Issues in Nanoscience and Nanoscale Research: 2011 Edition

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ScholarlyEditions, Jan 9, 2012 - Technology & Engineering - 327 pages
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Issues in Nanoscience and Nanoscale Research: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Nanoscience and Nanoscale Research.

The editors have built Issues in Nanoscience and Nanoscale Research: 2011 Edition on the vast information databases of ScholarlyNews.™ You can expect the information about Nanoscience and Nanoscale Research in this eBook to be deeper than what you can access anywhere else, as well as consistently reliable, authoritative, informed, and relevant. The content of Issues in Nanoscience and Nanoscale Research: 2011 Edition has been produced by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, analysts, research institutions, and companies. All of the content is from peer-reviewed sources, and all of it is written, assembled, and edited by the editors at ScholarlyEditions™ and available exclusively from us. You now have a source you can cite with authority, confidence, and credibility.


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Nanoscale Research
Dynamical cooling of nuclear spins in double quantum dots
Micro and nanopatterning of inorganic and polymeric substrates by indentation lithography
Quantum corral resonance widths lossy scattering as acoustics
Scannable plasmonic trapping using a gold stripe
Rationally designed logic integration of regulatory signals in mammalian cells
Measurement of pulloff force on imprinted nanopatterns in an inert liquid
Base and acid treatment of SWCNTRNA transparent conductive films
Hollowrattletype mesoporous nanostructures by a structural differencebased selective etching strategy
Toxicity of graphene and graphene oxide nanowalls against bacteria
Biodegradable selfassembled PEGPCLPEG micelles for hydrophobic honokiol delivery I Preparation and characterization
Effect of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles on lysozyme amyloid aggregation
The nanostructure effect on the adhesion and growth rates of epithelial cells with welldefined nanoporous alumina substrates
Threedimensional mesoporous gold film to enhance the sensitivity of electrochemical detection

DNA computing circuits using libraries of DNAzyme subunits
Coaxial ZnSeSi nanocables with controlled ptype shell doping
Horizontally aligned carbon nanotube bundles for interconnect application diameterdependent contact resistance and mean free path
Synthesis of Graphene on Silicon Dioxide by a Solid Carbon Source
Surface plasmons and singularities
Bending of conjugated molecular wires and its effect on electron conduction properties
Highly biocompatible and waterdispersible amine functionalized magnetite nanoparticles prepared by a low temperature airassisted polyol process a n...
Ion transport in nanofluidic funnels
Nanometric thin film membranes manufactured on square meter scale ultrathin films for CO2 capture
Efficient preparation of largearea graphene oxide sheets for transparent conductive films
Metal Nanoparticles with Gain toward SingleMolecule Detection by SurfaceEnhanced Raman Scattering
Softcontact imaging in liquid with frequencymodulation torsion resonance mode atomic force microscopy
Timeresolved photoluminescence investigations on HfO2capped InP nanowires
Phagocytosis Independent Extracellular Nanoparticle Clearance by Human Immune Cells
Simple Rapid Sensitive and Versatile SWNTPaper Sensor for Environmental Toxin Detection Competitive with ELISA
Metalassisted electrochemical etching of silicon
Nanoporous AuPt Alloys As Large Strain Electrochemical Actuators
Defects Responsible for the Hole Gas in GeSi CoreShell Nanowires
Transparent nanofloating gate memory on glass
Using liquid crystals to detect DNA hybridization on polymeric surfaces with continuous wavy features
Spatiotemporal thermal kinetics of in situ MWCNT heating in biological tissues under NIR laser irradiation
Electrothermal manipulation of individual chromophores in single conjugated polymer chains controlling intrachain FRET blinking and spectral diff...
Exceptionally high payload of doxorubicin in hollow gold nanospheres for nearinfrared lighttriggered drug release
Chemical and structural investigation of lipid nanoparticles druglipid interaction and molecular distribution
Direct mapping of the solidliquid adhesion energy with subnanometre resolution
Enhancing the conductivity of transparent graphene films via doping
Geometry controls conformation of graphene sheets membranes ribbons and scrolls
Kinetics of antimicrobial peptide activity measured on individual bacterial cells using highspeed atomic force microscopy
Selective sensing of volatile organic compounds using novel conducting polymermetal nanoparticle hybrids
Fluorescence enhancement from individual plasmonic gap resonances
Mapping of local conductivity variations on fragile nanopillar arrays by scanning conductive torsion mode microscopy
Surface charge and spacedependent transport of proteins in crowded environments of nanotailored posts
Bulk heterojunction polymer memory devices with reduced graphene oxide as electrodes
Development of chitosancoated gold nanoflowers as SERSactive probes
HotspotInduced Transformation of SurfaceEnhanced Raman Scattering Fingerprints
Work function engineering of graphene electrode via chemical doping
Graphene and Nanowire Transistors for Cellular Interfaces and Electrical Recording
Growth structure and magnetic properties of FePt nanostructures on NaCl001 and MgO001
Flame synthesis of carbon nanoonions enhanced by acoustic modulation
Direct probe of heterojunction effects upon photoconductive properties of TiO2 nanotubes fabricated by atomic layer deposition
Carbon onions as point electron sources
Fabrication of highquality In2Se3 nanowire arrays toward highperformance visiblelight photodetectors
Forming and switching mechanisms of a cationmigrationbased oxide resistive memory
Low operating bias and matched inputoutput characteristics in graphene logic inverters
Highresolution xray observation of unstained samples by a newly developed SGXM
Comparing multiple exciton generation in quantum dots to impact ionization in bulk semiconductors implications for enhancement of solar energy c...
Photovoltaic charge generation in organic semiconductors based on longrange energy transfer
Development of pH sensitive 2Diisopropylaminoethyl methacrylate based nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy
Biofunctionalized phospholipidcapped mesoporous silica nanoshuttles for targeted drug delivery improved water suspensibility and decreased nonsp...
Transient photoconductivity and femtosecond nonlinear optical properties of a conjugated polymergraphene oxide composite
Properties of fluorinated graphene films
Influence of disorder on conductance in bilayer graphene under perpendicular electric field
Nonvolatile resistive switching in metalLadoped BiFeO3Pt sandwiches
Nanomorphology of bulk heterojunction photovoltaic thin films probed with resonant soft Xray scattering
Biocompatible nanoscale dispersion of singlewalled carbon nanotubes minimizes in vivo pulmonary toxicity
Beam pen lithography
Biological evaluation of pHresponsive polymercaged nanobins for breast cancer therapy
Broadband plasmonic microlenses based on patches of nanoholes
Using the angledependent resonances of molded plasmonic crystals to improve the sensitivities of biosensors
Theory of Circular Dichroism of Nanomaterials Comprising Chiral Molecules and Nanocrystals Plasmon Enhancement Dipole Interactions and Dielec...
Giant magnetoresistance observed in FeMn3O4 artificial nanoconstrained structures at room temperature
Controlling band gap energies in clusterassembled ionic solids through internal electric fields
Emergent collective oscillations of selfmobile particles and patterned surfaces under redox conditions
Molecular selfassembly at bare semiconductor surfaces cooperative substratemolecule effects in octadecanethiolate monolayer assemblies on GaAs11...
Intracellular processing of proteins mediated by biodegradable polyelectrolyte capsules
A functional carbohydrate chip platform for analysis of carbohydrateprotein interaction
Effect of film thickness on the phase behaviors of diblock copolymer thin film
NiO resistive random access memory nanocapacitor array on graphene
Waterdispersible magnetitereduced graphene oxide composites for arsenic removal
Piezoelectric ribbons printed onto rubber for flexible energy conversion
Effective repair of traumatically injured spinal cord by nanoscale block copolymer micelles
Reports from D Manno et al highlight recent research in proteomics
Highly efficient restoration of graphitic structure in graphene oxide using alcohol vapors
Chemical doping of largearea stacked graphene films for use as transparent conducting electrodes
Research conducted at DA Stewart and coauthors has provided new information about nanotechnology
Large scale growth and characterization of atomic hexagonal boron nitride layers
Reduction of graphene oxide via bacterial respiration
Soluble graphene through edgeselective functionalization
Threedimensional tissue culture based on magnetic cell levitation
Enhanced capacity and rate capability of carbon nanotube based anodes with titanium contacts for lithium ion batteries
Investigation of the conducting properties of a photoswitching dithienylethene molecule
Tunable Nanoscale Graphene Magnetometers
The enhancement of photoresponse of an ordered inorganicorganic hybrid architecture by increasing interfacial contacts
An asymmetrically surfacemodified graphene film electrochemical actuator
Electrically configurable electroforming and bipolar resistive switching in PtTiO2Pt structures
Highperformance flexible graphene field effect transistors with ion gel gate dielectrics
Periodic Array of PolyelectrolyteGated Organic Transistors from Electrospun Poly3hexylthiophene Nanofibers
The formulation characterization and in vivo evaluation of a magnetic carrier for brain delivery of NIR dye
A route to brightly fluorescent carbon nanotubes for nearinfrared imaging in mice
Direct extraction of photosynthetic electrons from single algal cells by nanoprobing system
Nanopatterned metallic films for use as transparent conductive electrodes in optoelectronic devices
New Nanostructured Li2SSilicon Rechargeable Battery with High Specific Energy
Readwrite schemes analysis for novel complementary resistive switches in passive crossbar memory arrays
In vivo biodistribution and clearance studies using multimodal organically modified silica nanoparticles
Studies from M Mader et al add new findings in the area of nanotechnology
Layerbylayer doping of fewlayer graphene film
Chargeselective transport of organic and protein analytes through synthetic nanochannels
Graphene transistors
GdC82OH22n nanoparticles induce dendritic cell maturation and activate Th1 immune responses
BisPhthalocyaninatoyttrium Grown on Au111 Electronic Structure of a Single Molecule and the Stability of Twodimensional Films Investigated by S...
Probing one antiferromagnetic antiphase boundary and single magnetite domain using nanogap contacts
Realignment of slanted Fe nanorods on silicon substrates by a strong magnetic field
Surfacemediated twodimensional growth of the pharmaceutical carbamazepine
Ultralong copper phthalocyanine nanowires with new crystal structure and broad optical absorption
Intracellular ion monitoring using a goldcore polymershell nanosensor architecture
In vivo magnetic enrichment and multiplex photoacoustic detection of circulating tumour cells
Local piezoelectric properties of ZnO thin films prepared by RFplasmaassisted pulsedlaser deposition method
Rhodium and silicon system I Glassy metallic alloy formation
Superconductivityenhanced conductance fluctuations in fewlayer graphene
A doublestranded DNA rotaxane
Dualsurface modified virus capsids for targeted delivery of photodynamic agents to cancer cells
Timeresolved singlestep protease activity quantification using nanoplasmonic resonator sensors
Ionic memcapacitive effects in nanopores
A onestep solvothermal reduction method for producing reduced graphene oxide dispersions in organic solvents
Multisourcecomponent spray coating for polymer solar cells
Use of a Rapid Cytotoxicity Screening Approach To Engineer a Safer Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle through Iron Doping
Exfoliation and characterization of bismuth telluride atomic quintuples and quasitwodimensional crystals
Power of confinement adsorbate dynamics on nanometerscale exposed facets
In vitro assembly of cubic RNAbased scaffolds designed in silico
Doublesided CdS and CdSe quantum dot cosensitized ZnO nanowire arrays for photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation
Bundles of polytwins as metaelastic domains in the thin polycrystalline simple multiferroic system PZT
Effect of charge trapping on geminate recombination and polymer solar cell performance
Mimicking the colourful wing scale structure of the Papilio blumei butterfly
High yield fabrication of chemically reduced graphene oxide field effect transistors by dielectrophoresis
Role of symmetry breaking on the optical transitions in leadsalt quantum dots
Translocation of doublestranded DNA through membraneadapted phi29 motor protein nanopores
Highspeed atomic force microscopy for large scan sizes using small cantilevers
Nitrogen doping of nanoporous WO3 layers by NH3 treatment for increased visible light photoresponse
Unambiguous determination of the adsorption geometry of a metalorganic complex on a bulk insulator
Onestep photoembossing for submicrometer surface relief structures in liquid crystal semiconductors
Winkler boundary conditions for threepoint bending tests on 1D nanomaterials
Geometry effect on the straininduced selfrolling of semiconductor membranes
Reduced thermal conductivity in nanoengineered rough Ge and GaAs nanowires
Slowing the translocation of doublestranded DNA using a nanopore smaller than the double helix
Sustained ferromagnetism induced by Hvacancies in graphane
Spin of Semiconductor Quantum Dots under Hydrostatic Pressure
Engineering advanced capsosomes maximizing the number of subcompartments cargo retention and temperaturetriggered reaction
A Quantitative Assessment of NanoparticleLigand Distributions Implications for Targeted Drug and Imaging Delivery in Dendrimer Conjugates
Nanoscale thermometry using point contact thermocouples
SERSactive gold lace nanoshells with builtin hotspots
Selfassembled nanolayers of conjugated silane with pipi interlocking
Highresolution PFPEbased molding techniques for nanofabrication of highpattern density sub20 nm features a fundamental materials approach
Ultrafast transient absorption microscopy studies of carrier dynamics in epitaxial graphene
Examining the stability of folded graphene edges against electron beam induced sputtering with atomic resolution
SnO2based dyesensitized hybrid solar cells exhibiting near unity absorbed photontoelectron conversion efficiency
In vivo behavior of large doses of ultrashort and fulllength singlewalled carbon nanotubes after oral and intraperitoneal administration to swiss mice
Carrier distribution and dynamics of nanocrystal solids doped with artificial atoms
DNA translocation through graphene nanopores
Anomalous Schottky barriers and contact bandtoband tunneling in carbon nanotube transistors
Magnetic bead detection using nanotransformers
Production of semiconducting goldDNA nanowires by application of DC bias
Robust and photocontrollable DNA capsules using azobenzenes
Quantum dot photovoltaics in the extreme quantum confinement regime the surfacechemical origins of exceptional air and lightstability
Longrange energy propagation in nanometer arrays of light harvesting antenna complexes
Improved cellular uptake of functionalized singlewalled carbon nanotubes
Periodic nanotemplating by selective deposition of electroless gold island films on particlelithographed dimethyldichlorosilane layers
PEGmediated synthesis of highly dispersive multifunctional superparamagnetic nanoparticles their physicochemical properties and function in vivo
Tinoxidecoated singlewalled carbon nanotube bundles supporting platinum electrocatalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells
Ultrafast allpolymer paperbased batteries
High performance Ogated Ge nanowire MOSFET with quasimetallic sourcedrain contacts
Electrically facilitated translocations of proteins through silicon nitride nanopores conjoint and competitive action of diffusion electrophoresis and ele...
A Comparison Study of the Catalytic Properties of AuBased Nanocages Nanoboxes and Nanoparticles
Radially aligned electrospun nanofibers as dural substitutes for wound closure and tissue regeneration applications
Encapsulating 111In in nanocontainers for scintigraphic imaging synthesis characterization and in vivo biodistribution
A Nonaqueous Approach to the Preparation of Iron Phosphide Nanowires
An insight into the metabolic responses of ultrasmall superparamagnetic particles of iron oxide using metabonomic analysis of biofluids
Quantumconfined direct band transitions in tensile strained GeSiGe quantum wells on silicon substrates
Electrochromic diffraction from nanopatterned poly3hexylthiophene
Seedmediated synthesis of NaY F4Y b ErNaGdF4 nanocrystals with improved upconversion fluorescence and MR relaxivity

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