Issues in Joint, Bone, and Connective Tissue Diseases and Disorders: 2011 Edition

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Issues in Joint, Bone, and Connective Tissue Diseases and Disorders: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Joint, Bone, and Connective Tissue Diseases and Disorders.

The editors have built Issues in Joint, Bone, and Connective Tissue Diseases and Disorders: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Joint, Bone, and Connective Tissue Diseases and Disorders in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Issues in Joint, Bone, and Connective Tissue Diseases and Disorders: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility.


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Arthritis and Rheumatism
Research findings from M FernandezFairen et al update understanding of health and medicine
Research on health and medicine discussed by IP Holloway and coresearchers
Is deep vein thrombosis a good proxy for pulmonary embolus?
External iliac artery injury complicating prosthetic hip resection for infection
Randomized comparison between 3 surface treatments of a single anteverted stem design 84 hips followed for 5 years
Total Hip Arthroplasty After Previous Transtrochanteric Anterior Rotational Osteotomy for Femoral Head Osteonecrosis
A biomechanical comparison of the endobutton cl using transtibial drilling and endobutton direct using anteromedial arthroscopic drilling
An acellular allograftderived meniscus scaffold in an ovine model
Safety analysis of allinside arthroscopic repair of peripheral triangular fibrocartilage complex
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and concomitant articular cartilage injury incidence and treatment
A Biomechanical Comparison of 3 Reconstruction Techniques for Posterolateral Instability of the Knee in a Cadaveric Model
Calcified Tissue Research
A MineralRich Extract from the Red Marine Algae Lithothamnion calcareum Preserves Bone Structure and Function in Female Mice on a WesternSty...
Diseaseassociated extracellular matrix suppresses osteoblastic differentiation of human periodontal ligament cells via MMP1

Studies from PM Bonutti et al further understanding of health and medicine
Study data from TV Swanson et al provide new insights into arthroplasty
Irrigation and debridement in the management of prosthetic joint infection traditional indications revisited
Renal impairment following total joint arthroplasty who is at risk?
Revision hip arthroplasty for ceramiconceramic squeaking hips does not compromise the results
Subtrochanteric femur fracture after core decompression and placement of a tantalum strut for osteonecrosis of the femoral head
Biomechanical consequences of patellar component medialization in total knee arthroplasty
An in vivo study of the effect of distal femoral resection on passive knee extension
Repeat 2stage revision for recurrent infection of total hip arthroplasty
Low incidence of postoperative complications due to pin placement in computernavigated total knee arthroplasty
Bone remodeling around porous metal cementless acetabular components
Acetabular cup revision with the use of the medial protrusio technique at an average followup of 66 years
Early and lateterm dislocation risk after primary hip arthroplasty in the medicare population
The effect of total hip arthroplasty on employment
Periprosthetic bone remodeling using a tripletaper polished cemented stem in total hip arthroplasty
Management of periprosthetic femur fractures with severe bone loss using impaction bone grafting technique
Fifteenyear to 19year followup of the InsallBurstein1 total knee arthroplasty
Incidence of prosthetic joint infections after primary knee arthroplasty
A biomechanical investigation of implant alignment and femoral neck notching with the Birmingham MidHead Resection
Assessment of Accuracy and Reliability in Preoperative Templating for Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty
Iliopsoas tendonitis due to the protrusion of an acetabular component fixation screw after total hip arthroplasty
The Daily Activity Questionnaire a novel questionnaire to assess patient activity after total hip arthroplasty
Stability of revision acetabular components using the rimfit technique
Using VistA electronic medical record data extracts to calculate the waiting time for total knee arthroplasty
Research results from FA Barber and coauthors update knowledge of arthroscopy
Researchers at University Hospital target arthroscopy
A new arthroscopic technique to determine anteriorinferior glenoid bone loss validation of the secant chord theory in a cadaveric model
Arthroscopic stabilization for firsttime versus recurrent shoulder instability
Restoring the labral height for treatment of Bankart lesions a comparison of suture anchor constructs
FourQuadrant Approach to Capsulolabral Repair An Arthroscopic Road Map to the Glenoid
Current Concepts in Pediatric and Adolescent Arthroscopy
Studies by L Clark and coauthors describe new findings in arthroscopy
Study results from HE Bourke and colleagues broaden understanding of arthroscopy
Arthroscopic treatment of unstable total hip replacement
Stiffer fixation of the tibial doubletunnel anterior cruciate ligament complex versus the single tunnel a biomechanical study
Changes in Condylar Coefficient of Friction After Osteochondral Graft Transplantation and Modulation With Hyaluronan
Femoral neck exostosis a manifestation of campincer combined femoroacetabular impingement
Minimally invasive bone grafting of cysts of the femoral head and acetabulum in femoroacetabular impingement arthroscopic technique and case pre...
Comparison of posterolateral corner reconstructions using computerassisted navigation
Material properties and composition of softtissue fixation
Abnormal translation in SLAP lesions on magnetic resonance imaging abducted externally rotated view
Arthroscopic debridement for first metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis with a 2 versus 3portal technique a cadaveric study
Osseous deficits after anterior cruciate ligament injury and reconstruction a systematic literature review with suggestions to improve osseous homeost...
Intrathoracic fluid extravasation after hip arthroscopy
A clinically relevant review of hip biomechanics
Biomechanical comparison of figureof8 versus cylindrical tibial inlay constructs for arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Repair of partialthickness rotator cuff tears a biomechanical analysis of footprint contact pressure and strength in an ovine model
Anatomic single and doublebundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction flowchart
Anatomic doublebundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction restores patellofemoral contact areas and pressures more closely than nonanatomic ...
The anterior cruciate ligament provides resistance to externally applied anterior tibial force but not to internal rotational torque during simulated weig...
2009 Survey Results Surgeon Practice Patterns Regarding Arthroscopic Surgery
Decreased periprosthetic bone loss in patients treated with clodronate a 1year randomized controlled study
Regulation of pH During Amelogenesis
The role of circulating bone cell precursors in fracture healing
Agerelated changes in bone structure and strength in female and male BALBc mice
Connective Tissue Research
Joint Disease
Joint Bone and Spine Research
Degeneration of patellar cartilage in patients with recurrent patellar dislocation following conservative treatment evaluation with delayed gadoliniume...
Phenotypic characterization of epiphycandeficient and epiphycanbiglycan doubledeficient mice
CD44 survival and metastasis in chondrosarcoma
Cartilage degeneration in the goat knee caused by treating localized cartilage defects with metal implants
In early OA thinning of the subchondral plate is directly related to cartilage damage results from a canine ACLTmeniscectomy model
Gender inequity in the provision of care for hip disease populationbased crosssectional study
Development of a populationbased microsimulation model of osteoarthritis in Canada
Quadriceps weakness predicts risk for knee joint space narrowing in women in the MOST cohort
Biomechanical biochemical and structural correlations in immature and mature rabbit articular cartilage
Biological actions of curcumin on articular chondrocytes
Longitudinal changes of serum COMP and urinary CTXII predict Xray defined knee osteoarthritis severity and stiffness in women
Are hallux valgus and big toe pain associated with impaired quality of life? A crosssectional study
Macromer density influences mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis and maturation in photocrosslinked hyaluronic acid hydrogels
Photocrosslinked alginate hydrogels support enhanced matrix accumulation by nucleus pulposus cells in vivo
Intra and interobserver reproducibility of volume measurement of knee cartilage segmented from the OAI MR image set using a novel semiautomate...
Computed tomography topographic mapping of subchondral density CTTOMASD in osteoarthritic and normal knees methodological development a...
Association of radiographic and symptomatic knee osteoarthritis with healthrelated quality of life in a populationbased cohort study in Japan the RO...
Estimated prevalence and patterns of presumed osteoporosis among older Americans based on Medicare data
Reproductive hormones and bone
Preference and satisfaction with a 6month subcutaneous injection versus a weekly tablet for treatment of low bone mass
International comparison of cost of falls in older adults living in the community a systematic review
Does standardized BMD still remove differences between Hologic and GELunar stateoftheart DXA systems?
Hip fractures in Italy 20002005 extension study
Cost of falls in old age a systematic review
Populationbased Canadian hip fracture rates with international comparisons
Variation in risk factors for fractures at different sites
Association of medication attitudes with nonpersistence and noncompliance with medication to prevent fractures
Impact of a primary care physician workshop on osteoporosis medical practices
Tumorstromal interactions in bone metastasis
Weight loss and distal forearm fractures in postmenopausal women
Weight loss and distal forearm fractures in postmenopausal women the NordTrondelag health study Norway
The association between osteoporosis and static balance in elderly women
Can fall risk be incorporated into fracture risk assessment algorithms a pilot study of responsiveness to clodronate
Effect of onceyearly zoledronic acid on the spine and hip as measured by quantitative computed tomography results of the HORIZON Pivotal Fractu...
Maternal highfat diet effects on offspring bone structure
Anemia and the risk of nonvertebral fractures the Tromso Study
Bone loss and the risk of nonvertebral fractures in women and men the Tromso study
Vitamin K2 supplementation does not influence bone loss in early menopausal women a randomised doubleblind placebocontrolled trial
Fracture risk in patients receiving acidsuppressant medication alone and in combination with bisphosphonates
Antipsychotic use and the risk of hipfemur fracture a populationbased casecontrol study

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