangeal joint ulnar collateral ligament repair with condylar shaving
A biomechanical study of extensor tendon repair methods introduction to the runninginterlocking horizontal mattress extensor tendon repair technique
The outcome of surgical treatments for primary Dupuytrens diseasea systematic review
Clinical outcome of carpal tunnel release with and without opposition transfer
Advantages of open repair of a foveal tear of the triangular fibrocartilage complex via a palmar surgical approach
Casting versus percutaneous pinning for extraarticular fractures of the distal radius in an elderly Chinese population a prospective randomised control...
Recent findings in hand surgery described by R Will and colleagues
Reports from K Ozaksar and coresearchers add new data to research in life sciences
Research conducted by IB Ozcelik and coresearchers has updated our knowledge about bone research
Research from TE Hems and coauthors provides new data about health and medicine
Research in the area of chemicals and chemistry reported from University Hospital
Research on cadaver discussed by GI Bain and coresearchers
Researchers from Medizinische Hochschule Hannover publish findings in health and medicine
Experimental study of forearm compartmental pressures
Use of endoprosthetic diaphyseal replacement a novel approach to management of extensive metastatic tumor of the midshaft radius
Distribution of nerve endings in the human proximal interphalangeal joint and surrounding structures
Treatment of Thumb Tip Degloving Injury Using the Modified First Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Flap
Very distal radial osteotomy for Madelungs deformity
Blinded Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Volar Dorsal and Custom Thermoplastic Splinting in Treatment of Acute Mallet Finger
Distal phalangeal bone cysts differentiation of enchondromata and epidermal cysts
Radial artery perforator flap
Studies by RJ Schwarz and coauthors describe new findings in biomechanics
Studies from GI Bain et al further understanding of orthopedic procedures
Studies from M Ignazio et al add new findings in the area of hand surgery
Studies from P Teran and coresearchers update current data on hand surgery
Studies from S Goeminne et al further understanding of osteonecrosis
Study findings from Cairo University provide new insights into health and medicine
Study results from JD Hernandez and colleagues in the area of autograft published
Bioreconstructive polyLDlactide implant compared with Swanson prosthesis in metacarpophalangeal joint arthroplasty in rheumatoid patients a rando...
Proximal row carpectomy with a dorsal capsule interposition flap
Brachioradialis flap for coverage after elbow flexion contracture release
Arthroscopically assisted percutaneous fixation of Bennett fractures
Effectiveness of magnetic resonance imaging in detecting partial and complete distal biceps tendon rupture
Number and locations of screw fixation for volar fixedangle plating of distal radius fractures biomechanical study
Incidence estimates and demographics of scaphoid fracture in the US population
Biomechanical comparison of doublerow locking plates versus single and doublerow nonlocking plates in a comminuted metacarpal fracture model
Mechanical feasibility of immediate mobilization of the brachioradialis muscle after tendon transfer
Madelungs deformity diagnostic thresholds of radiographic measurements
Rotational fluoroscopy assists in detection of intraarticular screw penetration during volar plating of the distal radius
A biomechanical evaluation of the relative load change in the joints of the wrist with ulnar shortening a handbag model
Biomechanical Comparison of Contemporary Clavicle Fixation Devices
Reverse Homodigital Dorsoradial Flap for Thumb Soft Tissue Reconstruction Surgical Technique
Complications in the upper extremity following intraarterial drug abuse
Congenital syndactyly outcome of surgical treatment in 131 webs
A hand surgeons further experience with thoracic outlet compression syndrome
Genomewide highresolution screening in Dupuytrens disease reveals common regions of DNA copy number alterations
Suturebutton construct for interosseous ligament reconstruction in longitudinal radioulnar dissociations a biomechanical study
A CostUtility Analysis of Nonsurgical Management Total Wrist Arthroplasty and Total Wrist Arthrodesis in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Applications of Statistical Tests in Hand Surgery
Wrist centralization using the dorsal rotation flap in radial longitudinal deficiency
Comparison Between Locking and NonLocking Plates for Fixation of Metacarpal Fractures in an Animal Model
The extensor tendon splitting approach to the proximal interphalangeal joint do we need to reinsert the central slip?
A Biomechanical Assessment of Repair Versus Nonrepair of Sheep Flexor Tendons Lacerated to 75 Percent
Crosssectional area and strength differences of fiberwire prolene and ticron sutures
Lunate trabecular structure a radiographic cadaver study of risk factors for Kienbocks disease corrected
Dorsal pads versus nodules in normal population and Dupuytrens disease patients
Comparison of Transverse Carpal Ligament and Flexor Retinaculum Terminology for the Wrist
The Jacobsen flap technique a safe simple surgical procedure to treat dupuytren disease of the little finger in advanced stage
Surgical Treatment of Partial Distal Biceps Tendon Ruptures
Vascularized bone grafts for upper limb reconstruction defects at the distal radius wrist and hand
The Effects Of Repetitive Compression On Nerve Conduction And Blood Flow In The Rabbit Sciatic Nerve
Motion coordination patterns during cylinder grip analyzed with a sensor glove
Measurement of a number of indices of hand and movement angles in pianists with overuse disorders
The effect of radioscapholunate fusion on wrist movement and the subsequent effects of distal scaphoidectomy and triquetrectomy
Description and outcomes of a new technique for thumb Basal joint arthroplasty
Technical and biological modifications for enhanced flexor tendon repair
A minimally invasive anterior approach to reduction and screw fixation of coronoid fractures
Radial Longitudinal Deficiencies With HypoplasticAbsent Thumbs and Cutaneous Syndactyly of the Most Radial Digits
Knee Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
The influence of the acromioclavicular joint degeneration on supraspinatus outlet impingement and the acromion shape
Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
Does slower rehabilitation after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair lead to longterm stiffness?
New bone research data have been reported by J Grimberg and coauthors
New clinical trial research study findings have been reported from TF Tyler et al
New life sciences study findings recently were reported by MC Glanzmann and coresearchers
New shoulder pain study findings recently were published by L Murena and coresearchers
Recovery of shoulder strength and proprioception after open surgery for recurrent anterior instability a comparison of two surgical techniques
Total elbow arthroplasty for distal humeral fractures indications surgical approach technical tips and outcome
Treatment of chronic glenoid defects in the setting of recurrent anterior shoulder instability a systematic review
Triceps tendon properties and its potential as an autograft
Osteosynthesis for longstanding nonunion of the lateral humeral condyle in adults
A biomechanical study of posterior glenoid bone loss and humeral head translation
Transarticular shear fractures of the distal humerus
Recent findings in health and medicine described by P Clavert and colleagues
Report summarizes shoulder and elbow surgery study findings from Kyoto Prefectural University Medical Department
Reports by GA MacDougal and coresearchers describe recent advances in shoulder and elbow surgery
Reports outline shoulder and elbow surgery research from N Wafae and colleagues
Research findings from JB Lunden et al update understanding of pathology
Research from KR Sajadi and coresearchers in the area of arthroplasty described
Research on arthritis published by JO Holcomb et al
Research on shoulder and elbow surgery published by scientists at Cleveland Clinic
Research reports from GI Groh and coauthors provide new insights into shoulder dislocation
Biomechanical similarities among subscapularis repairs after shoulder arthroplasty
Outcomes of type II superior labrum anterior to posterior SLAP repair prospective evaluation at a minimum twoyear followup
Subscapularis lengthening in shoulder arthroplasty
Quality of life and functional outcome after a 2part proximal humeral fracture a prospective cohort study on 50 patients treated with a locking plate
Forces across the middle of the intact clavicle during shoulder motion
Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair scientific rationale surgical technique and early clinical and functional results of a knotless selfreinforcing doublerow...
Studies by B Melis and coauthors describe new findings in health and medicine
Studies by RS Churchill and coauthors describe new findings in bone research
Study results from D Huguet et al provide new insights into prostheses
The outcome of ultrasoundguided needle decompression and steroid injection in calcific tendinitis
Impact of workrelated compensation claims on surgical outcome of patients with rotator cuff related pathologies a matched casecontrol study
Use of locking plates in the treatment of proximal humerus fractures
Conservative treatment of firsttime shoulder dislocation with the arm in external rotation
Functional anatomy of the superior glenohumeral and coracohumeral ligaments and the subscapularis tendon in view of stabilization of the long hea...
Distal biceps tendon tears in women
Restoring range of motion via stress relaxation and static progressive stretch in posttraumatic elbow contractures
Subacromial pressures vary with simulated sleep positions
Radiocapitellar joint contacts after bipolar radial head arthroplasty
The reliability and validity of the Disabilities of Arm Shoulder and Hand EuroQol5D Health Utilities Index and Short Form6D outcome instruments i...
Arthroscopic stabilization of acromioclavicular joint dislocation using the AC graftrope system
The anatomic coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction surgical technique and indications
The effect of posterior capsular tightening on peak subacromial contact pressure during simulated active abduction in the scapular plane
Factors associated with satisfaction in patients undergoing elbow surgery a prospective study
Outcomes of distal deltoid release for symptomatic cufftear arthropathy
Bicipital groove morphology on MRI has no correlation to intraarticular biceps tendon pathology
Effect of anterior supraspinatus tendon partialthickness tears on infraspinatus tendon strain through a range of joint rotation angles
Range of motion limitation after rotator cuff repair
Management of chronic shoulder infections utilizing a fixed Articulating antibioticloaded spacer
Effect of coronal shear fractures of the distal humerus on elbow kinematics and stability
The proximal ulna dorsal angulation A radiographic study
The effect of component positioning on intrinsic stability of the reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Insertional anatomy of the triceps brachii tendon
Biomechanical comparison of a proximal humeral locking plate using two methods of head fixation
Risk factors for elbow injuries among young baseball players
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