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Issues in Orthopedics and Occupational and Sports Medicine: 2011 Edition is a ScholarlyEditions™ eBook that delivers timely, authoritative, and comprehensive information about Orthopedics and Occupational and Sports Medicine.

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Management of failed instability surgery how to get it right the next time
Quantification of the upper and second sacral segment safe zones in normal and dysmorphic sacra
Shoulder outcomes measures
The antishock iliosacral screw
Musculoskeletal deformities secondary to neurotomy of the superior trunk of the brachial plexus in neonatal mice
Surgical Treatment of Femoroacetabular Impingement A Systematic Review of the Literature
The Cortical Step Sign as a Tool for Assessing and Correcting Rotational Deformity in Femoral Shaft Fractures
Analysis of nondiagnostic results after imageguided needle biopsies of musculoskeletal lesions

Studies from Air Force yield new data on environmental medicine
Study data from C Tafforin et al provide new insights into environmental medicine
Study findings from H Faerevik et al broaden understanding of environmental medicine
Study results from Air Force in the area of barotrauma published
Mouse plantar flexor muscle size and strength after inactivity and training
Carrier air wing mishap reduction using a human factors classification system and risk management
Handheld directed energy sensor for environmental monitoring and clinician safety
My car is sinking automobile submersion lessons in vehicle escape
Body Sway at Sea for Two Visual Tasks and Three Stance Widths
Postural activity and visual vigilance performance during rough seas
Time of day effects on neurobehavioral performance during chronic sleep restriction
Performance of emergency underwater breathing systems in cool 25 degrees C and cold 12 degrees C water
Prior sleep prior wake and crew performance during normal flight operations
Motion Sickness with Combined Lateral and Roll Oscillation Effect of Percentage Compensation
Mortality among US astronauts 19802009
A closedcircuit rebreather for the characterization of denitrogenation
Body composition and hematological changes following ascents of Mt Aconcagua and Mt Everest
The ISS flight of Richard Garriott a template for medicine and science investigation on future spaceflight participant missions
Exertional heat illness among overweight US Army recruits in basic training
Aircraft type and other risk factors for spinal disorders data from 19673 military cockpit aircrew
Dance Medicine and Science
Exercise and Sport
Foot and Ankle Research
Study data from DB Hahn and coauthors update knowledge of foot and ankle research
Study findings from T Fukuda et al broaden understanding of foot and ankle research
Ankle block implemented through two skin punctures
Pedobarographic Analysis and Quality of Life After Lisfranc Fracture Dislocation
Clinical Relevance of Hindfoot Alignment View in Total Ankle Replacement
Fresh osteochondral allografting for osteochondral lesions of the talus
Foot and Ankle Experience in Orthopedic Residency An Update
Relationship between explosive muscle strength and medial longitudinal arch of the foot
Biomechanical Stability of Intramedullary Technique for Fixation of Joint Depressed Calcaneus Fracture
Prospective clinical pilot trial in a single cohort group of rhPDGF in foot arthrodeses
Hand Research
Head and Neck Oncology
Head and Neck Research
Ectopic cervical thymoma a report of two cases of a rare entity frequently misdiagnosed on fine needle aspiration cytology and frozen section
Influence of breathing resistance of heat and moisture exchangers on tracheal climate and breathing pattern in laryngectomized individuals
New findings in nasopharyngeal carcinoma therapy described from National Cancer Center Department of Radiation Oncology
New hypocalcemia findings from University Hospital described
Optical and molecular techniques to identify tumor margins within the larynx
Impact of age at diagnosis on prognosis and treatment in laryngeal cancer
Malakoplakia presenting as an enlarging neck mass Case presentation and review of the literature
Prospective trial to evaluate staged neck dissection or elective neck radiotherapy in patients with CTstaged T12 N0 squamous cell carcinoma of the or...
Visualization of anterior skull base defects with intraoperative conebeam CT
Research from University Hospital has provided new information about head and neck research
Research on head and neck research discussed by scientists at Naval Medical Center
Feasibility of standard mechanical ventilation with low FiO2 and small endotracheal tubes during laser microlaryngeal surgery
Treatment guideline for hemangiomas and vascular malformations of the head and neck
Studies from Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland Department of Nuclear Medicine have provided new data on thyroid nodule cytology
Studies in the area of life sciences reported from International Agency for Research on Cancer
Predicting the pattern of regional metastases from cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck based on location of the primary
Sequential evaluation of swallowing function in patients with unilateral neck dissection
Widespread expression of prostate apoptosis response4 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Low grade glandular lesions of the sinonasal tract a focused review
Cervical hemorrhage due to spontaneous rupture of the superior thyroid artery Case report and review of the literature
New insights in the vascular supply of the human parotid gland consequences for parotid glandsparing irradiation
Barriers to early detection and treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in African American men
Nutrition impact symptoms key determinants of reduced dietary intake weight loss and reduced functional capacity of patients with head and neck ca...
Immunostaining patterns of CD31 and podoplanin in previously untreated advanced oraloropharyngeal cancer prognostic implications
Transoral CO2 laser treatment for TisT3 glottic cancer the University of Brescia experience on 595 patients
Misses and nearmisses after postoperative radiation therapy for head and neck cancer Comparison of IMRT and nonIMRT techniques in the CTsimul...
Chemoradiotherapy for locoregionally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the base of tongue
CO2 laser therapy in Tis and T1 glottic cancer indications and results
Altered fractionation and adjuvant chemotherapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Characterization of side population cells from laryngeal cancer cell lines
Continued alcohol use in patients with head and neck cancer
Ethics of Frey syndrome ensuring that consent is truly informed
Intraoral perineurioma soft tissue type report of five cases including 3 intraosseous examples and review of the literature
Palisaded encapsulated solitary circumscribed neuroma of the oral cavity a review of 55 cases
The small round blue cell tumors of the sinonasal area
Better understanding tumorhost interaction in head and neck cancer to improve the design and development of immunotherapeutic strategies
Gabapentin for the treatment of pain related to radiationinduced mucositis in patients with head and neck tumors treated with intensitymodulated radi...
Prognostic importance of clear versus revised margins in oral and pharyngeal cancer
Incidence and circumstances of cervical hematoma complicating thyroidectomy and its relationship to postoperative vomiting
Osteopetrosis complicated by osteomyelitis of the maxilla and mandible light and electron microscopic findings
Nonparotid parapharyngeal oncocytoma a case report and literature review
Clinicopathologic and therapeutic risk factors for perioperative complications and prolonged hospital stay in free flap reconstruction of the head and ...
Molecular and clinicopathological findings in a tonsillar synovial sarcoma A case study and review of the literature
Effects of upstaging from PET scan on survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Comprehensive IMRT plus weekly cisplatin for advanced head and neck cancer the University of Wisconsin experience
Predictors of functional decline in locally advanced head and neck cancer patients from south Brazil
Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the larynx definition of an entity
NUT gene rearrangement in a poorlydifferentiated carcinoma of the submandibular gland
Dual priming oligonucleotidebased multiplex PCR analysis for detection of BRAFV600E mutation in FNAB samples of thyroid nodules in BRAFV60...
Weekly 5fluorouracil plus cisplatin for concurrent chemoradiotherapy in patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer
Inhibition of cell proliferation and glucose uptake in human laryngeal carcinoma cells by antisense oligonucleotides against glucose transporter1
High Altitude Medicine
Hip Research
Hyperbaric Medicine
Industrial Health and Medicine
Effectiveness of an occupational health intervention program to reduce whole body vibration exposure an evaluation study with a controlled pretestp...
Factors associated with safe patient handling behaviors among critical care nurses
Are employment shifts into nonmanufacturing industries partially responsible for the decline in occupational injury rates?
Farmer Exposure to Organic Solvents During the Maintenance and Repair of Farm Machinery A Pilot Study
Photovoice in the workplace A participatory method to give voice to workers to identify health and safety hazards and promote workplace changea s...
The law and incomplete database information as confounders in epidemiologic research on occupational injuries and illnesses
Safety Knowledge Safety Behaviors Depression and Injuries in Colorado Farm Residents
Hearing impairment in F111 maintenance workers the study of health outcomes in aircraft maintenance personnel SHOAMP general health and medi...
Occupational injuries among aides and nurses in acute care
Heat exposure in the Canadian workplace
Pleural plaques in dentists from occupational asbestos exposure a report of three cases
Possibilities and challenges in occupational injury surveillance of day laborers
Knee Research
Maritime Health
Military Medicine
Practice tools to meet the complex needs of older vulnerable military beneficiaries
Select clinical recommendations for military medical practitioners conducting humanitarian and civic assistance activities
Should military dining facilities offer and promote consumption of probioticcontaining foods?
Conflicts between ethics and law for military mental health providers
Smoking prevalence its determinants and shortterm health implications in the Australian Defence Force
Effects of six weeks of quercetin supplementation on physical performance in ROTC cadets
Effect of hyperbaric pressure during scuba diving on autonomic modulation of the cardiac response application of the continuous wavelet transform ...
Examination of interventions to prevent common lowerlimb injuries in the New Zealand Defense Force
Factors associated with civilian mortality in Australian Vietnam veterans three decades after the war
Shotgun Injury to the Arm A Staged Protocol for Upper Limb Salvage
Prediction of caseness for mental pathology in Swiss conscripts the SelfScreen Prodrome
Are 25hydroxyvitamin D levels adequately monitored following evidence of vitamin D insufficiency in veterans?
WarRelated Illness Symptoms Among Operation Iraqi FreedomOperation Enduring Freedom Returnees
Trauma disclosure to health care professionals by veterans clinical implications
Preliminary normative data for the Evaluation of Risks ScaleBubble Sheet Version EVARB for largescale surveys of returning combat veterans
Combat Wound Initiative Program
Taking aim at nurse stress a call to action
An evaluation of an initiative to improve Veterans Health Administration mental health services broad impacts of the VHAs Mental Health Strategic P...
Musculoskeletal Disorders
The effects of a threeweek use of lumbosacral orthoses on trunk muscle activity and on the muscular response to trunk perturbations
The chondrogenic response to exercise in the proximal femur of normal and mdx mice
Biopsychosocial determinants of time lost from work following non life threatening acute orthopaedic trauma
The associations between indices of patellofemoral geometry and knee pain and patella cartilage volume a crosssectional study
The influence of elastic orthotic belt on sagittal profile in adolescent idiopathic thoracic scoliosis a comparative radiographic study with Milwaukee b...
Biomechanical analysis of the lumbar spine on facet joint force and intradiscal pressure a finite element study
Computer work and musculoskeletal disorders of the neck and upper extremity a systematic review
Use of autologous bone graft in anterior cervical decompression morbidity quality of life analysis
Validity and testretest reliability of manual goniometers for measuring passive hip range of motion in femoroacetabular impingement patients
Identification of symptom and functional domains that fibromyalgia patients would like to see improved a cluster analysis
Atypical depression is more common than melancholic in fibromyalgia an observational cohort study
Maintaining a balance a focus group study on living and coping with chronic whiplashassociated disorder
The effectiveness and costevaluation of manual therapy and physical therapy in patients with subacute and chronic non specific neck pain Rationale a...
An educational approach based on a noninjury model compared with individual symptombased physical training in chronic LBP A pragmatic rando...
Research results from J de Haan and colleagues update understanding of clinical trials research
Researchers from Medical School provide details of new studies and findings in the area of psychosocial
Are component positioning and prosthesis size associated with hip resurfacing failure?
Hip and fragility fracture prediction by 4item clinical risk score and mobile heel BMD a women cohort study
Reverse LISS plating for intertrochanteric hip fractures in elderly patients
Twoyear changes in quality of life in elderly patients with lowenergy hip fractures A casecontrol study
Studies from G Harding and coresearchers in the area of chronic pain published
Study results from MT Hirschmann and colleagues update understanding of knee dislocation
Rotational alignment of the tibial component in total knee arthroplasty is better at the medial third of tibial tuberosity than at the medial border
Cooccurrence of outlet impingement syndrome of the shoulder and restricted range of motion in the thoracic spine a prospective study with ultrasou...
TKA following high tibial osteotomy versus primary TKAa matched pair analysis
Fixation strength of biocomposite wedge interference screw in ACL reconstruction effect of screw length and tunnelscrew ratio A controlled laborato...
The GRONORUN 2 study effectiveness of a preconditioning program on preventing running related injuries in novice runners The design of a rando...
The TOPGAMEstudy effectiveness of extracorporeal shockwave therapy in jumping athletes with patellar tendinopathy Design of a randomised cont...
A patient with PfeiferWeberChristian diseasesuccessful therapy with cyclosporin A case report
Primary hemiarthroplasty versus conservative treatment for comminuted fractures of the proximal humerus in the elderly ProCon a multicenter rando...
Sleep quality the neglected outcome variable in clinical studies focusing on locomotor system a construct validation study
Recessive multiple epiphyseal dysplasia rMED with homozygosity for C653S mutation in the DTDST gene phenotype molecular diagnosis and surgi...
Listening to patients using verbal data in the validation of the Aberdeen Measures of Impairment Activity Limitation and Participation Restriction Ab...
Unstated factors in orthopaedic decisionmaking a qualitative study
Minimizing the source of nociception and its concurrent effect on sensory hypersensitivity an exploratory study in chronic whiplash patients
The prevalence and functional impact of musculoskeletal conditions amongst clients of a primary health care facility in an underresourced area of Ca...
Whole body vibration compared to conventional physiotherapy in patients with gonarthrosis a protocol for a randomized controlled study
The impact of subacromial impingement syndrome on muscle activity patterns of the shoulder complex a systematic review of electromyographic stu...
Kinematics of fast cervical rotations in persons with chronic neck pain a crosssectional and reliability study
3066 consecutive Gamma Nails 12 years experience at a single centre
Minimally invasive and computernavigated total hip arthroplasty a qualitative and systematic review of the literature
Predicting growth and curve progression in the individual patient with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis design of a prospective longitudinal cohort study
Differences in prevalence of selfreported musculoskeletal symptoms among computer and noncomputer users in a Nigerian population a crosssection...
Clinical study of the factors affecting radioulnar deviation of the wrist joint
Freezethaw treatment effects on the dynamic mechanical properties of articular cartilage
Effects of an exercise and manual therapy program on physical impairments function and qualityoflife in people with osteoporotic vertebral fracture ...
The European multicenter trial on the safety and efficacy of guided oblique lumbar interbody fusion GOLIF
Predictive factors of adherence to frequency and duration components in home exercise programs for neck and low back pain an observational study
The reliability of side to side measurements of upper extremity activity levels in healthy subjects
Timecourse of exercise and its association with 12month bone changes
Total knee arthroplasties performed with a miniincision or a standard incision Similar results at six months followup
Characterization of differential properties of rabbit tendon stem cells and tenocytes
Changes in the flexionrelaxation response induced by hip extensor and erector spinae muscle fatigue
A comparison of lower limb EMG and ground reaction forces between barefoot and shod gait in participants with diabetic neuropathic and healthy c...
A withinsubjects trial to test the equivalence of online and paper outcome measures the Roland Morris disability questionnaire
The visual analogue WOMAC 30 scaleinternal validity and responsiveness of the VAS version
A randomised clinical trial of a comprehensive exercise program for chronic whiplash trial protocol
Development of a selfadministered early inflammatory arthritis detection tool
Warwick Hip Trauma Study a randomised clinical trial comparing interventions to improve outcomes in internally fixed intracapsular fractures of the...
Costeffectiveness of a participatory returntowork intervention for temporary agency workers and unemployed workers sicklisted due to musculoskel...
Effectiveness of a questionnaire based intervention programme on the prevalence of arm shoulder and neck symptoms risk factors and sick leave in c...
The costeffectiveness of the RSI QuickScan intervention programme for computer workers Results of an economic evaluation alongside a randomise...
Musculoskeletal Research
Occupational Medicine
Cytotoxicity study of high temperature wool HT wool by cell magnetometric evaluation
Chronic pulmonary toxicity study of indiumtin oxide and indium oxide following intratracheal instillations into the lungs of hamsters
Assessment of Driving Performance Using a Simulator Protocol Validity and Reproducibility
Driving Performance and Susceptibility to Simulator Sickness Are They Related?
Exploring workplace actors experiences of the social organization of returntowork
Validation of a Test of Road Law and Road Craft Knowledge With Older or Functionally Impaired Drivers
Musculoskeletal symptoms in pharmaceutical sales representatives
Perceptions of occupational injury and illness costs by size of organization
Attitudes and beliefs of occupational therapists participating in a cultural competency workshop
Coping strategies in daily occupations 3 months after a severe or major hand injury
Poststroke functional limitations and changes in use of mode of transport
Work related risk factors for neck shoulder and arms complaints a cohort study among Dutch computer office workers
The New Zealand Workforce Survey II Occupational Risk Factors for Asthma
Impact of supervisor support on work ability in an IT company
Supporting Safe Driving With Arthritis Developing a Driving Toolkit for Clinical Practice and Consumer Use
Predictors of skin cancer in commercial airline pilots
Factor Structure of Four VisualMotor Instruments Commonly Used to Evaluate SchoolAge Children
Levels of empathy in undergraduate occupational therapy students
Interactive model of subsidiary behaviors work performance and autonomic nerve activity during visual display terminal work
The Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study III Interrelations between respirable elemental carbon and gaseous and particulate components of diesel exhaust ...
The Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study IV Estimating historical exposures to diesel exhaust in underground nonmetal mining facilities
Experimental characterization of a plume of passive contaminant above a thermal source capture efficiency of a fume extraction hood
Performance of high flow rate samplers for respirable particle collection
Facial anthropometric differences among gender ethnicity and age groups
Simple respiratory protectionevaluation of the filtration performance of cloth masks and common fabric materials against 201000 nm size particles
Effects of mannequin and walkby motion on flow and spillage characteristics of wallmounted and jetisolated range hoods
An integrated occupational hygiene consultation model for the catering industry
Development of the Chinese language paediatric daily occupation scale in Taiwan
New findings in occupational rehabilitation described by R Habeck and coresearchers
New findings in psychosocial described by A Bevan and coresearchers
New findings reported from NB Brown and coauthors describe advances in autism
New occupational rehabilitation research from SE Lagerveld et al outlined
New research on occupational medicine from M Caicoya and coauthors summarized
New schizophrenia study findings recently were reported by K Urlic and coresearchers
Perinatal exposure of mice to TCDD decreases allergic sensitisation through inhibition of IL4 production rather than T regulatory cellmediated suppr...
Unmetabolized VOCs in urine as biomarkers of low level occupational exposure
Risks and causes of musculoskeletal injuries among health care workers
Assessment of workplace bullying and harassment reliability and validity of a Japanese version of the negative acts questionnaire
Interactive effects of job stress and body mass index on overeating
Possible healthprotecting effects of feeling useful to others on symptoms of depression and sleep disturbance in the workplace
Muscle performance work ability and physical functioning in middleaged men
Job stress and carotid intimamedia thickness in Chinese workers
Relationship of job satisfaction psychological distress and stressrelated biological parameters among healthy nurses a longitudinal study
Report summarizes occupational medicine study findings from KM Allan and coresearchers
Reports from AM Madsen and coresearchers add new data to research in life science
Reports from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Department of Community Health add new data to research in depersonalization epidemiology
Reports outline fatigue research from N Tehrani and colleagues
Research from S Ryan and coauthors provides new data about occupational medicine
Research from S Taimela and colleagues provide new insights into clinical trial research
Biological effects of lowdose ionizing radiation exposure on interventional cardiologists
Research on occupational medicine published by P Martus et al
Research results from C Darne and coauthors update knowledge of chemicals and chemistry
Respiratory symptoms and exposureresponse relations in workers exposed to metalworking fluid aerosols
Multidisciplinary team working with elderly persons living in the community a systematic literature review
Vibrationwhite foot a case report
Confidentiality and physicians health A crosssectional study of university hospital physicians in four european cities the HOUPEstudy
Studies from L Freville et al have provided new data on hygiene
Studies from S Taimela and coresearchers yield new data on occupational health
Studies from SG van den Heuvel and coresearchers in the area of occupational rehabilitation published
Study data from DJ Viscusi and coauthors update knowledge of pandemics
Study findings from S Classen et al broaden understanding of occupational therapy
Study findings on occupational medicine are outlined in reports from H Maizura and colleagues
Study results from FM Seruya et al provide new insights into pediatrics
Study results from VP Schindler and colleagues broaden understanding of psychiatry
Study results from X Yang and colleagues broaden understanding of occupational medicine
Cluster Analysis of Symptoms Among Patients with Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders
Predicting return to work in employees sicklisted due to minor mental disorders
Workassociated irritable larynx syndrome
Upper arm postures and movements in female hairdressers across four full working days
Validation of alternative formulations of job strain
Sharps injuries among health care workers in the United Arab Emirates
Evaluation of OnRoad Driving in People With Hemianopia and Quadrantanopia
Do clinicians working within the same context make consistent returntowork recommendations?
Beneficial and limiting factors affecting return to work after total knee and hip arthroplasty a systematic review
Facilitating empowerment in employees with chronic disease qualitative analysis of the process of change
Psychosocial work environment and stressrelated disorders a systematic review
Testretest reliability of the Military Pretraining Questionnaire
An Investigation of the Adjustment of Retrospective Noise Exposure for Use of Hearing Protection Devices
Modeling of offgas emissions from wood pellets during marine transportation
Prescribing recovery as the new mantra for mental health does one prescription serve all?
Piloting a pointsbased caseload measure for community based paediatric occupational and physiotherapists
Increasing size of health centres may not prevent occupational isolation
Occupational isolation among general practitioners in Finland
Using observation and selfreport to predict mean 90th percentile and cumulative low back muscle activity in heavy industry workers
A Prospective Study of Return to Work Across Health Conditions Perceived Work Attitude Selfefficacy and Perceived Social Support
Relationships Between Stereotyped Movements and Sensory Processing Disorders in Children With and Without Developmental or Sensory Disorders
Observance of proper mercury hygiene practices by Jordanian general dental practitioners
Timeperiod mortality patterns in a Gaseous Diffusion Plant workforce
Analyzing the barriers and supports of knowledge translation using the PEO model
Job satisfaction and gender identity of women managers and nonmanagers
Psychological models of female teachersfunctioning in their professional role
Further validation of computerbased prediction of chemical asthma hazard
Medically reported workrelated illhealth in the UK agricultural sector
Geriatric Research
Sensory Processing Disorders and Social Participation
Quantification and statistical modelingpart I breathingzone concentrations of monomeric and polymeric 16hexamethylene diisocyanate
Quantification and statistical modelingpart II dermal concentrations of monomeric and polymeric 16hexamethylene diisocyanate
Urine 16hexamethylene diamine HDA levels among workers exposed to 16hexamethylene diisocyanate HDI
Reconstructing Meaning Through Occupation After the Death of a Family Member Accommodation Assimilation and Continuing Bonds
Occupational therapy students experiences in learning occupationcentred approaches to working with children
Testretest reliability of the GAPP functional capacity evaluation in healthy adults
Occupation and mortality related to alcohol drugs and sexual habits
The plight of clinical waste pickers evidence from the Northwest region of Cameroon
Mothering occupations when parenting children with feeding concerns a mixed methods study
Prevalence of injuries and reporting of accidents among health care workers at the University Hospital of the West Indies
Management of blood and body fluid exposures in police service staff
Hearing protection device usage at a South African gold mine
Measuring workplace bullying reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the negative acts questionnaire
HandsOn Learning Versus Learning by Demonstration at Three Recall Points in University Students
Exploring the Effectiveness of Occupational Therapy Interventions Other Than the Sensory Integration Approach With Children and Adolescents Ex...
Enabling international communication among Brazilian occupational therapists seeking consensus on occupational terminology
Struggling to Maintain Occupation While Dealing With Risk The Experiences of Older Adults With Low Vision
Beyond Flow Temporality and Participation in Everyday Activities
Correlates of short and longterm absence due to musculoskeletal disorders
Examining the Neuroscience Evidence for SensoryDriven Neuroplasticity Implications for SensoryBased Occupational Therapy for Children and Ad...
Trust and vulnerability in doctorpatient relations in occupational health
Prevalence of beryllium sensitization among aluminium smelter workers
Alendronate treatment improves bonepedicle screw interface fixation in posterior lateral spine fusion An experimental study in a porcine model
Mitochondrial damage associated molecular patterns from femoral reamings activate neutrophils through formyl peptide receptors and P4442 MAP k...
Total knee replacement in the fixed valgus deformity using a lateral approach role of the automatic iliotibial band release for a successful balancing
Comparative study of carpal tunnel compliance in the human dog rabbit and rat
Improving maximum flexion with a posterior cruciate retaining total knee arthroplasty a fluoroscopic study
Emerging bone healing therapies
In vivo micronscale arthroscopic imaging of human knee osteoarthritis with optical coherence tomography comparison with magnetic resonance ima...
Deficits in peroneal latency and electromechanical delay in patients with functional ankle instability
Open reduction internal fixation of displaced sacral fractures technique and results
Comparison of differential biomarkers of osteoarthritis with and without posttraumatic injury in the Hartley guinea pig model
Private practice outcomes validated outcomes data collection in private practice
Closed reduction and minimally invasive percutaneous fixation of proximal humerus fractures using the humerusblock
Arthroscopic treatment of femoroacetabular impingement of the hip a new technique to access the joint
Analysis of factors related to prognosis and curative effect for posterolateral fusion of lumbar lowgrade isthmic spondylolisthesis
The study of epidurography and multispiral CT scanning examinations in the diagnosis of lumbar nerve root canal stenosis
Aligning incentives in orthopaedics opportunities and challenges the Case Medical Center experience
Evaluation of proximal femoral geometry using digital photographs
Biomechanical evaluation of 3part proximal humerus fractures a cadaveric study
Revision of hip resurfacing arthroplasty
Assessing readability of patient education materials current role in orthopaedics
Periprosthetic femoral fractures outcome after treatment with LISS internal fixation or stem replacement in 36 patients
Distal radius fracture arthroscopic intraarticular displacement measurement after open reduction and internal fixation from a volar approach
Posterior instrumentation with transpedicular calcium sulphate graft for thoracolumbar burst fracture
Spontaneous totally thrombosed pseudoaneurysm mimicking a tendon tear of the wrist
The Classic On the Theory of Fracture Healing Reprinted from Langenbecks Archives of Surgery vol 2 1873
Validity of frozen sections for analysis of periprosthetic loosening membranes
Is distal locking with IMHN necessary in every pertrochanteric fracture?
The anterior talofibular ligament reconstruction in surgical treatment of chronic lateral ankle instability
Proposed novel unified nomenclature for range of joint motion method for measuring and recording for the ankles feet and toes
Objective assessments of medial osteoarthritic knee severity by MRI new computer software to evaluate femoral condyle contours
Tropical primary pyomyositis in children of the UK an emerging medical challenge
Intraoperative measurement of mounting parameters for the Taylor Spatial Frame
Lesion size changes in osteonecrosis of the femoral head a longterm prospective study using MRI
Regeneration of the fibula using a periosteumpreserving technique in children
Floating knee injuries a high complication rate
Arthroscopic alphabet soup recognition of normal normal variants and pathology
Arthroscopic management of a chronic primary anterior shoulder dislocation
Recurrent lumbar disk herniation
Case reports unusual cause of shoulder pain in a collegiate baseball player
Incidence of venous thromboembolic disease following hip arthroscopy
The use of a new locking 90A degrees blade plate in the treatment of atrophic proximal humerus nonunions
Risk factors for pulmonary embolism after hip and knee arthroplasty a populationbased study
Analysis of frictional behavior and changes in morphology resulting from cartilage articulation with porous polyurethane foams
Preoperative gait patterns and BMI are associated with tibial component migration
The proximal modular neck in THA a bridge too far affirms
Does surgeon volume for total hip arthroplasty affect outcomes after hemiarthroplasty for femoral neck fracture?
What rate of utilization is appropriate in musculoskeletal care?
Arthroscopic management of multidirectional instability
Is surgery for displaced midshaft clavicle fractures in adults costeffective? Results based on a multicenter randomized controlled trial
Data from University Medical Center provide new insights into life sciences
Data on hip pain discussed by JM Cuckler and colleagues
Data on orthopedics published by investigators at Medical Research Center
Data on orthopedics published by PL Althausen and colleagues
Data on surgery described by C McGuire et al
Biological Rationale for the Intramedullary Canal as a Source of Autograft Material
Dorsal nail plate fixation of distal radius fractures
Comparison of posterior dynamic and posterior rigid transpedicular stabilization with fusion to treat degenerative spondylolisthesis
The longterm fate of the hip arthrodesis does it remain a valid procedure for selected cases in the 21st century?
The influence of the centre of rotation on implant survival using a modular stem hip prosthesis
Treatment of articular cartilage lesions of the knee
Surgery is not always necessary in intraosseous lipoma
Posterosuperior and anterosuperior impingement of the shoulder in overhead athletesevolving concepts
Antibioticsimpregnated cement spacers in the first step of twostage revision for infected totally replaced hip joints report of ten trial cases
Isolated congenital anterolateral bowing of the fibula a case report with 24 years followup
Salvage arthrodesis for failed total ankle arthroplasty Clinical outcome and influence of method of fixation on union rate in 18 ankles followed for 3...
Clinical and radiological midterm results of the thrust plate prosthesis
Unusual radiographic appearance of adamantinoma
Comparison of three surgical epiphysiodesis techniques for the treatment of lower limb length discrepancy
Use of a unipedal standing test to assess the ambulation reacquisition time during the early postoperative stage after hip fracture in elderly Japanese pr...
Subchondral insufficiency fracture of the femoral head may be associated with hip dysplasia a pilot study
The sulcus deepening trochleoplastythe Lyons procedure
Treatment of pathological humeral shaft fractures with intramedullary nailing A retrospective study
Factors influencing the stability of stems fixed with impaction graft in vitro
Intra and intersurgeon variability in imagefree navigation system for THA
Outcome of the functional treatment of firsttime ankle inversion injury
Pain control after total knee arthroplasty a prospective study comparing local infiltration anesthesia and epidural anesthesia
Leg length discrepancy in total hip arthroplasty comparison of two methods of measurement
Shortterm postoperative mortality events in patients over 80 years of age with hip fracture analysis at a single institution with limited medical resources
Labral support shelf arthroplasty for the early stages of severe LeggCalvePerthes disease
Influence of the sagittal balance of the spine on the anterior pelvic plane and on the acetabular orientation
Range of flexion after primary TKA the effect of soft tissue release and implant design
A history of bracing for idiopathic scoliosis in North America
Incidence of the remnant femoral attachment of the ruptured ACL
Computational ontologies in orthopaedic surgery
Free vascularized fibular graft reconstruction of large skeletal defects after tumor resection
Management of subluxating ulnar nerve at the elbow
Longterm results after nonplate headpreserving fixation of proximal humeral fractures
Twolayer repair of a chronic patellar tendon rupture a novel technique and literature review
Arthroscopicassisted locking compression plate clavicular hook fixation for unstable fractures of the lateral end of the clavicle a prospective study
Modified extensionblock Kwire fixation technique for the treatment of bony mallet finger
Solitary pelvic osteochondroma causing L5 nerve root compression
Comparison of MRI and arthroscopy after autologous chondrocyte implantation in patients with osteochondral lesion of the talus
Perioperative complications of the MOBILITY total ankle system comparison with the HINTEGRA total ankle system
Longterm clinical and MRI results of open repair of the supraspinatus tendon
Volar percutaneous screw fixation for scaphoid waist delayed union
Lowintensity ultrasound increases FAK ERK12 and IRS1 expression of intact rat bones in a noncumulative manner
Does an ulnar styloid fracture interfere with the results of a distal radius fracture?
Findings from T Scheerlinck and coauthors provide new insights into orthopedics
Balloon kyphoplasty in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture nonunion
Comparison of the minimidvastus with the minimedial parapatellar approach in primary TKA
Kyphoplasty for the treatment of Kummells disease
Longterm outcomes of the revision open lumbar discectomy by fenestration A followup study of more than 10 years
Treatment of unstable proximal femoral fractures comparison of the proximal femoral nail antirotation and gamma nail 3
The anterior intrapelvic modified rivesstoppa approach for fixation of acetabular fractures
The combined hip procedure open reduction internal fixation combined with total hip arthroplasty for the management of acetabular fractures in the ...
Suprapatellar versus InfraPatellar Intramedullary Nail Insertion of the Tibia A Cadaveric Model for Comparison of Patellofemoral Contact Pressures a...
The NaturalKnee system 25 years of successful results
Which are the most frequently used outcome instruments in studies on total ankle arthroplasty?
Evidence for the best treatment for displaced intraarticular calcaneal fractures
Recombined bone xenografts enhance tendon graft osteointegration of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Early posttraumatic rotationplasty after severe degloving and soft tissue avulsion injury a case report
Prevalence of femoroacetabular impingement in Asian patients with osteoarthritis of the hip
Enhanced effects of BMPbinding peptide combined with recombinant human BMP2 on the healing of a rodent segmental femoral defect
Coccygectomy with or without periosteal resection
Comparison of cervical spinal canal diameter between younger and elder generations of Japanese
Endoprosthetic reconstruction using total femoral custom mega prosthesis in malignant bone tumours
Accuracy of computer navigation for acetabular component placement in THA
Effectiveness of external rotation immobilization in highly active young men with traumatic primary anterior shoulder dislocation or subluxation
Internal fixation of proximal humerus fractures with the polarus intramedullary nail
Comparative biomechanical study of the Ligament Plate and other fixation devices in ACL reconstruction
Distal unlocked proximal femoral intramedullary nailing for intertrochanteric femur fractures
Diagnosis of incomplete conduction block of spinal cord from skin surface using spinal cord evoked magnetic fields
Are large fracture trials possible?
Antiapoptotic effects of anthocyanins on rotator cuff tenofibroblasts
Outcome after short intramedullary nail fixation of unstable proximal femoral fractures
Open anatomical coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using a tendon graft with an Endobutton loop
Robotassisted fracture reduction using threedimensional intraoperative fracture visualization an experimental study on human cadaver femora
Clinical and radiographic assessment of cementless acetabular revision with morsellised allografts
A systematic review of conflicting metaanalyses in orthopaedic surgery
Age dependence of expression of growth factor receptors in porcine ACL fibroblasts
Distribution of lubricin in the ruptured human rotator cuff and biceps tendon a pilot study
Periacetabular osteotomy for acetabular dysplasia in patients older than 40 years a preliminary study
Predictors of success on the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery examination
Factors predicting local recurrence metastasis and survival in pediatric soft tissue sarcoma in extremities
In vivo knee kinematics during high flexion after a posteriorsubstituting total knee arthroplasty
Patellar tendon orientation and patellar tracking in male and female knees
Increasing risk of revision due to deep infection after hip arthroplasty
Does patella resurfacing really matter? Pain and function in 972 patients after primary total knee arthroplasty
Material properties of common suture materials in orthopaedic surgery
Biomechanics of humerus fracture fixation by locking cortical and hybrid plating systems in a cadaver model
Unusual combination of posterior femoral head dislocation with anterior and posterior wall fractures in the ipsilateral acetabulum
Treatment strategies for intramedullary nailing of femoral shaft fractures
Separating the chicken from the egg an attempt to discern between clubfoot recurrences and incomplete corrections
Cancellous bone properties and matrix content of TGFbeta2 and IGFI in human tibia a pilot study
Arthroscopic vs miniopen rotator cuff repair A quality of life impairment study
Shed bloodderived cells from total hip arthroplasty have osteoinductive potential a pilot study
Retrospective multicenter study of surgical treatments for osteoporotic vertebral fractures
Changes in the sagittal spinal alignment of the elderly without vertebral fractures a minimum 10year longitudinal study
Nontraumatic avulsion of the greater trochanter a case report
Unmet needs and waiting list prioritization for knee arthroplasty
Lowincome countries orthopaedic information needs challenges and opportunities
Aligning physician and hospital incentives the approach at hospital for special surgery
Demographics outcomes and risk factors for adverse events associated with primary and revision total hip arthroplasties in the United States
Executive summary valuebased purchasing and technology assessment in orthopaedics
High stress conditions do not increase wear of thin highly crosslinked UHMWPE
In vivo and in vitro analysis of rat lumbar spine mechanics
Nonunions around the knee joint
Singlerow versus doublerow rotator cuff repair techniques and outcomes
Stiffness after TKR how to avoid repeat surgery
The economics of new age arthroplasty can we afford it?
Tunnel widening in revision anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Viability of loose body fragments in osteochondritis dissecans of the knee A series of cases
A new measurement for posterior tilt predicts reoperation in undisplaced femoral neck fractures 113 consecutive patients treated by internal fixation ...
The geometry of the trochlear groove
Cams and pincer impingement are distinct not mixed the acetabular pathomorphology of femoroacetabular impingement
Stringent patient selection in bulk allograft reconstructions
Arthroscopic treatment of localized synovial chondromatosis of the posterior knee joint
Aseptic stem loosening in primary THA migration analysis of cemented and cementless fixation
Effect of varying osmotic conditions on the response of bovine nucleus pulposus cells to growth factors and the activation of the ERK and Akt pathw...
Proximal femur allograftprosthesis with compression plates and a short stem
Muscone protects vertebral endplate degeneration by antiinflammatory property
Exostosislike intraarticular periosteal osteoblastoma a rare case
Correction of forearm deformities in children with multiple osteochondroma by corrective radial osteotomy and ulnar lengthening by distraction oste...
Surgical management of sacral chordoma
Validity of the Turkish version of the Kujala patellofemoral score in patellofemoral pain syndrome
Massive bone loss from fungal infection after anterior cruciate ligament arthroscopic reconstruction
THA with the ABG I prosthesis at 15 years Excellent survival with minimal osteolysis
Pedicle screw placement in the thoracic spine a comparison study of computerassisted navigation and conventional techniques
Functional outcome and complications following PHILOS plate fixation in proximal humeral fractures
The use of expandable cages in patients undergoing multilevel corpectomies for metastatic tumors in the cervical spine
Metalmetal reactivity Houston we have a problem
A longitudinal study of the relationship between the status of bone marrow abnormalities and progression of knee osteoarthritis
Revision of total hip arthroplasty using the Kerboull and KT plates
Prevention of steroidinduced osteonecrosis by intravenous administration of vitamin E in a rabbit model
Multilevel total en bloc spondylectomy for solitary lumbar metastasis of myxoid liposarcoma
Healthrelated quality of life after total hip replacement a Taiwan study
Surgical treatment of acute acromioclavicular joint injuries using a modified WeaverDunn procedure and clavicular hook plate
Closed reduction and internal fixation of completely displaced and rotated lateral condyle fractures of the humerus in children
Incidence of complications associated with spinal endoscopic surgery nationwide survey in 2007 by the Committee on Spinal Endoscopic Surgical S...
Inhibition of STAT1 accelerates bone fracture healing
Effectiveness of bone marrow transplantation for revitalizing a severely necrotic small bone experimental rabbit model
Fibroxanthoma A Complication of a Biodegradable Screw
Reliability validity and responsiveness of the Japanese version of the PatientRated Wrist Evaluation
Surgical correction of spinal deformity in patients with congenital muscular dystrophy
Initial fixation of a finite element model of an AIHip cementless stem evaluated by micromotion and stress
Reattachment of the greater trochanter in total hip arthroplasty the pinsleeve system compared with the DallMiles cable grip system
Does an arthroscopic suture bridge technique maintain repair integrity? a serial evaluation by ultrasonography
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for calcific tendinitis at unusual sites around the hip
Effect of fracture gap on stability of compression plate fixation a finite element study
Femoroacetabular impingement due to synovial chondromatosis of the hip joint
A transepiphyseal fracture of the femoral neck in a child with 2 widely displaced SalterHarris III fragments of the capital femoral epiphysis
A comparative study of screw and helical proximal femoral nails for the treatment of intertrochanteric fractures
Femoral stem displacement during closed reduction of a dislocated bipolar hemiarthroplasty of the hip
Evaluation of pelvic fixation in neuromuscular scoliosis a retrospective study in 55 patients
Treatment outcome of enchondroma by simple curettage without augmentation
Assessment of distraction callus in rabbits by monitoring of the electrical impedance of bone
Longterm survivorship analysis of hip arthroplasty with vitallium mold cup
Posterior displacement of the tibia increases in deep flexion of the knee
Outcomes of isolated acetabular revision
Management of late periprosthetic femur fractures a retrospective cohort of 72 patients
Outcome of carpal tunnel decompression the influence of age gender and occupation
Computer assisted versus conventional cemented total knee prostheses alignment accuracy and micromotion of the tibial component
High fusion rates with circular plate fixation for fourcorner arthrodesis of the wrist
Fenestrated cannulae with outflow reduces fluid gain in shoulder arthroscopy
The effect of highenergy extracorporeal shock waves on hyaline cartilage of adult rats in vivo
Statistical analysis of arthroplasty register data
Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty in patients aged less than 65
The ElitePlus stem migrates more than the flanged Charnley stem A clinical radiographic and radiostereometric analysis of 114 patients with an avera...
Comparison of flanged and unflanged acetabular cup design An experimental study using ceramic and cadaveric acetabuli
Longterm outcome of displaced radial neck fractures in adulthood 1621 year followup of 5 patients treated with radial head excision
The John Charnley Award The functional outcome of hip resurfacing and largehead THA is the same a randomized doubleblind study
The ElitePlus stem migrates more than the flanged Charnley stem
Distraction osteogenesis in management of composite bone and soft tissue defects
Treatment of distal femoral fractures in elderly diabetic patients using minimally invasive percutaneous plating osteosynthesis MIPPO
Intraarticular location predicts cartilage filling and subchondral bone changes in a chondral defect
A novel methodology for the study of injury mechanism ankle fracture analysis using injury videos posted on YouTubecom
Differential expression of microRNA miRNA in chordoma reveals a role for miRNA1 in Met expression
Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Capitellum Current Concepts
Temporal tissue patterns in bone healing of sheep
The influence of postoperative acromial and scapular spine fractures on the results of reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Do surgical margin and local recurrence influence survival in soft tissue sarcomas?
Elevated body mass index increases early complications of surgical treatment of pelvic ring injuries
Intraoperative fracture during primary total knee arthroplasty
Morbidity and functional status of patients with pelvic neurogenic tumors after wide excision
Pathologic correlation of posterior ligamentous injury with MRI
Surgical management of 121 benign proximal fibula tumors
The 2009 Frank Stinchfield Award Hip squeakinga biomechanical study of ceramiconceramic bearing surfaces
Electrical stimulation for fracture healing current evidence
Spinal epidural hematoma
Tipapex distance of intramedullary devices as a predictor of cutout failure in the treatment of peritrochanteric elderly hip fractures
Computerassisted 3dimensional anthropometry of the scaphoid
Risk factors for Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury in skeletally immature patients analysis of intercondylar notch width using Magnetic Resonance I...
Secondary glenohumeral joint dysplasia in children with persistent obstetric brachial plexus palsy
Factors determining the 1year survival after operated hip fracture a hospitalbased analysis
Uncemented total hip arthroplasty with a tapered femoral component a 22 to 26year followup study
Femoral bone density changes after total hip arthroplasty with uncemented taperdesign stem a five year followup study
Clinical application of a handy intraoperative measurement device for lumbar segmental instability
Treatment of supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children through an anterior approach is a safe and effective method
Challenges with healthrelated quality of life assessment in arthroplasty patients problems and solutions
Distal femoral varus osteotomy for lateral osteoarthritis of the knee a minimum tenyear followup
Improved bioengineered cartilage tissue formation following cyclic compression is dependent on upregulation of MT1MMP
Revision total hip arthroplasty with a porouscoated modular stem 5 to 10 years followup
Trabecular Metal cups for acetabular defects with 50 or less host bone contact
Trochanteric slide osteotomy on previously osteotomized greater trochanters
The importance of plain radiography in the evaluation of radiculopathy after failed diskectomy
Cycledependent matrix remodeling gene expression response in fatigueloaded rat patellar tendons
Measurement of knee joint motion using digital imaging
Patient satisfaction following TKA Bless them all
Joint congruency in abduction before surgery as an indication for rotational acetabular osteotomy in early hip osteoarthritis
Quantitative analysis of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm on the surface of biomaterial
Similar survival of eccentric rotational acetabular osteotomy in patients younger and older than 50 years
Intramuscular granular cell tumor in the lower extremities
Nationwide survey of current medical practices for hospitalized elderly with spine fractures in Japan
Elevated temperature trends after total knee arthroplasty
Bone mass assessment in naval crew members by quantitative ultrasound technique
Changing the treatment to reduce complication rate in open tibial fractures
Orthopaedic Literature and MeSH
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy for nonunion of the tibia
Repairing large bone fractures with low frequency electromagnetic fields
Effects of cyclic dynamic tensile strain on previously compressed inner annulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus cells of human intervertebral discan in...
Bowel Perforation Presenting as Subcutaneous Emphysema of the Thigh
Case report Bowel perforation presenting as subcutaneous emphysema of the thigh
Tibialis posterior transfer by interosseous route for the correction of foot drop in leprosy
Asymmetry in quadriceps rate of force development as a functional outcome measure in TKA
New bone research research reported from KR Reinhardt and coauthors
New bone research study findings reported from AL Freeman and coauthors
New data from EF Ekman et al illuminate research in orthopedics
New findings from I Gavriilidis and coresearchers in the area of dislocations described
New findings from JG Eastman and coresearchers in the area of orthopedics described
New life sciences research from A Ziegert and colleagues discussed
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New orthopedics study results from University Hospital Orthopaedic Department described
New research on life sciences from TJ Lujan and coauthors summarized
New stress fractures research from RC Wright et al outlined
Total knee arthroplasty and Parkinsons disease enhancing outcomes and avoiding complications
Fate of the ulnar nerve after operative fixation of distal humerus fractures
Recurrent hemarthrosis in a hemophilic patient after revision total knee arthroplasty
Young and burgess type I lateral compression pelvis fractures a comparison of anterior and posterior pelvic ring injuries
Regional variations of bone quantity and quality impact femoral head collapse
The effect of femoral component rotation on the extensor retinaculum of the knee
Longterm results of metasul metalonmetal total hip arthroplasty
One versus twostage bilateral total hip arthroplasty
Risk of periprosthetic fracture after anterior femoral notching
Anterior decompression and fusion versus laminoplasty for cervical myelopathy caused by soft disc herniation a prospective multicenter study
A technique for the fabrication of a reinforced moulded articulating cement spacer in twostage revision total hip arthroplasty
Accuracy of clinical diagnosis in patients undergoing knee arthroscopy
Odontoid fractures update on management
Contemporary management of symptomatic lumbar spinal stenosis
The Scandinavian ACL registries 20042007 baseline epidemiology
The scandinavian total ankle replacement survivorship at 5 and 8 years comparable to other series
The outcome of Mortons neurectomy in the treatment of metatarsalgia
Evaluation of highstrength orthopedic sutures a headtohead comparison
Mechanical evaluation of cross pins used for femoral fixation of hamstring grafts in ACL reconstructions
A stiff and straight back preoperatively is associated with a good outcome 2 years after lumbar disc surgery
Percutaneous plating of the distal tibia and fibula risk of injury to the saphenous and superficial peroneal nerves
Mortality following revision joint arthroplasty is age a factor?
Fear in arthroplasty surgery the role of race
Resection arthroplasty for failed patellar components
Cigarette smoking increases the risk for rotator cuff tears
Cementless total hip arthroplasty in patients with severely dysplastic hips and a previous Schanz osteotomy of the femur techniques pitfalls and longte...
New treatment method for developmental dysplasia of the hips after walking age arthroscopic reduction with limboplasty based on the findings of pr...
Tailormade Surgical Guide Reduces Incidence of Outliers of Cup Placement
In vivo threedimensional kinematics of total elbow arthroplasty using fluoroscopic imaging
6year followup of 84 patients with cartilage defects in the knee Knee scores improved but recovery was incomplete
Central motor deficits of the deltoid muscle in patients with chronic rotator cuff tears
Shortterm results after reversed shoulder arthroplasty Delta III in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and irreparable rotator cuff tear
Tensile forces at the porcine anterior meniscal horn attachment
Arthroplasty or internal fixation for displaced femoral neck fractures which is the optimal alternative for elderly patients? A metaanalysis
Internal hemipelvectomy for pelvic sarcomas using a Tincision surgical approach
Robotic armassisted UKA improves tibial component alignment a pilot study
Modified Free Vascularized Fibular Grafting for the Treatment of Femoral Neck Nonunion
Mathematical evaluation of jumping distance in total hip arthroplasty influence of abduction angle femoral head offset and head diameter
Correlative study of nerve root palsy and cervical posterior decompression laminectomy and internal fixation
Unstable trochanteric fractures the role of lateral wall reconstruction
Intramedullary bone fragment obstructing passage of reaming guide wire with iatrogenic fractured tibia
Large bone distractor for open reconstruction of articular fractures of the calcaneus
Early outcomes of patella resurfacing in total knee arthroplasty A report from the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Re...
Platelet enriched plasma for acute muscle injury
Limb sparing surgery for bone tumours of the shoulder girdle the oncological and functional results
Treatment of knee prosthesis infections evaluation of 15 patients over a 5year period
Latent pisotriquetral arthrosis unmasked following carpal tunnel release
Recent findings from University Hospital highlight research in patellar dislocation
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Recent findings in orthopedics described by M Hossain and colleagues
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No effect of autologous growth factors AGF around ungrafted loaded implants in dogs
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Shortterm results of the Oxford phase 3 unicompartmental knee arthroplasty for medial arthritis
The relationship between morphometric parameters and Trendelenburg sign following the Hardinge incision
Tibial hemimelia and femoral bifurcation
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Researchers at Research Hospital target orthopedics
Researchers from General Hospital Department of Orthopaedics provide details of new studies and findings in the area of orthopedics
The effect of rapamycin on bone growth in rabbits
Periprosthetic joint infection treatment options
Structural Adaptation and Intracortical Bone Turnover in an Ovine Model of Osteoporosis
Rheumatoid forefoot reconstruction
Sequential outcome following autologous chondrocyte implantation of the knee a sixyear followup
Patellofemoral arthroplasty a multicentre study with minimum 2year followup
Encountering cancer or its sequelae at the hip
Relative importance of gait vs joint positioning on hip contact forces after total hip replacement
Wear mechanisms in metalonmetal bearings the importance of tribochemical reaction layers
Case report unicameral bone cysts in a young patient with acquired generalized lipodystrophy
Fiveyear DEXA study of 88 hips with cemented femoral stem
Posttraumatic calcific myonecrosis of flexor hallucis longus A case report and literature review
Evaluation of the adult patient aged 40 years with a destructive bone lesion
Scientists at University Hospital describe research in orthopedics
Scientists at University of Zagreb Department of Orthopaedic Surgery discuss research in orthopedics
Incidence of squeaking after ceramiconceramic total hip arthroplasty
Anterior discectomy and fusion with internal fixation for unstable hangmans fracture
Shape memory NiTi alloy swanlike bone connector for treatment of humeral shaft nonunion
The effect of tourniquet use on hidden blood loss in total knee arthroplasty
Which is the best method to determine the patellar height in children and adolescents?
Classification and clinical significance of acromial spur in rotator cuff tear heeltype spur and rotator cuff tear
Differences between sagittal femoral mechanical and distal reference axes should be considered in navigated TKA
Changes in chondrogenic phenotype and gene expression profiles associated with the in vitro expansion of human synoviumderived cells
Pulsed LowIntensity Ultrasound Enhances Healing Rate in the Osteoperforated Tibia in a Rabbit Model
A computer model for evaluating the osteotomy parameters of Chiari pelvic osteotomy
Anterioronly instrumentation and grafting after L5 corpectomy for nontraumatic lesions
Does minimally invasive surgery improve shortterm recovery in total knee arthroplasty?
Free vascularised fibular grafting in the treatment of large skeletal defects due to osteomyelitis
Plating osteosynthesis of middistal humeral shaft fractures minimally invasive versus conventional open reduction technique
Are endogenous BMPs necessary for bone healing during distraction osteogenesis?
The usefulness of VEPTR in the older child with complex spine and chest deformity
Challenges of randomized controlled surgical trials
Clinical evaluation of proximal row carpectomy revealed by followup for 1029 years
Midterm results using a cementless hip prosthesis in young Chinese patients a five to sevenyear followup study
Results of the proximal femoral nail antirotation PFNA in elderly Chinese patients
Autograft and Nonunions Morbidity with Intramedullary Bone Graft versus Iliac Crest Bone Graft
Sex matters in the establishment of murine tendon composition and material properties during growth
Sexual dimorphism in the effect of GDF6 deficiency on murine tendon
Symptomatic loose bodies of the knee located in a popliteal cyst
High survival of uncemented proximally porouscoated titanium alloy femoral stems in osteoporotic bone
Locked transsacral screw fixation of bilateral injuries of the posterior pelvic ring initial clinical series
Longterm periprosthetic remodeling in THA shows structural preservation
Enhanced cell integration to titanium alloy by surface treatment with microarc oxidation a pilot study
Calcium sulfates what is the evidence?
Uncemented custom femoral components in hip arthroplasty A prospective clinical study of 191 hips followed for at least 7 years
Allograft alternatives bone substitutes and beyond
The acetabular labrum anatomic and functional characteristics and rationale for surgical intervention
Changes in in vivo knee loading with a variablestiffness intervention shoe correlate with changes in the knee adduction moment
Anterior plating as a surgical alternative in the treatment of humeral shaft nonunion
Combined traumatic occiputC1 and C1C2 dissociation 2 case reports
Use of the Gartland classification system for treatment of pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures
Studies by VT Veysi and coauthors describe new findings in orthopedics
Studies conducted at VM Ringus et al on meniscus tear risk factors recently published
Studies from A Melvin and colleagues yield new information about prostheses
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Study results from J Lammens and colleagues update understanding of life sciences
Upward and inward displacements of the acetabular component increase stress on femoral head in single endoprothesis models
Arthroscopic treatment of pigmented villonodular synovitis involving bilateral shoulders
Zoledronate reduces unwanted bone resorption in intercalary bone allografts
Fluoroscopicallyguided indirect posterior reduction and fixation of thoracolumbar burst fractures without fusion
Contoured plating for proximal ulna nonunion an improved technique
Metalonmetal hip resurfacing in patients with pigmented villonodular synovitis a report of two cases
Temporary hemiepiphysiodesis with the eightPlate for angular deformities midterm results
Early full range of shoulder and elbow motion is possible after minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis for humeral shaft fractures
Influence of BoneDerived Matrices on Generation of Bone in an Ectopic Rat Model
Case report absent c6 cervical pedicle in a collegiate football player
Comparison of a new minimum contact locking plate and the limited contact dynamic compression plate in an osteoporotic fracture model
Lessons learned with extendedrelease epidural morphine after total hip arthroplasty
Inhibition of Ectopic Bone Formation by a Selective Retinoic Acid Receptor alphaAgonist A New Therapy for Heterotopic Ossification?
Diagnosing suspected scaphoid fractures a systematic review and metaanalysis
Alteration of the material properties of the normal supraspinatus tendon by nicotine treatment in a rat model
Upper cervical spine injuries agespecific clinical features
Case report osteoid osteoma of the C2 pedicle surgical technique using a navigation system
Recent trends in spinal infections retrospective analysis of patients treated during the past 50 years
Sultan Bayezid II Kulliyesi one of the earliest medical schoolsfounded in 1488
The threshold force required for femoral impaction grafting in revision hip surgery A preliminary study in sow femurs
Corroboration of mechanobiological simulations of tissue differentiation in an in vivo bone chamber using a latticemodeling approach
Validation of a new method for determination of cup orientation in THA
Getting to equal strategies to understand and eliminate general and orthopaedic healthcare disparities
Evaluation of the two bundles of the anterior cruciate ligament with 15 tesla magnetic resonance imaging
No Difference in Functional and Radiographic Results 84 Years After Quadricortical Compared With Tricortical Syndesmosis Fixation in Ankle Fract...
Epidemiology of fractures in children and adolescents
Management of a massive stage IV sacral decubitus ulcer with anterior flap hip disarticulation and myocutaneous gastrocnemius fillet flap incontinuity
Clinical application of an acellular biologic scaffold for surgical repair of a large traumatic quadriceps femoris muscle defect
Cerebral microembolization during primary total hip arthroplasty and neuropsychologic outcome a pilot study
Successful return to high level sports following early surgical repair of complete tears of the proximal hamstring tendons
Fractures of capitellum a review of 14 cases treated by open reduction and internal fixation with Herbert screws
Civilian gunshot wounds of the hip and pelvis
Does regional anesthesia improve outcome after total knee arthroplasty?
Radiation exposure to the orthopaedic surgeon during periacetabular osteotomy
Percutaneous treatment of less severe intraarticular calcaneal fractures
Minimally invasive versus open transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion evaluating initial experience
Management of full thickness rotator cuff tears A survey amongst members of the Flemish Elbow and Shoulder Surgeons Society FLESSS
Navicular stress fracture in highperforming twin brothers a case report
Fatigue fracture of the femoral component in a mobile bearing knee prosthesis
Differential diagnosis in painful ischiopubic synchondrosis IPS a case report
Does bearing design influence midterm survivorship of unicompartmental arthroplasty?
Patient satisfaction after total knee arthroplasty who is satisfied and who is not?
Radiological determination of the anatomic hip centre from pelvic landmarks
Asymptomatic dissection of craniocervical arteries in combination with severe cervical spine fractures
Nailing versus plating in humerus shaft fractures a prospective comparative study
Correlations between effective permeability and marrow contact channels surface of vertebral endplates
Microcomputed tomography evaluation of vertebral endplate trabecular bone changes in a porcine asymmetric vertebral tether
Effects of metalonmetal wear on the host immune system and infection in hip arthroplasty
Persistent knee complaints after retrograde unreamed nailing of femoral shaft fractures
Age and SexRelated Changes of Humeral Head Microarchitecture Histomorphometric Analysis of 60 Human Specimens
BMP7induced ectopic bone formation and fracture healing is impaired by systemic NSAID application in C57BL6mice
Microcirculation of secondary bone tumors in vivo the impact of minor surgery at a distal site
Longterm psychosocial functioning after Ilizarov limb lengthening during childhood
Traumainduced inflammation and fracture healing
Outcome of primary resurfacing hip replacement evaluation of risk factors for early revision 12093 replacements from the Australian Joint Registry
Posterolateral transfibular approach to tibial plateau fractures technique results and rationale
The accuracy and precision of radiostereometric analysis in monitoring tibial plateau fractures
Quantitative Analysis of Growth Factors from a Second Filter Using the ReamerIrrigatorAspirator System Description of a Novel Technique
Novel metallic implantation technique for osteochondral defects of the medial talar dome A cadaver study
Syndesmotic stabilization in pronation external rotation ankle fractures
Shilla Growing Rods in a Caprine Animal Model A Pilot Study
Results of treatment of subtrochanteric femoral fractures with the AOASIF Long Trochanteric Fixation Nail LTFN
The ischial spine sign does pelvic tilt and rotation matter?
In vivo kinematics and kinetics of a bicruciate substituting total knee arthroplasty a combined fluoroscopic and gait analysis study
Local recurrence survival and function after total femur resection and megaprosthetic reconstruction for bone sarcomas
Surgical margins and local control in resection of sacral chordomas
Femoral revision hip arthroplasty a comparison of two stem designs
Leading 20 at 20 Top Cited Articles and Authors in the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma 19872007
The role of SIGN in the development of a global orthopaedic trauma database
Treatment preferences for displaced three and fourpart proximal humerus fractures
The safe zone for extraarticular screw placement during intrapelvic acetabular surgery
Cerclage wireplate composite for fixation of quadrilateral plate fractures of the acetabulum a checkrein and pulley technique
Histological features of pseudotumorlike tissues from metalonmetal hips
Origins of eponymous orthopaedic equipment
Randomized clinical trials in orthopaedic surgery strategies to improve quantity and quality
Retropatellar Technique for Intramedullary Nailing of Proximal Tibia Fractures A Cadaveric Assessment
Simultaneous dorsal dislocations of the carpometacarpal joints of all four fingers
Proximal tibiofibular joint pain after insertion of a tibial intramedullary nail two case reports with accompanying computed tomography and cadaveri...
Surgical treatment of an acetabular fracture and labral tear with suture anchors in a 10yearold child
The Epidemiology of Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty in the United States
How long do endoprosthetic reconstructions for proximal femoral tumors last?
Mechanical failure of the long gamma nail in two proximal femur fractures
Spinal orthoses
Safety and efficacy of conversion from external fixation to plate fixation in humeral shaft fractures
Quadriceps and hamstrings muscle dysfunction after total knee arthroplasty
High tibial osteotomies in the young active patient
Locked plate fixation of osteoporotic humeral shaft fractures are two locking screws per segment enough?
Technical problems and complications in the removal of the less invasive stabilization system
Outcomes and practical information for patients choosing nonoperative treatment for distal biceps ruptures
Low risk of thromboembolic complications after fasttrack hip and knee arthroplasty
In situ measurement of transport between subchondral bone and articular cartilage
Femoral component rotation and Laurin angle after total knee arthroplasty
Increasing the Osmolarity of Joint Irrigation Solutions May Avoid Injury to Cartilage A Pilot Study
The posterior approach reduces the risk of thin cement mantles with a straight femoral stem design
Decreased knee adduction moment does not guarantee decreased medial contact force during gait
Bone Void Fillers
Identification of risk factors for neurological deficits in patients with pelvic fractures
Inferior outcome after hip resurfacing arthroplasty than after conventional arthroplasty Evidence from the Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association ...
Treatment of osteochondritis dissecans of the femoral condyle with autologous bone grafts and matrixsupported autologous chondrocytes
A staturespecific concept for uncemented primary total hip arthroplasty
A symptombased classification for shoulders with massive rotator cuff defects
Complications in shoulder arthroplasty an analysis of 485 cases
Metal release and corrosion effects of modular neck total hip arthroplasty
Tenyear survival of the cemented MS30 femoral stem increased revision rate in male patients
The efficacy of magnetic resonance imaging in acute multiligament injuries
The efficacy of magnetic resonance imaging in acute multiligament injuries
TollLike Receptors and Aseptic Loosening of Hip EndoprosthesisA Potential to Respond against Danger Signals?
Minimally invasive locked plating of distal tibia fractures is safe and effective
Functional outcome after excision of heterotopic ossification about the knee in ICU patients
Complications associated with realignment osteotomy of the knee performed simultaneously with additional reconstructive procedures
Expanding endoprosthesis for pediatric musculoskeletal malignancy current concepts and results
Modification of the sinus tarsi approach for open reduction and plate fixation of intraarticular calcaneus fractures the limits of proximal extension bas...
Percutaneous reduction and fixation of displaced intraarticular calcaneus fractures
Primary hip and knee replacement are we all operating on the same patients even at the same institution?
The sequential recovery of health status after tibial plafond fractures
A novel tendinous interconnection release technique for clawtoe deformity
An Electronic Orthopaedic InTraining Examination
Biofilm Dispersal of CommunityAssociated MethicillinResistant Staphylococcus aureus on Orthopedic Implant Material
Cementless tibial fixation in TKA a second coming
From cutting to casting impact and initial barriers to the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment in China
Intraoperative femoral nerve stimulation in evaluation of patellar tracking tourniquet effects and catheter placement
Rotenone prevents impactinduced chondrocyte death
Pediatric sportsrelated lower extremity fractures hospital length of stay and charges what is the role of the primary payer?
Scapular osteochondroma treated with arthroscopic excision using prone positioning
Differences between neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons in classifying cervical dislocation injuries and making assessment and treatment decisio...
Improving betweenday kinematic reliability using a marker placement device
In vitro investigation of friction under edgeloading conditions for ceramiconceramic total hip prosthesis
Modified minimally invasive latissimus dorsi transfer in the treatment of massive rotator cuff tears a twoyear followup of 26 consecutive patients
Does 25 cm of symphyseal widening differentiate anteroposterior compression I from anteroposterior compression II pelvic ring injuries?
DVT prophylaxis better living through chemistry affirms
Traction vertical shear pelvic ring fracture a marker for severe arterial injury? A case report
YoungBurgess classification of pelvic ring fractures does it predict mortality transfusion requirements and nonorthopaedic injuries?
Action of IL1beta during fracture healing
A comparison of the effects of ibuprofen and rofecoxib on rabbit fibula osteotomy healing
Evaluation of a noninvasive expandable prosthesis in musculoskeletal oncology patients for the upper and lower limb
Cystic presentation of Ewings sarcoma with indolent clinicoradiologic behaviour
Relationship between solute transport properties and tissue morphology in human annulus fibrosus
Incomplete seating of a metalbacked alumina liner in ceramiconceramic total hip arthroplasty
Stabilization of adolescent bothbone forearm fractures a comparison of intramedullary nailing versus open reduction and internal fixation
Do scores of the USMLE Step 1 and OITE correlate with the ABOS Part I certifying examination? a multicenter study
Sea urchin injuries to the hand a case report and review of the literature
Reconstruction of traumatic plantar foot defects in diabetic patients
Stress fractures of the base of the metatarsal bones in young trainee ballet dancers
Do porous tantalum implants help preserve bone? evaluation of tibial bone density surrounding tantalum tibial implants in TKA
Do men outperform women during orthopaedic residency training?
Ewing sarcoma family of tumors
A novel way to prevent lost scalpel blades during percutaneous placement of iliosacral screws
Complications associated with negative pressure reaming for harvesting autologous bone graft a case series
Effect of periacetabular osteotomy for acetabular dysplasia clarified by threedimensional finite element analysis
Pattern of limb amputation in a Kenyan rural hospital
Arthroscopic BankartBristowLatarjet 2B3 Procedure How to Do It and Tricks To Make it Easier and Safe
Hand trauma a prospective evaluation of patients transferred to a level I trauma center
A comparison of cyclic variations in anterior knee laxity genu recurvatum and general joint laxity across the menstrual cycle
Selective Kirschner wiring for displaced distal radial fractures in children
The current practice of orthopaedic oncology in North America
Is there faster recovery with an anterior or anterolateral THA? A pilot study
Impact of freezing on immunology and incorporation of bone allograft
Incidence of groin pain after metalonmetal hip resurfacing
Femoroacetabular impingement and classification of the cam deformity the reference interval in normal hips
P value and the theory of hypothesis testing an explanation for new researchers
Glenoid loosening after total shoulder arthroplasty an in vitro CTscan study
A staged treatment plan for the management of Type II and Type IIIA open calcaneus fractures
Luggage tag technique of anatomic fixation of displaced acromioclavicular joint separations
Primary musculoskeletal sarcoidosis
Implications of noise and resolution on mechanical properties of trabecular bone estimated by imagebased finiteelement analysis
Altered lumbar spine structure biochemistry and biomechanical properties in a canine model of mucopolysaccharidosis type VII
Case report hemosiderotic fibrohistiocytic lipomatous lesion a clinicopathologic characterization
Case reports two cases of glenohumeral chondrolysis after intraarticular pain pumps
Changes in the number of resident publications after inception of the 80hour work week
Early pleomorphic hyalinizing angiectatic tumor precursor or distinct lesion?
Effect of glenohumeral abduction angle on the mechanical interaction between the supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons for the intact partialthickn...
Exercise following a short immobilization period is detrimental to tendon properties and joint mechanics in a rat rotator cuff injury model
Fine wigns
Longterm results for limb salvage with osteoarticular allograft reconstruction
Recurrent lipomalike hibernoma
Spindlecell hibernoma a clinicopathologic comparison of this new variant
Anatomic variations of the palmaris longus muscle
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy current evidence
Production of PGE2 increases in tendons subjected to repetitive mechanical loading and induces differentiation of tendon stem cells into nontenocytes
Treadmill running exercise results in the presence of numerous myofibroblasts in mouse patellar tendons
Experimental Validation of a Pin less Femoral Reference Array for ComputerAssisted Hip Arthroplasty
Navigated cup implantation in hip arthroplasty
Coracoid pain test a new clinical sign of shoulder adhesive capsulitis
Open blunt crush injury of different severity determines nature and extent of local tissue regeneration and repair
An internal locking plate to study intramembranous bone healing in a mouse femur fracture model
Skin coverage of the middledistal segment of the leg with a pedicled perforator flap
Chondrosarcoma of bone lessons from 46 operated cases in a single institution
Hemostasis using a bipolar sealer in primary unilateral total knee arthroplasty
Proximal and total humerus reconstruction with the use of an aortograft mesh
Skeletally mature patients with bilateral distal radius fractures have more associated injuries
Intramedullary screw fixation for midshaft fractures of the clavicle
Distal femoral osteoarticular allografts longterm survival but frequent complications
Hip hemiarthroplasty after displaced femoral neck fracture a survivorship analysis
Wound healing in total joint arthroplasty
Intramedullary fixation of fibular fractures associated with pilon fractures
Protective Effect of Atorvastatin in Cultured Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes
Association of low dietary vitamin K intake with radiographic knee osteoarthritis in the Japanese elderly population dietary survey in a populationbas...
High tibial osteotomy versus unicompartmental knee arthroplasty for medial compartment arthrosis of the knee a review of the literature
A biodegradable scaffold for the treatment of a diaphyseal bone defect of the tibia
Gene therapy for fracture healing
Fracture healing in mice under controlled rigid and flexible conditions using an adjustable external fixator
Modified Judet Quadricepsplasty and Ilizarov Frame Application for Stiff Knee After Femur Fractures
Open treatment of femoroacetabular impingement is associated with clinical improvement and low complication rate at shortterm followup
Thoracolumbar spine trauma classification
Treatment of distal biceps tendon ruptures
Discontinuation of warfarin is unnecessary in total knee arthroplasty
Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma in multiple spinal levels without skin changes
Cemented versus cementless stems a verdict is in
Functional and radiographic results of patients with syndesmotic screw fixation implications for screw removal
Proximally versus fully porouscoated femoral stems a multicenter randomized trial
Use of alternative medicines by patients with OA that adversely interact with commonly prescribed medications
Clearance of the Asymptomatic Cervical Spine A Metaanalysis
Open reduction and internal fixation combined with hinged elbow fixator in capitellum and trochlea fractures
Implant removal following surgical stabilization of patella fracture
Uncemented and cemented primary total hip arthroplasty in the Swedish Hip Arthroplasty Register
Effects of plateletrich plasma on the quality of repair of mechanically induced core lesions in equine superficial digital flexor tendons A placebocontr...
Outcome of nonoperative vs operative treatment of humeral shaft fractures a retrospective study of 213 patients
Chondrogenic differentiation and lubricin expression of caprine infraspinatus tendon cells
Cadaveric flatfoot model ligament attenuation and Achilles tendon overpull
Valgus slipped capital femoral epiphysis
Does femoral component loosening predispose to femoral fracture? an in vitro comparison of cemented hips
Preoperative pain catastrophizing predicts pain outcome after knee arthroplasty
Therapy After Injury to the Hand
Case report Freshstored osteochondral allograft for treatment of osteochondritis dissecans the femoral head
Combined periacetabular and femoral osteotomies for severe hip deformities
Iliopsoas bursa injections can be beneficial for pain after total hip arthroplasty
Computed tomographic morphometry of thoracic pedicles safety pedicle parameter measurement of the Chinese immature thoracic spine
Factors predicting the failure of Bernese periacetabular osteotomy a metaregression analysis
An Animal Model for Open Femur Fracture and Osteomyelitis Part I
Bilateral simultaneous femoral diaphyseal fractures in a patient with longterm ibandronate use
Adequacy of consent in patients with distal radius fractures
Preoperative embolization in the treatment of spinal metastasis
Use of the ReamerIrrigatorAspirator for bone graft harvest a mechanical comparison of three starting points in cadaveric femurs
Surgical treatment of distal biceps rupture
Anatomical reconstruction of the knee extensor apparatus for prepatellar myxofibrosarcoma
Comparison of early fixation and delayed reconstruction after displacement in previously nondisplaced acromion fractures
Solitary giant hemangioma of the humerus
Orthopedics and Traumatology
The treatment of periprosthetic fractures with locking plates effect of drill and screw type on cement mantles a biomechanical analysis
A quantitative anatomic study of platescrew fixation of the acetabular anterior column through an anterior approach
Biomechanical comparison of platescrew and screw fixation in medial tibial plateau fractures Schatzker 4 A model study
Transosseous capsuloplasty improves the outcomes of LindgrenTuran distal metatarsal osteotomy in moderate to severe hallux valgus deformity
Impaction bone grafting for acetabular reconstruction mean 55year results in Japanese patients
Effect of limb rotation on radiographic alignment in total knee arthroplasties
Longterm outcome after joint reconstruction or medial resection arthroplasty for anterior SCJ instability
Navigated scaphoid screw placement using customized scaphoid splint an anatomical study
Stiffness of callus tissue during distraction osteogenesis
The effects of highdose longterm alendronate treatment on microarchitecture and bone mineral density of compact and trabecular bone in the proxi...
Superior gluteal artery injury presenting as delayed onset shock
Does lateral versus medial exposure influence total knee tibial component final external rotation? A CT based study
EOS174 orthopaedic imaging system to study patellofemoral kinematics Assessment of uncertainty
What determines length of stay after total hip and knee arthroplasty? A nationwide study in Denmark
Corrective osteotomy in symptomatic midshaft clavicular malunion using elastic stable intramedullary nails
The Innsbruck Emergency Algorithm avoids the underdiagnosis of blunt cervical vascular injuries
Total ankle arthroplasty in France
Septic versus aseptic hip revision how different?
Investigators at Guangzhou Medical College Medical College target discitis
Percutaneous screw fixation of acetabular fractures with 2D fluoroscopybased computerized navigation
Interscalene brachial plexus block for openshoulder surgery a randomized doubleblind placebocontrolled trial between singleshot anesthesia and pati...
Odontoid metastasis a potential lethal complication
Giant bone island of femur with femoral head necrosis a case report
Effective arthroscopic treatment of large anteriorly extended spinoglenoid cysts
Technical pitfall while reducing the mismatch between LCP PLT and upper end Tibia in proximal Tibia fractures
Threedimensional analysis of the intramedullary canal axis of tibia clinical relevance to tibia intramedullary nailing
Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis of subtrochanteric femur fractures with a locking plate a prospective series of 20 fractures
Displaced medial epicondyle fractures of the humerus surgical treatment and results A report of 139 cases
Osteochondral transfer using a transmalleolar approach for arthroscopic management of talus posteromedial lesions
Urine toxicology screening in Austrian trauma patients a prospective study
Effect of partial medial meniscectomy on the proprioceptive function of the knee
Surgical trainees neuropraxia? An unusual case of compression of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm
Minimal invasive fixation of proximal humeral fractures with an intramedullary nail good results in elderly patients
Accuracy of minimally invasive navigated acetabular and iliosacral fracture stabilization using a targeting and noninvasive registration device
Twodimensional fluoroscopic navigation in posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction a preclinical cadaver study
Diagnostic imaging and unforeseen associated lesions in astragaloscaphoid dislocation a case report
Axial plane coverage and torsion measurements in primary osteoarthritis of the hip with good frontal plane coverage and spherical femoral head
Healthrelated quality of life in patients with an anterior cruciate ligament injury
New orthopedics research from A Drouet and coresearchers described
New orthopedics research has been reported by W Steens et al
New orthopedics study findings have been reported by D Poggi and coresearchers
New orthopedics study results from J Victor et al described
Adductor tenotomy its role in the management of sportsrelated chronic groin pain
Biomechanical evaluation of fixation of comminuted olecranon fractures onethird tubular versus locking compression plating
Altered neuromuscular control of a hand muscle in chronic rotator cuff tears
Comparison of twostaged ORIF and limited internal fixation with external fixator for closed tibial plafond fractures
Report summarizes orthopedics study findings from ML Prasarn and coresearchers
Reports outline arthroplasty study findings from P Massin and colleagues
Reports outline orthopedics research from C Goddyn and colleagues
Reports outline orthopedics study results from L Camarda et al
Research from A Bourghli and colleagues provide new insights into hip replacements
Research from AS Gavaskar and colleagues has provided new data on orthopedics
Research on life sciences reported by M Bumbasirevic et al
Researchers from School of Medicine detail findings in osteotomy
Partial versus unrestricted weight bearing after an uncemented femoral stem in total hip arthroplasty recommendation of a concise rehabilitation prot...
Proximal tibial derotation osteotomy for torsional tibial deformities generating patellofemoral disorders
Growth plate fractures of the distal tibia is CT imaging necessary?
Treatment for large skeletal defects by free vascularized fibular graft combined with locking plate
A modification of tibial inlay fixation in posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction by interference screw a biomedical study on calf tibial bone model
Minimally invasive technique versus conventional technique of dynamic hip screws for intertrochanteric femoral fractures
A case of extension loss of great toe due to peroneal nerve compression by an osteochondroma of the proximal fibula
Intraoperative complications using the BioTransfix femoral fixation implant in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Studies from D Campbell et al provide new data on knee replacement
Studies from M Grimaldi et al add new findings in the area of hip fracture
Study data from C Azmy et al provide new insights into orthopedics
Correlation between dynamic postural stability and muscle strength anterior instability and knee scale in anterior cruciate ligament deficient knees
Nonoperative treatment of ACL rupture with mild instability
Design and finiteelement evaluation of a versatile assembled lumbar interbody fusion cage
Direct repair of spondylolysis by TSRHs hook plus screw fixation and bone grafting biomechanical study and clinical report
Geographical variation in incidence of primary total hip arthroplasty a populationbased analysis of 34642 replacements
Recurrent LeggPerthesCalve disease
Acute nondisplaced fractures of the scaphoid earlier return to activities after operative treatment A controlled multicenter cohort study
A new conservativedynamic treatment for the acute ruptured Achilles tendon
Patellofemoral pressure after TKA in vitro highly conforming vs posterior stabilized inlays
Treatment of displaced intraarticular calcaneal fractures by ligamentotaxis current concepts review
The use of weightbearing radiographs to assess the stability of supinationexternal rotation fractures of the ankle
Chondrocyte function after osteochondral transfer comparison of concave and plane punches
Knee arthrodesis with the Ilizarov external fixator as treatment for septic failure of knee arthroplasty
Quantification of rotator cuff tear geometry the repair ratio as a guide for surgical repair in crescent and Ushaped tears
How does spinal canal decompression and dorsal stabilization affect segmental mobility? A biomechanical study
Indications and contraindications for vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty
Spondylodiscitis in the elderly patient clinical midterm results and quality of life
Changes in bone mineral density of the distal femur after revision total knee arthroplasty with metaphyseal pressfit stem
Expression of TRAIL and death receptor DR4 in Palmer type 2 TFCC lesions
Autologous chondrocyte implantation versus ACI using 3Dbioresorbable graft for the treatment of large fullthickness cartilage lesions of the knee
Hybrid external fixation in treatment of proximal tibial fractures a good outcome in AOASIF typeC fractures
Metal ions levels measurements for early total hip replacement malfunction diagnosis with plasmasprayed ceramic bearings couple
Biomechanical comparison of screwin suture anchorsuture combinations used for Bankart repair
Medical problems in hip fracture patients
Subcutaneous tissue flaps for hallux covering
Intermediate term functional outcome prediction following full thickness rotator cuff tear reparative or not reparative surgery
A dynamic method for in vitro multisegment spine testing
Pneumorachis A possible source of traumatic cord compression
Intraoperative threedimensional fluoroscopy assessment of iliosacral screws and lumbopelvic implants stabilizing fractures of the os sacrum
Low back pain sufferers is standing postural balance facilitated by a lordotic lumbar brace?
Fixation of Akin osteotomy for hallux abductus with absorbable suture
Retrograde stem removal in revision hip surgery removing a loose or broken femoral component with a retrograde nail
Congenital absence of lumbosacral articular facet joint associated with conjoined nerve root a case report
Screw fixation of the radial head radiological assessment of the proximal radioulnar joint and average radial head diameteran anatomic study
Integrated FDGPETCT its role in the assessment of bone and soft tissue tumors
Treatment of 103 displaced tibial diaphyseal fractures with a radiolucent unilateral external fixator
Hoffas fat pad impingement treated arthroscopically related findings on preoperative MRI in a case series of 62 patients
Stem modularity alone is not effective in reducing dislocation rate in hip revision surgery
Accuracy of anterior glenohumeral injections a cadaver study
Sixyear followup of a preformed spacer for the management of chronically infected total hip arthroplasty
The effect of intraarticular combinations of tramadol and ropivacaine with ketamine on postoperative pain after arthroscopic meniscectomy
Physical Activity and Health
Research from LF Gomez and colleagues provide new insights into physical activity and health
Evaluating a brief selfreport measure of neighborhood environments for physical activity research and surveillance Physical Activity Neighborhood ...
Influence of marriage and parenthood on physical activity a 2year prospective analysis
Studies from Federal University yield new data on physical activity and health
Study findings on physical activity and health are outlined in reports from Federal University
Study results from Federal University in the area of physical activity and health published
Physical activity measurement among individuals with disabilities a literature review
Validation of the stanford brief activity survey examining psychological factors and physical activity levels in older adults
Permanent play facilities in school playgrounds as a determinant of childrens activity
Influence of the duration of a treadmill walking bout on heart rate variability at rest in physically active women
Direct Observation of Childrens Preferences and Activity Levels During Interactive and Online Electronic Games
Quality of life physical activity and built environment characteristics among colombian adults
The CicloviaRecreativa A massrecreational program with public health potential
Defining accelerometer thresholds for physical activity in girls using ROC analysis
The Effects of an Incremental Approach to 10000 StepsDay on Metabolic Syndrome Components in Sedentary Overweight Women
The Physical Activity Climate in Minnesota Middle and High Schools
Adolescent Gender and Ethnicity Differences in Physical Activity Perceptions and Behavior
Physical activity and other lifestyle behaviors in a Portuguese sample of adults results from the Azorean Physical Activity and Health Study
Sociodemographic correlates of prolonged television viewing time in Australian men and women the AusDiab study
Covarying patterns of physical activity and sedentary behaviors and their longterm maintenance among adolescents
An Acute Exercise Session Increases SelfEfficacy in Sedentary Endometrial Cancer Survivors and Controls
Testretest reliability and validity of the 400meter walk test in healthy middleaged women
Physical activity changes predict abdominal fat change in midlife women
Evaluating the West Virginia Healthy Lifestyles Act methods and procedures
Prosthetics and Orthotics
Sports Biomechanics
Sports Medicine
Whole body vibration as an adjunct to static stretching
Physiological strain and countermeasures with firefighting
Hook of the hamate fracture
Temporal sequence of greyscale ultrasound changes and their relationship with neovascularity and pain in the patellar tendon
Effect of a dynamic loaded warmup on vertical jump performance
Effect of four different starting stances on sprint time in collegiate volleyball players
Influence of recovery duration after a potentiating stimulus on muscular power in recreationally trained individuals
Muscle activation when performing the chest press and shoulder press on a stable bench vs a Swiss ball
Performance differences between sexes in the popup phase of surfing
Increasing financial burden of revision total knee arthroplasty
The relationship between psychological distress and baseline sportsrelated concussion testing
Thromboembolic complications after bilateral knee arthroscopic surgery patients
Postresistance exercise blood pressure reduction is influenced by exercise intensity in type2 diabetic and nondiabetic individuals
Effect of 3 different active stretch durations on hip flexion range of motion
Can footwear affect achilles tendon loading?
Comparison of active manual and instrumental straight leg raise in measuring hamstring extensibility
Effect of preoperative deformity on postoperative leg axis in total knee arthroplasty a prospective randomized study
Rotator cuff repair with periosteum for enhancing tendonbone healing a biomechanical and histological study in rabbits
Different Training Volumes Yield Equivalent Increases in BMD
The use of mixedmethod partbody precooling procedures for teamsport athletes training in the heat
Accuracy and reliability of GPS devices for measurement of movement patterns in confined spaces for courtbased sports
Engaging adolescent girls from linguistically diverse and low income backgrounds in school sport a pilot randomised controlled trial
The effects of compression garments on recovery of muscle performance following highintensity sprint and plyometric exercise
Generalized joint hypermobility and risk of lower limb joint injury during sport a systematic review with metaanalysis
A delayed bonetendon junction healing model established for potential treatment of related sports injuries
Asian childrens obesogenic dietstime to change this part of the energy balance equation?
Effects of glycemic index meal and CHOelectrolyte drink on cytokine response and run performance in endurance athletes
Glycaemic index glycaemic load and exercise performance
Secondlook arthroscopic findings and clinical outcomes after microfracture for osteochondral lesions of the talus
A clinical comparison of screw and suture fixation of anterior cruciate ligament tibial avulsion fractures
Arthroscopic microfracture for osteochondral lesions of the talus
Sonographic probe induced tenderness for lateral epicondylitis an accurate technique to confirm the location of the lesion
The Effect of 3 Foot Pads on Plantar Pressure of Pes Planus Foot Type
Scapular rotation to attain the peak shoulder external rotation in tennis serve
Combined reconstruction for posterolateral rotatory instability with anterior cruciate ligament injuries of the knee
The effects of intermittent stretching following a 4week static stretching protocol a randomized trial
Anthropometric and performance comparisons in professional baseball players
Biomechanical analysis of an ovine rotator cuff repair via porous patch augmentation in a chronic rupture model
In Vivo Evaluation of Autologous Cartilage FragmentLoaded Scaffolds Implanted Into Equine Articular Defects and Compared With Autologous Ch...
Treatment of glenohumeral arthrosis
Cardiorespiratory fitness adiposity and allcause mortality in women
The relationship between back muscle endurance and physical lifestyle and psychological factors in adolescents
Treatment of fullthickness chondral defects with hyalograft C in the knee a prospective clinical case series with 2 to 7 years followup
Data from S Bernardino and colleagues advance knowledge in prostheses
Data from TF Tyler and colleagues advance knowledge in life sciences
Data on bone research described by R Siebold et al
Data on health and medicine described by R Philippot et al
Data on life sciences detailed by N Olivier and coauthors
Data on tissue engineering published by S Nehrer and colleagues
Factors in youth physical activity participation from psychological aspects to environmental correlates
Neurophysiological responses after shortterm strength training of the biceps brachii muscle
Are childrens perceptions of neighbourhood social environments associated with their walking and physical activity?
Power output and electromyographic activity during and after a moderate load muscular endurance session
Examining matched acute physiological responses to various modes of exercise in individuals who are overweight
The use of an 8week mixedintensity interval endurancetraining program improves the aerobic fitness of female soccer players
Can Patellar Tendon Angle reveal sagittal kinematics in total knee arthroplasty?
Mucoid degeneration of the posterior cruciate ligament a case report
The injury profile of Karate World Championships new rules less injuries
Influence of the anteromedial and posterolateral bundles of the anterior cruciate ligament on external and internal tibiofemoral rotation
Biomechanical stability of an arthroscopic anterior capsular shift and suture anchor repair in anterior shoulder instability a human cadaveric shoulder ...
The arthroscopic deepening trochleoplasty
Association between mechanical axis of the leg and osteochondritis dissecans of the knee radiographic study on 103 knees
Intragame bloodlactate values during ice hockey and their relationships to commonly used hockey testing protocols
Acute achilles tendon rupture a randomized controlled study comparing surgical and nonsurgical treatments using validated outcome measures
Simultaneous arthroscopic treatment of displaced greater tuberosity and glenoid fracture using a doublerow technique
Arthroscopic tuberoplasty for subacromial impingement secondary to proximal humeral malunion
Arthroscopic repair of anteriorinferior glenohumeral instability using a portal at the 530oclock position analysis of the effects of age fixation method...
Allinside meniscal repair with bioabsorbable meniscal screws or with bioabsorbable meniscus arrows a prospective randomized clinical study with 2y...
Longterm outcome after arthroscopic meniscal repair versus arthroscopic partial meniscectomy for traumatic meniscal tears
Short and midterm results of a comprehensive treatment program for longstanding adductorrelated groin pain in athletes a case series
CAG repeat polymorphism in the androgen receptor gene and the level of physical activity HALS Study
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction drilling a femoral posterolateral tunnel cannot be accomplished using an overthetop stepoff drill guide
Posterolateral corner reconstruction of the knee evaluation of a technique with clinical outcomes and stress radiography
Reliability of clinical diagnosis in intraarticular hip diseases
Bone mineral density and content of collegiate throwers influence of maximum strength
Changes in the eccentric phase contribute to improved stretchshorten cycle performance after training
Effect of concurrent resistance and endurance training on physiologic and performance parameters of welltrained endurance cyclists
Influence of strength on magnitude and mechanisms of adaptation to power training
Arthroscopic technique for fragment fixation using absorbable pins for osteochondritis dissecans of the humeral capitellum a report of 4 cases
Effect of stretching on ankle and knee angles and gastrocnemius activity during the stance phase of gait
Tibial tunnel widening after anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions with hamstring tendons using Rigidfix femoral fixation and Intrafix tibial fixat...
Effects of different magnitudes of wholebody vibration on arm muscular performance
Effects of vibration training on muscle power a metaanalysis
Influence of in series elastic resistance on muscular performance during a bicepscurl set on the cable machine
Acute hamstring injuries in Danish elite football a 12month prospective registration study among 374 players
Superimposed electrical stimulation decreases maximal grip force
Muscle torque in total knee arthroplasty comparison of subvastus and midvastus approaches
The effects of 12 weeks of step aerobics training on functional fitness of elderly women
Relationship between different measures of aerobic fitness and repeatedsprint ability in elite soccer players
Effects of different strength training methods on postexercise energetic expenditure
Effects of saddle height pedaling cadence and workload on joint kinetics and kinematics during cycling
Salivary hormonal responses to resistance exercise in trained and untrained middleaged men
Influence of rest interval lengths on hypotensive response after strength training sessions performed by older men
A Simple Approach to Assess VT During a Field Walk Test
Relationship between aerobic and anaerobic parameters and functional classification in wheelchair basketball players
Findings from CA Wijdicks and coauthors provide new insights into health and medicine
Findings from D Birrer and coauthors provide new insights into sports medicine
Findings from JM Alpert and coresearchers advance knowledge in sports medicine
Findings from K Bak and coresearchers advance knowledge in shoulder pain
Findings from PI Brown and coresearchers advance knowledge in chemicals and chemistry
Findings from RG Lemaire and coresearchers advance knowledge in knee arthroplasty
Findings in sports medicine reported from CL Lafortuna and coresearchers
The effects of the contractrelaxantagonistcontract form of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching on postural stability
Effects of static stretching on energy cost and running endurance performance
Effect of ankle taping on knee and ankle joint biomechanics in sporting tasks
Effects of wholebody electromyostimulation on resting metabolic rate body composition and maximum strength in postmenopausal women the Train...
Effect of weightbearing on the alignment after open wedge high tibial osteotomy
Changes in individual glucose threshold during military training
Improvement of systolic and diastolic heart function after physical training in sedentary women
Tendonbone contact pressure and biomechanical evaluation of a modified suturebridge technique for rotator cuff repair
Comparison of acute exercise responses between conventional video gaming and isometric resistance exergaming
The effects of multiaxial and uniaxial unstable surface balance training in college athletes
Altered squat jumping mechanics after specific exercise
Exerciseassociated hyponatremia during winter sports
Pelvic Fractures Resulting From Snowboarding
Acute effects of highintensity dumbbell exercise after isokinetic eccentric damage interaction between altered pain perception and fatigue on static an...
Effects of weightlifting and breathing technique on blood pressure and heart rate
Pilates for improvement of muscle endurance flexibility balance and posture
Accuracy of the anterior apprehension test as a predictor of risk for redislocation after a first traumatic shoulder dislocation
Evaluation of teamdoctor actions during football games in Japanese professional football
Microcirculatory effects of topical glyceryl trinitrate on the Achilles tendon microcirculation in patients with previous Achilles tendon rupture
Microfracture for chondral defects of the talus maintenance of early results at midterm followup
Comparison of single and doublebundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions in restoration of knee kinematics and anterior cruciate ligament fo...
Singletunnel doublebundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with anatomical placement of hamstring tendon graft can it restore normal knee ...
Tibiofemoral and patellofemoral kinematics after reconstruction of an isolated posterior cruciate ligament injury in vivo analysis during lunge
The subchondral bone in articular cartilage repair current problems in the surgical management
Kinematics of the anterior cruciate ligament during gait
SingleTunnel DoubleBundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With Anatomical Placement of Hamstring Tendon Graft Can It Restore Nor...
Diagnostic value of different electrocardiographic voltage criteria for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in young people
Effects of a wobble boardbased therapeutic exergaming system for balance training on dynamic postural stability and intrinsic motivation levels
Functional bundles of the medial patellofemoral ligament
Soleus adaptation to combined exercise and heat acclimation physiogenomic aspects
Good results five years after surgical management of anterior cruciate ligament tears and meniscal and cartilage injuries
Tunnel position and relationship to postoperative knee laxity after doublebundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with a transtibial technique
Implantation of autogenous meniscal fragments wrapped with a fascia sheath enhances fibrocartilage regeneration in vivo in a large harvest site defect
Sequential alterations in magnetic resonance imaging findings after autologous osteochondral mosaicplasty for young athletes with osteochondritis di...
Chronic and acute inspiratory muscle loading augment the effect of a 6week interval program on tolerance of highintensity intermittent bouts of run...
Using squat testing to predict training loads for lowerbody exercises in elite karate athletes
Meniscal repair using the FasTFix device in patients with chronic meniscal lesions
Augmentation technique for partial ACL ruptures using semitendinosus tendon in the overthetop position
Adhesive capsulitis a review of current treatment
Combined flexorpronator mass and ulnar collateral ligament injuries in the elbows of older baseball players
Current concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of osteochondral lesions of the ankle
Effect of graft selection on the incidence of postoperative infection in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Lateral compartment translation predicts the grade of pivot shift a cadaveric and clinical analysis
Mechanized pivot shift test achieves greater accuracy than manual pivot shift test
Prospective evaluation of arthroscopic bankart repairs for anterior instability
The effect of medial versus lateral meniscectomy on the stability of the anterior cruciate ligamentdeficient knee
The longterm outcome of recurrent defects after rotator cuff repair
Advances in exercise fitness and performance genomics
The relationship between forward scapular posture and posterior shoulder tightness among baseball players
Biomechanical comparisons of knee stability after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction between 2 clinically available transtibial procedures anato...
Is bones response to mechanical signals dominated by muscle forces?
Epo production at altitude in elite endurance athletes is not associated with the sea level hypoxic ventilatory response
Inspiratory flow resistive loading improves respiratory muscle function and endurance capacity in recreational runners
Prophylactic use of NSAIDs by athletes a riskbenefit assessment
Effects of quadriceps and hamstrings proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching on knee movement sensation
Correlation between the rotational degree of the dial test and arthroscopic and physical findings in posterolateral rotatory instability
Monitoring surgical performance an application of industrial quality process control to anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
NTproBNP concentrations in mountain marathoners
Is generic physical activity or specific exercise associated with motor abilities?
Effects of a 12week intervention period with football and running for habitually active men with mild hypertension
Daily energy expenditure and cardiovascular risk in Masai rural and urban Bantu Tanzanians
Effects of inseason shortterm plyometric training program on leg power jump and sprint performance of soccer players
The effect of heavy vs moderateload training on the development of strength power and throwing ball velocity in male handball players
Posterior tibial tendon dislocation a systematic review of the literature and presentation of a case
Investigators at Institute of Technology zero in on conditioning research
Effects of stride length and running mileage on a probabilistic stress fracture model
The effect of fatigue on landing biomechanics in singleleg drop landings
Effects of acute hypoxia on metabolic and hormonal responses to resistance exercise
Cryotherapy impairs knee joint position sense
Rehabilitation after anteromedialization of the tibial tuberosity
Effectiveness of the 1RM estimation method based on isometric squat using a backdynamometer
Rock climbing injury rates and associated risk factors in a general climbing population
A 2year followup of rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction using patellar tendon or hamstring tendon grafts a prospective randomised outcome study
Cardiovascular fitness modifies the associations between physical activity and abdominal adiposity in children and adolescents the European Youth H...
Bony Bankart is a positive predictive factor after primary shoulder dislocation
Prolonged immobilization compromises upregulation of repair genes after tendon rupture in a rat model
The 174 GC polymorphism of the IL6 gene is associated with elite power performance
Incidence of acute traumatic patellar dislocation among activeduty United States military service members
Kinematic analysis of the powerlifting style squat and the conventional deadlift during competition is there a crossover effect between lifts?
The acute effects of local vibration therapy on ankle sprain and hamstring strain injuries
Intramedullary acromioclavicular ligament reconstruction strengthens isolated coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction in acromioclavicular dislocati...
Anomalous coronary origin the challenge in preventing exerciserelated sudden cardiac death
Salivary cortisol and immunoglobulin A responses during golf competition vs practice in elite male and female junior golfers
Effect of supplementation with Ecklonia cava polyphenol on endurance performance of college students
Accuracy of soft tissue balancing in TKA comparison between navigationassisted gap balancing and conventional measured resection
Nonoperative treatment of degenerative posterior root tear of the medial meniscus
An analysis of the medial patellofemoral ligament length change pattern using openMRI
Positive effect of alendronate on subchondral bone healing and subsequent cartilage repair in a rabbit osteochondral defect model
Ultrasonographic evaluation of the shoulder in elite wheelchair tennis players
Mobilebearing prosthesis did not improve midterm clinical results of total knee arthroplasty
The effect of fatigue on lowerlimb biomechanics during singlelimb landings a systematic review
Effects of shortterm very lowcarbohydrate or conventional diet on strength performance
Two series of fifty jumps performed within sixty minutes do not exacerbate muscle fatigue and muscle damage
Selfreported skill level and injury severity in skiers and snowboarders
Constituent year a new consideration for injury risk in canadian youth ice hockey
The effect of distal clavicle excision on in situ graft forces in coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction
The effect of rotator cuff tears on surgical outcomes after type II superior labrum anterior posterior tears in patients younger than 50 years
Relationships between standing broad jump shuttle run and Body Mass Index in children aged three to ei
Injuries among male and female elite football players
Body Composition and Power Changes in Elite Judo Athletes
Fitness test profiles as determined by the Eurofit Test Battery in elite female Gaelic football players
Making the weight a case study from professional boxing
The Effects of Postexercise Consumption of HighMolecularWeight Versus LowMolecularWeight Carbohydrate Solutions on Subsequent HighIntensi...
The use of the functional HQ ratio to assess fatigue in soccer
The Influence of Positive Reflection on Attributions Emotions and SelfEfficacy
Gender influence on response time to sensory stimuli
Influence of ingesting a carbohydrateelectrolyte solution before and during a 1hr running performance test
Plasma IL6 its soluble receptors and F2isoprostanes at rest and during exercise in chronic fatigue syndrome
Caloric restriction with or without exercise the fitness versus fatness debate
Clinical followup of professional baseball players undergoing ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction using the new KerlanJobe Orthopaedic Clinic o...
Risk factors for a contralateral anterior cruciate ligament injury
Epidemiology of injuries in competition taekwondo a metaanalysis of observational studies
Implementing an electronic pointofcare medical record at an organized athletic event challenges pitfalls and lessons learned
Genderbased analysis of hamstring and quadriceps muscle activation during jump landings and cutting
Kinesiology of the hip a focus on muscular actions
Kinetic analysis of concurrent activation potentiation during back squats and jump squats
Reliability of surface electromyography during maximal voluntary isometric contractions jump landings and cutting
Using the reactive strength index modified to evaluate plyometric performance
Focal cartilage defects in the knee impair quality of life as much as severe osteoarthritis a comparison of knee injury and osteoarthritis outcome score ...
Differences in cardiac parameters among elite rowers and subelite rowers
In situ forces in the anteromedial and posterolateral bundles of the anterior cruciate ligament under simulated functional loading conditions
Postarthroscopic arthrofibrosis of the shoulder
Acute alcohol consumption aggravates the decline in muscle performance following strenuous eccentric exercise
Adaptations to skeletal muscle with endurance exercise training in the acutely fed versus overnightfasted state
Characteristics of upper extremity injuries sustained by falling during snowboarding a study of 1918 cases
Bioabsorbable fixation of unstable osteochondritis dissecans lesions
Repair versus reconstruction of the fibular collateral ligament and posterolateral corner in the multiligamentinjured knee
Skate Blade Neck Lacerations A Survey and Case Followup
Surgical treatment of peroneal nerve palsy after knee dislocation
Clinical management of musculoskeletal injuries in active children and youth
Supervised exercise versus usual care for patellofemoral pain syndrome
The simple shoulder test is responsive in assessing change following shoulder arthroplasty
Muscle metabolism during exercise with carbohydrate or proteincarbohydrate ingestion
Folic acid supplementation improves vascular function in amenorrheic runners
Relations between haemoglobin mass cardiac dimensions and aerobic capacity in endurance trained cyclists
Effect of accelerated weightbearing after matrixassociated autologous chondrocyte implantation on the femoral condyle on radiographic and clinical ...
Shortduration massage at the hamstrings musculotendinous junction induces greater range of motion
Comparison between constant and decreasing rest intervals influence on maximal strength and hypertrophy
Determination of ventilatory threshold through quadratic regression analysis
Correlation between body mass index and body composition in elite athletes
Free hamstrings tendon transfer and interference screw fixation for less invasive reconstruction of chronic avulsions of the Achilles tendon
Preconditioning methods and mechanisms for preventing the risk of decompression sickness in scuba divers a review
Doseresponse relationship between interval training frequency and magnitude of improvement in lactate threshold
The association between hip and groin injuries in the elite junior football years and injuries sustained during elite senior competition
Incidence mechanisms and severity of gamerelated college football injuries on FieldTurf versus natural grass a 3year prospective study
The rodeo athlete injuries Part II
Threedimensional analysis of intracycle velocity fluctuations in frontcrawl swimming
Increasing the number of steps walked each day improves physical fitness in Japanese communitydwelling adults
Young tennis players and balance performance
Comparison of segmental linear and angular momentum transfers in twohanded backhand stroke stances for different skill level tennis players
Potent protective effect conferred by four bouts of lowintensity eccentric exercise
Association with physical fitness serum hormones and sleep during a 15day military field training
Changes in muscle activation and force generation patterns during cycling movements because of lowintensity squat training with slow movement an...
METs in adults while playing active video games a metabolic chamber study
Predicting VO2max with an objectively measured physical activity in Japanese women
A vibratory bar for upper body feasibility and acute effects on EMGrms activity
Validation of the ActiGraph tworegression model for predicting energy expenditure
Reliability of thickness measurements of the dorsal muscles of the upper cervical spine an ultrasonographic study
Posterior thigh muscle injuries in elite track and field athletes
Tibial cartilage damage and deformation at peak displacement compression during simulated landing impact
Injuries to the pectoralis major muscle diagnosis and management
Shoulder functional ratio in elite junior tennis players
New conditioning research research from B Knechtle et al outlined
New conditioning research study findings recently were published by CA Emeterio and coresearchers
New conditioning research study results from J Slawinski et al described
New data from R Faiss et al illuminate research in conditioning research
New data from SM Gianotti et al illuminate research in anterior cruciate ligament
New findings from G Melchiorri and coauthors in the area of sports medicine published
New findings from MT Hirschmann and coauthors in the area of computers published
New findings in conditioning research described by CA Covert and coresearchers
New life sciences study findings have been reported from HJ Levy et al
Effect of functional isometric squats on vertical jump in trained and untrained men
New science study findings reported from University of Bourgogne
New sports medicine data have been reported by RF Escamilla and coauthors
New sports medicine findings from EJ Hegedus and coauthors described
New sports medicine study findings have been published by J Grimsmo and colleagues
New sports medicine study findings have been reported by M Buchheit and colleagues
New stress fractures study findings recently were reported by MA Harrast and coresearchers
Clinical and radiological outcomes of fixed versus mobilebearing total knee replacement a metaanalysis
The current state of personal training managers perspectives
Lower limb elevation useful and effective technique of exsanguination prior to knee arthroscopy
An electromyography analysis of 3 muscles surrounding the shoulder joint during the performance of a chest press exercise at several angles
Correlations between injury training intensity and physical and mental exhaustion among college athletes
Selfadministered physical activity questionnaires for the elderly a systematic review of measurement properties
A COX2 inhibitor reduces muscle soreness but does not influence recovery and adaptation after eccentric exercise
Aspects of disordered eating continuum in elite highintensity sports
Compliance with a comprehensive warmup programme to prevent injuries in youth football
Dieting to win or to be thin? A study of dieting and disordered eating among adolescent elite athletes and nonathlete controls
Higher skeletal muscular metabolic reserve capacity in COPD patients than healthy subjects
Mechanisms for noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injuries knee joint kinematics in 10 injury situations from female team handball and basketball
Risk of injury on thirdgeneration artificial turf in Norwegian professional football
Young elite athletes and social support coping with competitive and organizational stress in Olympic competition
Activity level and graft type as risk factors for anterior cruciate ligament graft failure a casecontrol study
Association of noncontact anterior cruciate ligament injury with presence and thickness of a bony ridge on the anteromedial aspect of the femoral int...
Epidemiology of US high school sportsrelated fractures 20052009
Evaluation of the shoesurface interaction using an agility maneuver
Assessment of the effectiveness of a sublingual ergogenic spray on muscle strength and power
Physical performance and muscular characteristics in different stages of COPD
Young Womens Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
Young womens anterior cruciate ligament injuries an expanded model and prevention paradigm
Clinical evaluation of a dynamic test for lateral ankle ligament laxity
Type of sport is related to injury profile a study on cross country skiers swimmers longdistance runners and soccer players A retrospective 12month s...
The risk of notching the anterior femoral cortex with the use of navigation systems in total knee arthroplasty
The residents ridge as an arthroscopic landmark for anatomical femoral tunnel drilling in ACL reconstruction
Intrinsic risk factors for groin injuries among male soccer players a prospective cohort study
Intrinsic risk factors for hamstring injuries among male soccer players a prospective cohort study
Functional tests should be accentuated more in the decision for ACL reconstruction
ACL graft migration under cyclic loading
No bone tunnel enlargement in patients with open growth plates after transphyseal ACL reconstruction
Onerepetition maximum bench press performance estimated with a new accelerometer method
Local muscular endurance and prediction of 1 repetition maximum for bench in 4 athletic populations
Accuracy of armband monitors for measuring daily energy expenditure in healthy adults
Effect of preexercise electrolyte ingestion on fluid balance in men and women
Cocoabased protein and carbohydrate drink decreases perceived soreness after exhaustive aerobic exercise a pragmatic preliminary analysis
The metabolic and muscular differences between two stairclimbing strategies of young adults
Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs in sports medicine guidelines for practical but sensible use
Two days of hypoxic exposure increased ventilation without affecting performance
Vitamin D and human skeletal muscle
Vo2max in overweight and obese adults do they meet the threshold criteria?
Pseudoarthrosis repair of a posterior cruciate ligament avulsion fracture
Recent findings in knee replacement described by K Eriksson and colleagues
Recent findings in obesity fitness and wellness described by D Blut and colleagues
Recent studies by TJ Gabbett and coauthors add new data to life sciences findings
Reports by M Bonnin and coresearchers describe recent advances in health and medicine
Reports by Y Oohashi and coresearchers describe recent advances in health and medicine
Reports from T Shoji et al highlight recent research in magnetic resonance imaging
Reports on stroke findings from Research Center provide new insights
Reports outline bone research study results from B Quelard et al
Reports outline conditioning research study results from L Santos et al
Reports outline sports medicine research from S Bignozzi and colleagues
Different effects of heat exposure upon exercise performance in the morning and afternoon
A sixweek neuromuscular training program for competitive junior tennis players
Prevalence of nonanatomical graft placement in a series of failed anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions
The dropjump video screening test retention of improvement in neuromuscular control in female volleyball players
Research by MD Hupperets and colleagues in clinical trials research provides new insights
Research by R Siebold and colleagues in anterior cruciate ligament provides new insights
Difference in balance measures between patients with chronic ankle instability and patients after an acute ankle inversion trauma
Muscle activity during functional coordination training implications for strength gain and rehabilitation
Research conducted by DP Morton and coresearchers has updated our knowledge about kyphosis
Research data from JA Sear and colleagues update understanding of conditioning research
Research data from M Weston and colleagues update understanding of life sciences
Allinside ACL retroconstruction controversies
Research from B Shadgan et al has provided new information about sports medicine
Research from B Wisbey and colleagues has provided new data on sporting activities football
Research from E Magrum and coresearchers yields new findings on sports medicine
Research from FB Willis and coauthors reveals new findings on life sciences
Research from Health Institute yields new data on sports medicine
Research from Health Promotion Board reveals new findings on nutrition
Research from JD Calder et al broadens understanding of sports medicine
Research from JE Arbuthnot and colleagues provide new insights into knee replacement
Research from L Metsavaht and coresearchers yields new findings on sports medicine
Research from RJ Morgan and colleagues has provided new data on sports medicine
Research from S Gianotti et al broadens understanding of sports injury prevention
Research from TJ Gabbett and coresearchers provides new data on conditioning research
Research from W Trompers and coauthors reveals new findings on life sciences in women
Research in the area of life sciences reported from Frederiksberg Hospital
Research in the area of sports medicine reported from I Mujika and colleagues
Effects of moderate and heavy endurance exercise on nocturnal HRV
Descriptive epidemiology of youth pedometerdetermined physical activity CANPLAY
Branchedchain amino acid supplementation attenuates muscle soreness muscle damage and inflammation during an intensive training program
Research on bone research detailed by OG Sorensen and coauthors
Research on health and medicine described by HE Robert and colleagues
Research on life sciences published by JB Moseley et al
Research on life sciences reported by F Vercruyssen et al
Research on medical devices and surgical technology published by J Redfern et al
Research reports from R Balius and coauthors provide new insights into sports medicine
Research results from B Forsythe and colleagues update understanding of medical devices and surgical technology
Research results from F Zeifang and colleagues update understanding of magnetic resonance
Researchers at Air Force Research Laboratory publish new data on life sciences
Researchers at Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute release new data on sports medicine
Computerized neuropsychological profiles of South African versus US athletes a basis for commentary on crosscultural norming issues in the sports c...
Evidencebased rehabilitation following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Surgical treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talus by openfield autologous chondrocyte implantation a 10year followup clinical and magnetic r...
Surgical Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus by OpenField Autologuous Chondrocyte Implantation A 10Year Followup Clinical and M...
Early time course of Akt phosphorylation after endurance and resistance exercise
Factors affecting walking activity of older people from culturally diverse groups an Australian experience
Two to five year results of primary ACL reconstruction using doubled tibialis anterior allograft
Surgical anatomy of the midfoot
Effects of a concurrent strength and endurance training on running performance and running economy in recreational marathon runners
Preventing overtraining in athletes in highintensity sports and stressrecovery monitoring
A biomechanical analysis of anterior bankart repair using suture anchors
A biomechanical analysis of shoulder stabilization posteroinferior glenohumeral capsular plication
MRI analysis of tibial position of the anterior cruciate ligament
The evaluation and management of failed distal clavicle excision
Regulation of muscle genes by moderate exercise
Physical examination tests are not valid for diagnosing SLAP tears a review
The immediate effect of repeated loading on the compressive strength of young porcine lumbar spine
Longterm patient satisfaction and functional outcome 811 years after subacromial decompression
Spontaneous Achilles tendon ruptures treated with a miniopen technique clinical and functional evaluation
Tunnel location in transparent 3dimensional CT in anatomic doublebundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with the transtibial tunnel techni...
Mechanical stability of the subtalar joint after lateral ligament sectioning and ankle brace application a biomechanical experimental study
Early versus late start of isokinetic hamstringstrengthening exercise after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with patellar tendon graft
Application of tissueengineered cartilage with BMP7 gene to repair knee joint cartilage injury in rabbits
The effect of a shortterm combined conditioning training for the development of leg strength and power
Early clinical outcomes of floating platform mobilebearing TKA longitudinal comparison with fixedbearing TKA
Clinical and radiologic outcomes of arthroscopic glenoid labrum repair with the BioKnotless suture anchor
Harmful effect of landbased endurance exercise in rats with diabetic nerve
The accuracy of intramedullary tibial guide of sagittal alignment of PCLsubstituting total knee arthroplasty
Evaluation of the field tests of flexibility of the lower extremity reliability and the concurrent and factorial validity
Evaluation of Iranian college athletes sport nutrition knowledge
Reduction and fixation of the avulsion fracture of the tibial eminence using miniopen technique
Is the crunch factor an important consideration in the aetiology of lumbar spine pathology in cricket fast bowlers?
Novel approach to repair of acute achilles tendon rupture early recovery without postoperative fixation or orthosis
Exercise effects on methylation of ASC gene
A case of intraarticular synovial lipoma of the knee joint causing patellar dislocation
Osteogenic index and changes in bone markers during a jump training program a pilot study
The acute response of practical occlusion in the knee extensors
Standing longjump performance is enhanced when using an external focus of attention
Rehabilitation of the knee following sports injury
Vertical jump performance and blood ammonia and lactate levels during typical training sessions in elite 400m runners
Arthroscopic management of pincertype impingement
The Landing Error Scoring System LESS Is a valid and reliable clinical assessment tool of jumplanding biomechanics The JUMPACL study
Anterior cruciate ligament rupture secondary to a heel hook a dangerous martial arts technique
Fluid and diet patterns associated with weight cycling and changes in body composition assessed by continuous monitoring throughout a college wre...
Effect of humeral head defect size on glenohumeral stability a cadaveric study of simulated HillSachs defects
Incidence of Injury Among Adolescent Soccer Players A Comparative Study of Artificial and Natural Grass Turfs
Lateral sided snapping elbow caused by a meniscus two case reports and literature review
Autologous patellar tendon and quadrupled hamstring grafts in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction a prospective randomized multicenter revie...
Returntoplay in sport a decisionbased model
Addition of the electrocardiogram to the preparticipation examination of college athletes
Nerve injuries about the elbow
The effect of playing surface on injury rate a review of the current literature
Restoration of knee volume using selected arthroscopic releases
ShoeSurface Friction Influences Movement Strategies During a Sidestep Cutting Task Implications for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Risk
Nutritional supplementation performance and oxidative stress in college soccer players
The biomechanics of medial patellofemoral ligament repair followed by lateral retinacular release
Effect of a simulated active commute to school on cardiovascular stress reactivity
Effects of Altering Pedal Frequency on the Slow Component of Pulmonary V over dotO2 Kinetics and EMG Activity
Effects of altering pedal frequency on the slow component of pulmonary VO2 kinetics and EMG activity
Strength increases in upper and lower body are larger with longer interset rest intervals in trained men
Arthroscopic labral repair and treatment of femoroacetabular impingement in professional hockey players
Fibular collateral ligament anatomical reconstructions a prospective outcomes study
Labrum resection repair and reconstruction sports medicine and arthroscopy review
An index for breathlessness and leg fatigue
Studies by E AlentornGeli and coauthors describe new findings in health and medicine
Studies conducted at B SonneryCottet et al on health and medicine recently published
Studies conducted at BD Bushnell et al on magnetic resonance recently published
Studies from A Castricum and colleagues provide new data on sports medicine
Studies from B Knechtle et al further understanding of life sciences
Studies from C Castagna et al further understanding of sporting activities basketball
Studies from C Yamin et al further understanding of life sciences
Studies from D Vanassche et al have provided new data on surgery
Studies from DA King and coauthors have provided new information about life sciences
Studies from DE Cooper and coresearchers in the area of health and medicine published
Studies from JM McNamara and coresearchers yield new data on conditioning research
Studies from JS Lewis and colleagues reveal new findings on tendinopathy
Studies from M LopezSegovia et al provide new data on conditioning research
Studies from MT Hirschmann et al further understanding of knee dislocation
Studies from RJ de Jong and colleagues provide new data on life sciences
Studies from Rehabilitation Institute in the area of medical devices and surgical technology published
Studies from SL Werner and coresearchers update current data on sports medicine
Studies from University of Littoral Cote dOpale describe new findings in obesity
Studies from VB Issurin and coresearchers yield new data on physiology
Studies in the area of traumatology reported from A Suckel and coresearchers
Study data from Baylor University update knowledge of life sciences
Study data from College of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery update understanding of anterior cruciate ligament
Study findings from H Nolte et al provide new insights into sports medicine
Study findings on sports medicine are outlined in reports from Addenbrookes Hospital
Study results from CL Baker et al provide new insights into osteochondritis
Study results from FC Delrey et al provide new insights into surgery
Study results from PJ Marin and colleagues in the area of life sciences published
Clinical and secondlook arthroscopic evaluation of repaired medial meniscus in anterior cruciate ligamentreconstructed knees
Clinical results of singletunnel coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using autogenous semitendinosus tendon
Treatment of biceps tendon lesions in the setting of rotator cuff tears prospective cohort study of tenotomy versus tenodesis
Changes in arterial distensibility and flowmediated dilation after acute resistance vs aerobic exercise
Patellar height and posterior tibial slope after open and closedwedge high tibial osteotomy a radiological study on 100 patients
Anatomical doublebundle MPFL reconstruction with an aperture fixation
Radiologic evaluation of the insertion sites of the 2 functional bundles of the anterior cruciate ligament using 3dimensional computed tomography
Simultaneous 3D Assessment of Glenohumeral Shape Humeral Head Centering and Scapular Positioning in Atraumatic Shoulder Instability A Magne...
Retrograde cancellous bone plug transplantation for the treatment of advanced osteochondral lesions with large subchondral lesions of the ankle
Prevalence of injuries among young adults in sport centers relation to the type and pattern of activity
Management of tarsal navicular stress fractures conservative versus surgical treatment a metaanalysis
Sign of the buttock following total hip arthroplasty
Influence of commonly employed resistance exercise protocols on circulating IL6 and indices of insulin sensitivity
Intensity and duration of intermittent exercise and recovery during a soccer match
Longitudinal effects of a collegiate strength and conditioning program in american football
Differences in kinematics of single leg squatting between anterior cruciate ligamentinjured patients and healthy controls
A new operative treatment for chronic biceps femoris tendon avulsion
Effect of warmups involving static or dynamic stretching on agility sprinting and jumping performance in trained individuals
Performancebased functional evaluation of nonoperative and operative treatment after anterior cruciate ligament injury
What have we learned from LCS mobilebearing knee system?
Presence of the neuropeptide Y1 receptor in tenocytes and blood vessel walls in the human Achilles tendon
Molecular responses to moderate endurance exercise in skeletal muscle
Triglycerides and total serum cholesterol in rotator cuff tears do they matter?
Is there a secular decline in motor skills in preschool children?
Cardiovascular risk factor clustering and its association with fitness in nineyearold rural Norwegian children
ACE and AGTR1 polymorphisms and left ventricular hypertrophy in endurance athletes
Microfracture treatment of single or multiple articular cartilage defects of the knee a 5year median followup of 110 patients
Effect of electron beam irradiation on biomechanical properties of patellar tendon allografts in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Are there risk factors in alpine skiing? A controlled multicentre survey of 1278 skiers
Comparative study of clinical and ultrasonographic evaluation of lateral collateral ligament sprains of the ankle
Autologous chondrocyte implantation versus microfracture for knee cartilage injury a prospective randomized trial with 2year followup
Physical activity levels after characterized chondrocyte implantation versus microfracture in the knee and the relationship to objective functional outc...
Effect of a biplanar osteotomy on primary stability following high tibial osteotomy a biomechanical cadaver study
Influence of SLAP lesions on chondral lesions of the glenohumeral joint
Patellofemoral pain syndrome
The validity of sessionrating of perceived exertion method for quantifying training load in teamgym
No Relation Between Pelvic Belt Tests and Abdominal Muscle Thickness Behavior in Athletes With LongStanding Groin Pain Measurements With Ul...
Patient profiling in cartilage regeneration prognostic factors determining success of treatment for cartilage defects
Treatment Selection in Articular Cartilage Lesions of the Knee A Systematic Review
Factors Associated With Calf Muscle Endurance Recovery 1 Year After Achilles Tendon Rupture Repair
Anterior ankle arthroscopy distraction or dorsiflexion?
First validation of the PASSPORT training environment for arthroscopic skills
Osteochondral defects in the ankle why painful?
The relation between geometry and function of the ankle joint complex a biomechanical review
Treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talus a systematic review
The relationship of lateral anatomic structures to exiting guide pins during femoral tunnel preparation utilizing an accessory medial portal
Biomechanical analysis of forearm pronation and its relationship to ball movement for the twoseam and fourseam fastball pitches
Kinematic motion of the windmill softball pitch in prepubescent and pubescent girls
Muscle activation of the uninjured leg during an acute Achilles tendon rupture
Relationship between the 20m multistage shuttle run test and 2 soccerspecific field tests for the assessment of aerobic fitness in adult semiprofessional ...
A sports setting matrix for understanding the implementation context for community sport
Does sports club participation contribute to healthrelated quality of life?
Fielders and batters are injured too a prospective cohort study of injuries in junior club cricket
The extent to which behavioural and social sciences theories and models are used in sport injury prevention research
Doublebundle versus singlebundle ACL reconstruction using the horizontal femoral position a prospective randomized study
KneetoAnkle Mosaicplasty for the Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Ankle Joint
Physical activity bodyweight health and fear of negative evaluation in primary school children
Shortterm recovery from prolonged exercise exploring the potential for protein ingestion to accentuate the benefits of carbohydrate supplements
The epidemiology of ankle injuries occurring in English Football Association academies
An investigation into the effects of different warmup modalities on specific motor skills related to soccer performance
Are there risk factors for snowboard injuries? A casecontrol multicentre study of 559 snowboarders
Effects of eccentric cycle ergometry in alpine skiers
Multiple transportable carbohydrates enhance gastric emptying and fluid delivery
No effect of carbohydrateprotein on cycling performance and indices of recovery
The effect of steady state exercise on circulating human IgE and IgG in young healthy volunteers with known allergy
A study of saccadic eye movement dynamics in volleyball comparison between athletes and nonathletes
Comparison between two computerassisted total knee arthroplasty gapbalancing versus measured resection technique
Examining the degree of pain reduction using a multielement exercise model with a conventional training shoe versus an ultraflexible training shoe f...
Does a homebased strength and balance programme in people aged or 80 years provide the best value for money to prevent falls? A systematic revie...
Transcriptional profiling a potential antidoping strategy
Criterionrelated validity of fieldbased fitness tests in youth a systematic review
Percentile values for muscular strength field tests in children aged 6 to 17 years influence of weight status
Alterations to cell metabolism in connective tissues of the knee after ovariohysterectomy in a rabbit model are there implications for the postmenopau...
Changes in mechanical loading lead to tendonspecific alterations in MMP and TIMP expression influence of stress deprivation and intermittent cyclic...
Competitive female runners with a history of iliotibial band syndrome demonstrate atypical hip and knee kinematics
The effectiveness of a neuromuscular prevention strategy to reduce injuries in youth soccer a clusterrandomised controlled trial
Can osteochondral grafting be augmented with microfracture in an extendedsize lesion of articular cartilage?
Chondrocyte viability is higher after prolonged storage at 37 degrees C than at 4 degrees C for osteochondral grafts
Highfield magnetic resonance imaging assessment of articular cartilage before and after marathon running does longdistance running lead to cartilag...
Bilateral contact ground reaction forces and contact times during plyometric drop jumping
The COL5A1 genotype is associated with range of motion measurements
Physical activity and quality of life in schoolchildren aged 1113 years of Cuenca Spain
Body uneasiness eating disorders and muscle dysmorphia in individuals who overexercise
The effect that side dominance has on barbell power symmetry during the hang power clean
Growth disturbances without growth arrest after ACL reconstruction in children
Dietary supplement intake in nationallevel Sri Lankan athletes
Influence of rest duration on muscle activation during submaximal intermittent contractions with the elbow flexor muscles
Rehabilitation of acromioclavicular joint separations operative and nonoperative considerations
Effect of various carbohydrateelectrolyte fluids on cycling performance and maximal voluntary contraction
Effects of ingesting protein in combination with carbohydrate during exercise on endurance performance a systematic review with metaanalysis
Integrated injury prevention program improves balance and vertical jump height in children
Relationship between office testing variables and onice speed in womens collegiate synchronized figure skaters implications for training
Beneficial effects of recreational football on the cardiovascular risk profile in untrained premenopausal women
Effect of previous exhaustive exercise on metabolism and fatigue development during intense exercise in humans
Effects of strength training on muscle fiber types and size consequences for athletes training for highintensity sport
Experiencing flow in different types of physical activity intervention programs three randomized studies
Highintensity training versus traditional exercise interventions for promoting health
Longterm musculoskeletal and cardiac health effects of recreational football and running for premenopausal women
Recreational soccer can improve the reflex response to sudden trunk loading among untrained women
Relative workload determines exerciseinduced increases in PGC1alpha mRNA
Speed endurance training is a powerful stimulus for physiological adaptations and performance improvements of athletes
Functional fatigue of the hip and ankle musculature cause similar alterations in single leg stance postural control
Effects of different shoelacing patterns on dorsal pressure distribution during running and perceived comfort
Hydrodynamic glide efficiency in swimming
Interrater reliability of the functional movement screen
Critical power implications for determination of V?O2max and exercise tolerance
Efficacy of lower limb compression and combined treatment of manual massage and lower limb compression on symptoms of exerciseinduced muscl...
Sex difference in peak oxygen uptake in prepubertal children
Biological characteristics and ageing in former elite volleyball players
Modified gapbalancing technique in total knee arthroplasty evaluation of the postoperative coronal laxity
Longterm exercise stabilizes atherosclerotic plaque in ApoE knockout mice
Correlation of radiographic and navigated measurements of TKA limb alignment a matter of time?
Physical activity and pregnancy cardiovascular adaptations recommendations and pregnancy outcomes
A new measurement of heelrise endurance with the ability to detect functional deficits in patients with Achilles tendon rupture
Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation in Cartilage Lesions of the Knee Longterm Evaluation With Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Delayed Gadol...
Autologous chondrocyte implantation a longterm followup
Comparative evaluation of the tendonbone interface contact pressure in different single versus doublerow suture anchor repair techniques
Healthrelated fitness in adolescents underweight and not only overweight as an influencing factor The AVENA study
Predictors of RunningRelated Injuries in Novice Runners Enrolled in a Systematic Training Program A Prospective Cohort Study
Soccerspecific accuracy and validity of the local position measurement LPM system
Physiological profile of elite Iranian junior freestyle wrestlers
Development of a modified MargariaKalamen anaerobic power test for American football athletes
Transphyseal reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in prepubescent athletes
Physiologic profile of professional cricketers
Anthropometric and performance differences among highschool football players
The Influence of Ankle Taping on Changes in Postural Stability During SoccerSpecific Activity
Balance performance in male and female collegiate basketball athletes influence of testing surface
Biomechanical properties of concussions in high school football
Effects of intermittent hypoxia on running economy
ACL reconstructed patients with a BPTB graft present an impaired vastus lateralis neuromuscular response during high intensity running
Management of glenoid and humeral bone loss
Aerobic fitness energy balance and body mass index are associated with training load assessed by activity energy expenditure
Effects of strength and endurance training on metabolic risk factors in healthy 4065yearold men
Serum basal hormone concentrations nutrition and physical fitness during strength andor endurance training in 3964yearold women
Strength training in endurance runners
IKDC or KOOS which one captures symptoms and disabilities most important to patients who have undergone initial anterior cruciate ligament recon...
Exercise training and experimental diabetes modulate heat shock protein response in brain
Development of a measure of rehabilitation adherence for athletic training
Combining hypoxic methods for peak performance
Anthropometric and anaerobic fitness profile of elite and nonelite female soccer players
Comparison of technical and physiological characteristics of prepubescent soccer players of different ages
Precision in the prediction of middle distancerunning performances using either a nomogram or the modeling of the distancetime relationship
Effect of intermittent hypoxic training on 20 km time trial and 30 s anaerobic performance
AssociativeDissociative Cognitive Strategies in Sustained Physical Activity Literature Review and Proposal for a MindfulnessBased Conceptual Model
Knee flexor strength after ACL reconstruction comparison between hamstring autograft tibialis anterior allograft and noninjured controls
Sagittal flexion angle of the femoral component in unicompartmental knee arthroplasty is it same for both medial and lateral UKAs?
Openwheel race car driving energy cost for pilots
Combination of sago and soyprotein supplementation during endurance cycling exercise and subsequent highintensity endurance capacity
Acute effect of different stretching methods on Illinois agility test in soccer players
Accuracy and reliability of anterior cruciate ligament clinical examination in a multidisciplinary sports medicine setting
Effects of ankle power training on movement time in mobilityimpaired older women
Effects of different intensities of resistance exercise on regulators of myogenesis
Accelerometer output and MET values of common physical activities
Metformins effect on exercise and postexercise substrate oxidation
Sedentary behaviors and abnormal glucose tolerance among pregnant Latina women
Neuromotor control of the lower limb in Achilles tendinopathy implications for foot orthotic therapy
Lack of Effect of a HighCalorie Dextrose or Maltodextrin Meal on Postprandial Oxidative Stress in Healthy Young Men
Postprandial oxidative stress influence of sex and exercise training status
Structural and functional predictors of drop vertical jump
The Effect of Early Hyaluronic Acid Delivery on the Development of an Acute Articular Cartilage Lesion in a Sheep Model
HillSachs defects and repair using osteoarticular allograft transplantation biomechanical analysis using a joint compression model
Arthrofibrosis after surgical fixation of tibial eminence fractures in children and adolescents
Upper and lower limb muscle activation is bidirectionally and ipsilaterally coupled
Comparison of Active Stretching Technique and Static Stretching Technique on Hamstring Flexibility
The sportsman readjustment after transcontinental flight a study on marathon runners
Wholebody cryotherapy in athletes
A Comparative Analysis of 70Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Histology Measurements of Knee Articular Cartilage in a Canine Posterolateral...
Acute effects of elastic bands during the freeweight barbell back squat exercise on velocity power and force production
An in vitro analysis of an anatomical medial knee reconstruction
Analysis of the static function of the popliteus tendon and evaluation of an anatomic reconstruction the fifth ligament of the knee
Anatomic posterolateral knee reconstructions require a popliteofibular ligament reconstruction through a tibial tunnel
Bone geometry strength and muscle size in runners with a history of stress fracture
Comparative Kinematic Evaluation of AllInside SingleBundle and DoubleBundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction A Biomechanical Study
Correlation of valgus stress radiographs with medial knee ligament injuries an in vitro biomechanical study
Longitudinal evaluation of cartilage repair tissue after microfracture using T2mapping a case report with arthroscopic and MRI correlation
Psychology and socioculture affect injury risk response and recovery in highintensity athletes a consensus statement
Sartorial branch of the saphenous nerve in relation to a medial knee ligament repair or reconstruction
Longitudinal examination of agepredicted symptomlimited exercise maximum HR
The effect of autoregulatory progressive resistance exercise vs linear periodization on strength improvement in college athletes
Preexercise static stretching effect on leaping performance in elite rhythmic gymnasts
Effects of 21 days of intensified training on markers of overtraining
Effects of active vs passive recovery on repeated rugbyspecific exercises
Effect of plyometric vs dynamic weight training on the energy cost of running
ACL mismatch reconstructions influence of different tunnel placement strategies in singlebundle ACL reconstructions on the knee kinematics
Strategies for repair of radial tears close to the meniscal rimbiomechanical analysis with a cyclic loading protocol
Hamstring muscle extensibility influences the criterionrelated validity of sitandreach and toetouch tests
Physiological effects of tapering and detraining in worldclass kayakers
A mechanomyographic fatigue threshold test for cycling
Acute effects of a caffeinecontaining supplement on bench press and leg extension strength and time to exhaustion during cycle ergometry
Critical torque estimated time to exhaustion and anaerobic work capacity from linear and nonlinear mathematical models
Mortality and longevity of elite athletes
Defining intensity domains from the end power of a 3min allout cycling test
WISE2005 exercise and nutrition countermeasures for upright VO2pk during bed rest
Palm cooling delays fatigue during highintensity bench press exercise
Elite athletes perceptions of the effects of illicit drug use on athletic performance
Head face and neck injury in youth rugby incidence and risk factors
Counting organised sport injury cases evidence of incomplete capture from routine hospital collections
Shoulder pain in elite swimmers primarily due to swimvolumeinduced supraspinatus tendinopathy
A comparison of cervical spine mobilization forces applied by experienced and novice physiotherapists
Development and validation of the French SelfRegulatory Eating Attitude in Sports Scale
Wholebody vibration training effects on the physical performance of basketball players
Effect of infraction type on head impact severity in youth ice hockey
Rotator cuff coactivation ratios in participants with subacromial impingement syndrome
Dynamic postural control but not mechanical stability differs among those with and without chronic ankle instability
Effects of transverse and frontal plane knee laxity on hip and knee neuromechanics during drop landings
Longitudinal changes in strength of police officers with gender comparisons
Validity and reliability of the BOD POD174 ST tracking system
A functional variant within the MMP3 gene does not associate with human range of motion
Football for Healtha footballbased healthpromotion programme for children in South Africa a parallel cohort study
Body size body composition and cardiovascular disease risk factors in NFL players
Comparisons of bone mineral density and bone quality in adult rock climbers resistancetrained men and untrained men
Effects of static stretching on the hamstringstoquadriceps ratio and electromyographic amplitude in men
Gender differences in musculotendinous stiffness and range of motion after an acute bout of stretching
Lowcalorie energy drink improves physiological response to exercise in previously sedentary men a placebocontrolled efficacy and safety study
The effects of creatine loading and gender on anaerobic running capacity
Molecular attributes of human skeletal muscle at rest and after unaccustomed exercise an age comparison
Energy intake and expenditure during a 6day cycling stage race
Does exercise evoke neurological symptoms in healthy subjects?
The effect of footwear and sportssurface on dynamic neurological screening for sportrelated concussion
Exercise and fitness are related to peripheral nervous system function in overweight adults
The effects of the 5HT2C agonist mchlorophenylpiperazine on elite athletes with unexplained underperformance syndrome Overtraining
Differences and similarities between arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy and athletes heart adaptations
Effects of three distinct protocols of fitness training on body composition strength and blood lactate
Structural analysis of rat patellar tendon in response to resistance and endurance training
Patellar tendon versus hamstring tendon autografts for reconstructing the anterior cruciate ligament a metaanalysis based on individual patient data
Myosin and actin content of human skeletal muscle fibers following 35 days bed rest
Patellofemoral instability in athletes treatment via modified Fulkerson osteotomy and lateral release
Change in glenohumeral rotation and scapular position after competitive high school baseball
Improving repeated sprint ability in young elite soccer players repeated shuttle sprints vs explosive strength training
Assessment of correlation between knee notch width index and the threedimensional notch volume
Concussion management and treatment considerations in the adolescent population
Biomechanics of the porcine triple bundle anterior cruciate ligament
Contribution of the meniscofemoral ligament as a restraint to the posterior tibial translation in a porcine knee
Evaluation of the tunnel placement in the anatomical doublebundle ACL reconstruction a cadaver study
Practice patterns for combined anterior cruciate ligament and meniscal surgery in the United States
Predicted and actual exercise discomfort in middle school children
Reliability and Precision of Hip Proprioception Methods in Healthy Individuals
A growth curve to model changes in sport participation in adolescent boys
The Addition of Cervical Thrust Manipulations to a Manual Physical Therapy Approach in Patients Treated for Mechanical Neck Pain A Secondary ...
Carbohydrate administration and exercise performance what are the potential mechanisms involved?
Change in running kinematics after cycling are related to alterations in running economy in triathletes
Training loads and incidence of injury during the preseason in professional rugby league players
Tunnel positioning in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction how long is the learning curve?
Are evidencebased protocols which identify vascular injury associated with knee dislocation underutilized?
Efficacy of exercise in reducing depressive symptoms across 5HTTLPR genotypes
Field evaluation of paralympic athletes in selected sports implications for training
Game activity and blood lactate in mens elite waterpolo players
Nterminal proBtype natriuretic peptide and homocysteine concentrations in athletes
Preliminary shape analysis of the outline of the baropodometric foot patterns of covariation allometry sex and age differences and loading variations
RCQOL score for rotator cuff pathology adaptation to Italian
Swim specialty affects energy cost and motor organization
A simple field test to assess endurance in inexperienced runners
Effects of one year aerobic endurance training on resting metabolic rate and exercise fat oxidation in previously untrained men and women Metaboli...
Echocardiography of the right ventricle in athletes heart and hearts of normal size compared to magnetic resonance imaging which measurements sh...
Quadriceps Muscle Function during Recreational Alpine Skiing
Age does not affect exercise intensity progression among women
Evaluating patellar kinematics through magnetic resonance imaging during open and closedkineticchain exercises
Predicting MAOD using only a supramaximal exhaustive test
Prevalence magnitude and methods of rapid weight loss among judo competitors
Effects of fatigue due to contraction of evertor muscles on the ankle joint position sense in male soccer players
Position statement on physical activity and exercise intensity terminology
The impact of socioeconomic position on sport participation among South Australian youth
Effect of positive health factors and allcause mortality in men
Sedentary behaviors increase risk of cardiovascular disease mortality in men
The dietary flavonoid quercetin increases VO2max and endurance capacity
Effects of strength training on endurance capacity in toplevel endurance athletes
Role of the nervous system in sarcopenia and muscle atrophy with aging strength training as a countermeasure
Successful talent development in track and field considering the role of environment
Effects of successive air and trimix dives on human cardiovascular function
Does occupational success influence longevity among England test cricketers?
The ventilatory response to incremental exercise is it one or two breakpoints?
Altered Antioxidant and TraceElement Status in Adolescent Female Gymnasts
Execution and outcome differences between passes to the left and right made by firstgrade rugby union players
Physiological responses to kayaking with a swivel seat
The effects of load and training pattern on acute neuromuscular responses in the upper body
Acrobatic gymnastics injury occurrence site and training risk factors
Comparison of lumbar proprioception as measured in unrestrained standing in individuals with disc replacement with low back pain and without low ...
Comparison of sports medicine public health and exercise promotion between bidding countries for the FIFA World Cup in 2018
Decreased incidence of knee posterior cruciate ligament injury in Australian Football League after ruck rule change
Incidence risk and protective factors of mild traumatic brain injury in a cohort of Australian nonprofessional male rugby players
Influence of beverage temperature on exercise performance in the heat a systematic review
Reduced humeral torsion predicts throwingrelated injury in adolescent baseballers
The role of shoulder muscles is task specific
Relationship between rowing ergometer performance and physiological responses to upper and lower body exercises in rowers
Relationships between areal bone mineral density and jumping height in pubertal girls with different physical activity patterns
Postexercise Fat Oxidation Effect of Exercise Duration Intensity and Modality
A prospective study of the relationship between lower body stiffness and hamstring injury in professional Australian rules footballers
Factors associated with increased propensity for hamstring injury in English Premier League soccer players
Pedometermeasured physical activity and health behaviors in US adults
Exercise in a hot environment the skin circulation
Serum sodium concentration changes are related to fluid balance and sweat sodium loss
Bilateral difference in hamstrings to quadriceps ratio in healthy males and females
Maturity status and injury risk in youth soccer players
Correlation of three different knee joint position sense measures
The acute effects of different wholebody vibration amplitudes and frequencies on flexibility and vertical jumping performance
Causes of radiculopathy in young athletes with spondylolysis
Bilateral asymmetry in joint torque during squat exercise performed by long jumpers
Exercise in and adaptations to a cold environment have no effect on SIgA
Functional rehabilitation interventions for chronic ankle instability a systematic review
Injury patterns to the posteromedial corner of the knee in highgrade multiligament knee injuries a MRI study
Measurement of Head Impacts in Youth Ice Hockey Players
Racing performance and incremental double poling test on treadmill in elite female crosscountry skiers
Epicardial fat tissue relationship with cardiorespiratory fitness in men
Histologic analysis of ruptured quadriceps tendons
Data reliability from an instrumented vertical jump platform
Data reproducibility from an inertial kinetic exercise machine
No early tibial tray loosening after surface cementing technique in mobilebearing TKA
Arm crank ergometer is reliable and valid for measuring aerobic capacity during submaximal exercise
What is the biochemical and physiological rationale for using coldwater immersion in sports recovery? A systematic review
Physiologic responses of firefighter recruits during a supervised livefire work performance test
Jointspecific power loss after eccentric exercise
Comparative effects of caffeine and albuterol on the bronchoconstrictor response to exercise in asthmatic athletes
A Comparison of Elastic Tubing and Isotonic Resistance Exercises
Desmopresssin and hemodilution implications in doping
Mood profile of an Americas Cup team relationship with muscle damage and injuries
Lowcost match analysis of italian sixth and seventh division soccer refereeing
Digit ratio 2D4D predicts sporting success among female fencers independent from physical experience and personality factors
Therapeutic use of growth factors in the musculoskeletal system in sportsrelated injuries
Pediatric running injuries
Flexibility for runners
Semimembranosus tendon viewed through an isolated medial meniscus capsular avulsion a case report
Postactivation potentiation following different modes of exercise
Measuring deficits in visually guided action postconcussion
Lack of effect of exercise time of day on acute energy intake in healthy men
Psycholinguistic changes in athletes grief response to injury after written emotional disclosure
Relationship between inflammatory cytokines and selfreport measures of training overload
Effect of heat exposure on thermoregulation and hockeyspecific response time in field hockey goalkeepers
Evaluation of muscle activity for loaded and unloaded dynamic squats during vertical wholebody vibration
Fatigueinduced reductions of torque and shortening velocity are muscle dependent
Nutrition and exercise prevent excess weight gain in overweight pregnant women
Sport psychiatry a systematic review of diagnosis and medical treatment of mental illness in athletes
Translation of submaximal exercise test responses to exercise prescription using the Talk Test
Sports activity after total hip resurfacing
Optimising breast support in female patients through correct bra fit A crosssectional study
Perceived and actual competence among overweight and nonoverweight children
The development of a unique physical activity selfreport for young children challenges and lessons learned
The effect of ankle bracing on peak mediolateral ground reaction force during cutting maneuvers in collegiate male basketball players
Wholebody vibration training increases vertical jump height in a dance population
Neuromusculoskeletal and performance adaptations to lowerextremity plyometric training
Basic physiological measures determine fitness and are associated with running performance in elite young male and female Ethiopian runners
Secular trends in healthrelated physical fitness in Spanish adolescents the AVENA and HELENA studies
Tensile and shear loading stability of allinside meniscal repairs an in vitro biomechanical evaluation
Does plyometric training improve strength performance? A metaanalysis
Comparison of two minimally invasive implantation instrumentsets for total knee arthroplasty
Predictors of activity level 2 years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction ACLR a Multicenter Orthopaedic Outcomes Network MOON ACLR ...
Which preoperative factors including bone bruise are associated with knee painsymptoms at index anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction ACLR? ...
Preseason shoulder strength measurements in professional baseball pitchers identifying players at risk for injury
Hip adductor muscle strength is reduced preceding and during the onset of groin pain in elite junior Australian football players
Realtime versus postgame GPS data in team sports
Effect of ingesting a honeysweetened beverage on soccer performance and exerciseinduced cytokine response
Behaviour the key factor for sports injury prevention
Motor fitness in Dutch youth differences over a 26year period 19802006
Estimation of Injury Simulation in International Mens Soccer
Hip instability
Anterior cruciate ligament injuries etiology and prevention
Injuries to kickers in American football the National Football League experience
Gender influences the role of leg dominance in ACL injury among soccer players
Interpreting normalized and nonnormalized data after acute static stretching in athletes and nonathletes
A prospective study of punch biomechanics and cognitive function for amateur boxers
The acute effects of an ascending squat protocol on performance during horizontal plyometric jumps
Specificity of training modalities on upperbody one repetition maximum performance free weights vs hammer strength equipment
The acute effect of wholebody vibration on the vertical jump height
Reliability of alternative trunk endurance testing procedures using clinician stabilization vs traditional methods
Aspirin for the primary prevention of cardiovascular events considerations regarding the riskbenefit
Biomechanical Analysis of a Knotless Transtendon Interimplant Mattress Repair for PartialThickness ArticularSided Rotator Cuff Tears
Effects of different lifting cadences on ground reaction forces during the squat exercise
The distal triceps tendon footprint and a biomechanical analysis of 3 repair techniques
Is the transglenoid suture technique recommendable for recurrent shoulder dislocation? A minimum 5year followup in 59 nonathletic shoulders
Arthroscopic suprascapular nerve decompression at the suprascapular notch
Prevalence comparison of accompanying lesions between primary and recurrent anterior dislocation in the shoulder
Effects of an anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention program on performance in adolescent female soccer players

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