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Discrete tonal noise investigation of the crossflow fan with blockstaggered impellers
Effect of surface morphology on the frictional behaviour of hot filament chemical vapour deposition diamond films
Force tracking control for an electrohydraulic actuator based on an intelligent feed forward compensator
Numerical and experimental studies on impact dynamics of a planar flexible multibody system
Numerical simulation of a wind turbine airfoil dynamic stall and comparison with experiments
Observerbased Hinfinity control of networked nonlinear systems for multiple sensors with different packet losses probabilities
Output error bound prediction of parallel manipulators based on the level set method
Relationship among inputforce payload stiffness and displacement of a 3DOF perpendicular parallel micromanipulator

Modeling Construction Occupational Demand Case of Hong Kong
Dynamic KnowledgeBased Process Integration Portal for Collaborative Construction
Numerical modelling of the axial compressive behaviour of short concretefilled elliptical steel columns
High strength steel tension splices with one or two bolts
Experimental Study on the Impact of Rainfall on RCC Construction
Emerging Hybrid Practices in Construction Design Work Role of Mixed Media
Evaluation of passive confinement in CFT columns
Bolted moment connections in drivein and drivethrough steel storage racks
Pipe damper Part I Experimental and analytical study
Understanding and Managing ThreeDimensionalFourDimensional Model Implementations at the Project Team Level
Computerized DSS for Construction Conflict Resolution under Uncertainty
Study of Real Options with Exogenous Competitive Entry to Analyze Dispute Resolution Ladder Investments in Architecture Engineering and Constr...
Advanced model for predicting the fire response of concrete filled tubular columns
Understanding Construction Industry Experience and Attitudes toward Integrated Project Delivery
Engineering and Materials Sciences
Materials Engineering
The influence of phosphorus on the microstructure and stressrupture properties in a low thermal expansion superalloy
Microstructural investigation of TiAu ohmic contacts on Ga doped single crystalline nZnO films
Mechanical properties and strainhardening behavior of Mg alloy AZ31BH24 thin sheet
Growth and characterization of PdO films obtained by thermal oxidation of nanometric Pd films by electroless deposition technique
Processing map and hot working mechanisms in a PM TiAl alloy composite with in situ carbide and silicide dispersions
Low temperature bainite in steel with 026 wt C
Stress relief mechanism in layerwise laser directly sintered porcelain ceramics
DesignOptimization and Material Selection for a Proximal Radius FractureFixation Implant
Development of a MesoScale Material Model for Ballistic Fabric and Its Use in FlexibleArmor Protection Systems
Modeling of AA5083 MaterialMicrostructure Evolution During Butt FrictionStir Welding
EBC development for hotpressed Y2O3Al2O3 doped silicon nitride ceramics
AntibioticLoaded PLGA Nanofibers for Wound Healing Applications
Cyclic plastic behaviour of primary heat transport piping materials Influence of loading schemes on hysteresis loop
Wear of A380M Aluminum Alloy Under Reciprocating Load
Kinetic Analysis of the Austenite Grain Growth in GCr15 Steel
Mechanical properties of hotpressed Al2O3SiC composites
Data from A Cruzcrespo and colleagues advance knowledge in materials engineering
Data on materials engineering detailed by SC Gallo and coauthors
Effect of vanadium and titanium modification on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a microalloyed HSLA steel
Mechanism of failure in a freestanding Ptaluminide bond coat during tensile testing at room temperature
Electrode optimization for bulk acoustic wave resonators based on ZnO
Bactericidal polyurethane foam mattresses Microbiological characterization and effectiveness
Nanoindentation and wearresistance behaviors of TiCN films by pulsed plasma on cemented carbide cutting tool
Twist channel angular pressing TCAP as a method for increasing the efficiency of SPD
Microstructure and Wear Behavior of TiVC Reinforced Ferrous Composite
Numerical analysis of the dwell phase in friction stir welding and comparison with experimental data
Magnetic behavior of magnetically tunable Fe3O4 polymer composites
Lowtemperature martensitic transformation and deep cryogenic treatment of a tool steel
Band structure calculations of CuIn1xGaxSe2
Al doping effect on electrical and dielectric aging behavior against impulse surge in ZPCCYAbased varistors
Preparation and characterization of silksilica hybrid biomaterials by solgel crosslinking process
Improvement of fatigue life of Ti6Al4V alloy by laser shock peening
Investigation of nanostructured and conventional aluminatitania coatings prepared by air plasma spray process
New insights regarding the cyclodextrinAAS selfassembly A molar ratio dependent system
The polymerization products of epoxidized oleic acid and epoxidized methyl oleate with cis12cyclohexanedicarboxylic anhydride and triethylamine ...
Recrystallization and grain growth in highly cold worked CPTitanium
Modeling the Porosity Formation in Austenitic SGI Castings by Using a PhysicsBased Material Model
Controlling the size of InAs quantum dots on Si1xGexSi001 by metalorganic vaporphase epitaxy
The Nature of the Tensile Fracture in Austempered Ductile Iron with Dual Matrix Microstructure
Effects of HIP and forging on fracture behaviour in cast iron with spheroidal vanadium carbides dispersed within martensiticmatrix microstructure
Interfacial strength and oxidation resistance of the NiCrAlYSi coating with a diffusion barrier andor buffer layer on DSM11 deposited by continuous...
Tensile failure of 4130 steel having different ultrafine grained structures
DualGrowthFactorReleasing PCL Scaffolds for Chondrogenesis of AdiposeTissueDerived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Investigation of the HotStamping Process for Advanced HighStrength Steel Sheet by Numerical Simulation
Temperature influence on sintering with concurrent crystallization behavior in Tibased metallic glassy powders
Effect of B addition on the microstructure and magnetic properties of meltspun Sm12Co60xFe19Cu6Zr3Bx 0 x 3 ribbons
Investigations on coarsening of MX and M23C6 precipitates in 12 Cr creep resistant steels assisted by computational thermodynamics
Feasibility study of silica sol as the carrier of a hydrophobic drug in aqueous solution using enrofloxacin as the model
Research on the dynamic recrystallization kinetics of Aermet100 steel
The effects of laser forming on the mechanical and metallurgical properties of low carbon steel and aluminium alloy samples
Formation of residual ferrite in 9CrODS ferritic steels
Effect of pH on the in vitro corrosion rate of magnesium degradable implant material
Factors influencing tensile ductility of ultrafinegrained Mg3Al1Zn alloy sheet at elevated temperatures
Comparison of electromagnetic transport between the bulk and interface of Nd07Sr03MnO3 ceramics
Effect of mode of rolling on development of texture and microstructure in twophase Alpha plus beta brass
The influence of ZrTi content on the morphotropic phase boundary in the PZTPZN system
Evaluation of elastic modulus of epoxy reinforced with 200 nm thick alumina platelets through finite element analysis
Effect of microstructure and grain size on the fracture toughness of a microalloyed steel
Subzero treatments of AISI D2 steel Part I Microstructure and hardness
Grain fragmentation and twinning in deformed Zircaloy 2 Response to positron lifetime measurements
Structural optical and hydrophobic properties of sputter deposited zirconium oxynitride films
The utilization of rare earth tailing for the production of glassceramics
Effect of fiber angle orientation and stacking sequence on mixed mode fracture toughness of carbon fiber reinforced plastics Numerical and experim...
Contact strength and crack formation in monolithic ceramic materials
Electrical characterization of 6HSiC grown by physical vapor transport method
The pipi molecular structure of flavin of FADH enzymatic cofactor using the LCAO method
Effect of Al additions on the age hardening response of the Mg24Zn01Ag01Ca At alloyTEM and 3DAP study
Microstructural change of 9 Crwelded joints after longterm creep
Doped aluminium based spinels synthesized by a soft chemistry method
Effect of temperature on constraint factor of IN718 under static indentation conditions
Further evidence of grain boundary internal friction in bicrystals
A modified MTS criterion MMTS for mixedmode fracture toughness assessment of brittle materials
Fabrication of asymmetric alumina membranes I Effect of SrO addition on thermal stabilization of transition aluminas
Extrapolation of flow curves at hot working conditions
Investigation of the parameters of the cold roll bonding CRB process
Application of ARB process for manufacturing highstrength finely dispersed and highly uniform CuAl2O3 composite
A novel ratiometric fluorescent Yb3+ sensor based on a N1oxoacenaphthylen21Hylidenefuran2carbohydrazide as a suitable fluorophore
Construction of Tm3+PVC membrane sensor based on 12thiazolylazo2naphthol as sensing material
Effect of Zn on the microstructure and mechanical properties of MgSi alloy
In situ fabrication and microstructure of Al2O3 particles reinforced aluminum matrix composites
The origin of the ultrahigh strength and good ductility in nanotwinned copper
The tensile properties and high cyclic fatigue characteristics of Mg5Li3Al15Zn2RE alloy
Creep Life Prediction of Thermally Exposed Rene 80 Superalloy
Synthesis and in vitro bioactivity of mesoporous bioactive glass scaffolds
Corrosion of Bare and Galvanized Mild Steel in Arabian Gulf Environment
Threedimensional modeling of the grain boundary misorientation angle distribution based on twodimensional experimental texture measurements
Hightemperature thermoelectric properties of Ladoped BaSnO3 ceramics
Analysis of the master curve approach on the fracture toughness properties of SA508 Gr4N NiMoCr low alloy steels for reactor pressure vessels
Effect of alphaprecipitation on the superelastic behavior of Ti40 wtNb03 wtO alloy processed by equal channel angular extrusion
Influence of thermomechanical processing and heat treatments on tensile and Charpy impact properties of B and Cu bearing highstrength lowalloy st...
PbZrTiO3PbMn13Nb23O3 piezoelectric thick films by aerosol deposition
Degradation of GaN LEDs by electron irradiation
Evaluation of Strength for Borosilicate Glass Coated with Ceramic Materials by Sputtering
Highpressure torsion of hafniurn
Magnetic Properties Microwave Characteristics and Thermal Stability of the FeCoAlN Films
Nondestructive pulsed field CuAgsolenoids
A Simple Engineering Estimate of the Fatigue Notch Factor of Arbitrary Stress Concentrators
A thermodynamic approach to fatigue damage accumulation under variable loading
Fabrication of SilverGraphite Contact Materials Using Silver Nanopowders
Factors affecting thermal contraction behavior of an AA7050 alloy
Effect of grain refinement to 1 mu m on strength and toughness of dualphase steels
Synthesis of defectfree singlephase bars of highmelting Laves phases through modified cold crucible levitation melting
Investigations of White Layer Formation During Machining of Powder Metallurgical NiBased ME 16 Superalloy
Microstructural features controlling the deformation and recrystallization behaviour Fe30Mn and Fe30Mn05C
Characterization of ultrafine grained steel samples produced by high pressure torsion via magnetic Barkhausen noise analysis
Evolution of dislocation density size of subgrains and MXtype precipitates in a P91 steel during creep and during thermal ageing at 600 degrees C fo...
Effects of size and spacing of uniformly distributed pearlite particles on fatigue crack growth behavior of ferritepearlite steels
Effect of surface modification of Cu with Ag by ballmilling on the corrosion resistance of low infrared emissivity coating
Effective modulus of polycrystalline aggregates in different geometrical configurations
Fatigue Crack Growth of Peened Friction StirWelded 7075 Aluminum Alloy under Different Load Ratios
Elaboration and optical properties of typeII ZnTe on ZnSe heterostructures
Effect of additives on the coelectrodeposition of SnAgCu leadfree solder composition
Evolution of binary phase TiCTi3SiC2 composites from TiCTiSi by hotpressed reactive sintering
The effects of carbon content on the microstructure and elevated temperature tensile strength of a nickelbase superalloy
Resistance switching properties in PtSrTiO3Nb Schottky junctions studied by admittance spectroscopy
Room temperature fabrication of SiO2polyacrylic ester multilayer composites by spincoating
Structural electronic structure and magnetic studies of SmFe1xNixO3 X05
Growth and morphology of mixed K1xNH4XH2PO4 crystals
High temperature sliding wear behavior of pressextruded AA6061fly ash composite
Multiexcited state study in InAs DWELL structures
Preparation and characterization of alphachitin from cicada sloughs
Cell behaviors on micropatterned porous thin films
Study of scratching Mgbased BMG using nanoindenter with Berkovich probe
Study of the 125Cr1Mo025V steel microstructure after a carburization phenomenon
Measurement of the Youngs modulus in particulate epoxy composites using the impulse excitation technique
New halogens research from B Ly and colleagues discussed
New materials engineering data have been reported by scientists at Air Force Research Laboratory
New materials engineering findings from S Belmaresperales and coauthors described
New materials engineering research from AB Bondarev et al outlined
New materials engineering research from E Maawad and colleagues discussed
New materials engineering study findings recently were published by AY Polyakov and coresearchers
New materials engineering study findings recently were reported by BJ Yang and coresearchers
New research on materials engineering from AV Perig and coauthors summarized
New research on materials engineering from HG Lambers and coauthors summarized
New silicon study findings reported from HY Li and coauthors
Construct of asymmetrical scaffold and primary cells for tissue engineered esophagus
Understanding release kinetics of biopolymer drug delivery microcapsules for biomedical applications
Influence of the molecular structure on indentation size effect in polymers
Anisotropic compressive behavior of closedcell AlSi alloy foams
Experiment and modeling of mechanical properties on iron matrix composites reinforced by different types of ceramic particles
Influence of Direct Quenching on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Steel Plate for Large Oil Storage Tanks
A modified criterion for shear band formation in bulk metallic glass under complex stress states
Quantitative analysis of dynamic recrystallization behavior using a grain boundary evolution based kinetic model
Dynamic recrystallization of the hot isostatically pressed PM superalloy FGH4096 in hot working process
Effect of deformation parameters on the precipitation mechanism of secondary alpha phase under high temperature isothermal compression of Ti6A...
Investigation on hot deformation behavior of PM Nibase superalloy FGH96 by using processing maps
Microstructure and high temperature strength of SiCWSiC composites by chemical vapor infiltration
Effects of UVirradiation on in vitro apatiteforming ability of TiO2 layers
Effect of spraying condition on property of Zrbased metallic glass coating by gas tunnel type plasma spraying
Analyzing the effect of fiber reinforcement on properties of syntactic foams
Enhanced solubility and dissolution rate of amiodarone by complexation with betacyclodextrin through different methods
Large strain deformation and cracking of nanoscale gold films on PDMS substrate
The high temperature strength of SiC ceramics based on SiO2 nanocolloidal employed
Photoluminescence properties of Y3Al5O12Eu nanocrystallites prepared by coprecipitation method using a mixed precipitator of NH4HCO3 and NH...
Effects of prestrain on the mechanical properties of API 5L X65 pipe
Effect of deformation and annealing temperatures on ultrafine microstructure development and yield strength of pearlitic steel through continuous re...
Recent studies by M Rojaslopez and coauthors add new data to silicon findings
Reports by G Wan and coresearchers describe recent advances in materials engineering
Reports from E Hernandezrodriguez et al highlight recent research in materials engineering
Reports from United States Air Force advance knowledge in materials engineering
Reports summarize materials engineering study results from S Ito and coresearchers
Research by F Sket and colleagues in materials engineering provides new insights
Modeling the photonic response of biological nanostructures using the concept of stratified medium The case of a natural threedimensional photonic ...
Research conducted at S Dabbous and coauthors has provided new information about materials engineering
Research from F Tariq and coresearchers provides new data on materials engineering
Research from H Raman and coresearchers in the area of materials engineering published
Research from M Rahimian and coauthors provides new data about science
Research from P Panek and colleagues has provided new data on materials engineering
Research from VC Srivastava and coauthors in the area of materials engineering published
Research from WJ Park and coauthors reveals new findings on materials engineering
Research from YY Kim and coresearchers in the area of materials engineering published
Effect of modification and aging treatment on mechanical properties of Mg2SiAl composite
Research on metals published by G Standke et al
Research results from E Contreraspiedras and coauthors update knowledge of materials engineering
Research results from JR Molinacontreras and coauthors update knowledge of materials engineering
Research results from S Elhadad and colleagues update understanding of materials engineering
Microstructure and mechanical properties of laserwelded joints of TWIP and TRIP steels
Microstructure characteristics and formation mechanisms of in situ WC cemented carbide based hardmetals prepared by Selective Laser Melting
Tensile properties and strainhardening behavior of doublesided arc welded and friction stir welded AZ31B magnesium alloy
On the conduction mechanism of ptype GaSb bulk crystal
Study on the ferrite grain refinement during intercritical deformation of a microalloyed steel
Shear band formation and mechanical properties of Zr38Ti17Cu105Co12Be225 bulk metallic glassporous tungsten phase composite by hydrostatic e...
Low temperature growth of highly crystallized ZnOAl films by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis from acetylacetone salt
In vitro blood compatibility of poly Hydroxybutyratecohydroxyhexanoate and the influence of surface modification by alkali treatment
Microstructure and mechanical properties of the MgAl laminated composite fabricated by accumulative roll bonding ARB
Prediction of residual stress relaxations in shotpeened specimens and its application for the rotor disc assessment
A Phenomenological Constitutive Equation to Describe Various Flow Stress Behaviors of Materials in Wide Strain Rate and Temperature Regimes
Preparation and characterization of amorphous SiO2 nanowires
In situ formation of nanoscale CuCu2O composites
Textural and structural studies of solgel derived SiO2CaOP2O5MgO glasses by substitution of MgO for CaO
Compressive and pseudoelastic hysteresis behavior of entangled titanium wire materials
Effect of zinc additions on the microstructure mechanical properties and creep behavior of ascast Mg3Sm04Zr Wt alloy
Influence of NiP coating on fatigue life of an Al2O3fAl composite wire
The evolution of precipitates of 22Cr25NiMoNbN heatresistant austenitic steel in longterm creep
Analysis of Microstructure and Properties of Cemented Carbide and Invar Alloy Weldment
Lowfrequency internal friction investigating of the carbide precipitation in solid solution during tempering in high alloyed martensitic steel
Welding Characteristics of Ultrahigh Strength Steel in Annealed and QuenchTempered Conditions
Effect of Nb on glass forming ability and plasticity of TiCubased bulk metallic glasses
Characterization of FeCrMnN amorphous powders with a wide supercooled liquid region developed by mechanical alloying
Microstructure and electrical properties of lead free potassium sodium niobate piezoceramics with nano ZnO additive
The development and characterization of a novel chitosancarbonised yucca Yucca flaccida biocomposite
Enhancing mechanical response of AZ31B using Cu + nanoAl2O3 addition
Effect of RENi RE Sm Gd Eu addition on the infrared emission properties of CoZn ferrites with high emissivity
Transparent organic lightemitting devices with CsCl capping layers on semitransparent CaAg cathodes
Effect of hot extrusion on mechanical properties and microstructure of near eutectic Al120Si02Mg alloy
Fractography analysis and fatigue strength of carbon fiberRTM6 laminates
Effect of Process Parameters on the Structure and Properties of Galvanized Sheets
Studies conducted at T Lehnert et al on materials engineering recently published
Studies from MZ Alam et al further understanding of materials engineering
Studies from P Egizabal et al in the area of materials engineering described
Studies in the area of materials engineering reported from M Patel and coresearchers
Study data from B Gan and colleagues update understanding of materials engineering
Study findings on materials engineering are outlined in reports from J Qiu and colleagues
Study results from A Ordunadiaz and colleagues broaden understanding of boron
Study results from NS Labidi and colleagues in the area of materials engineering published
High charge storage of polySi thin film nonvolatile memory devices with oxidesiliconoxynitride stack structures
The effect of prestrain on low and high temperature creep in Ti834
Mechanism of creep deformation of Alloy 230 based on microstructural analyses
Enhancing superplasticity of ZrO2 Y2O3Al2O3 composites prepared by spark plasma sintering of metastable powders
Microstructure and Compression Strength of Novel TRIPSteelMgPSZ Composites
Polymer temperature sensor for textronic applications
Photopolymerizable Hydrogels Made from PolymerConjugated Albumin for AffinityBased Drug Delivery
Effect of surface microstructures on photoinduced hydrophilicity of NaNbO3 thin films by solgel process
Impurities in FeAsbased superconductor SrFe2As2 studied by firstprinciples calculations
Characterization and ferroelectricity of Bi and Fe codoped PZT films
Thermosensitive in situforming dextranpluronic hydrogels through Michael addition
An investigation on preparation of CIGS targets by sintering process
Energy Density Distribution and Temperature ClosedLoop Control in Electron Beam Processing
Characterization of stability aggregation and equilibrium properties of modified natural products The case of carboxymethylated chitosans
Synthesis processing and characterization of shear thickening fluid STF impregnated fabric composites
Inverse Analysis of Rapid and Localized Energy Deposition
Spatial Modulation and Filtering of Diffusion Patterns for Inverse Analysis of Heat Deposition
A study at understanding the mechanisms governing the high cycle fatigue and final fracture behavior of the titanium alloy Ti4Al25V
A Study of the Tensile Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium and Titanium Alloy Influence of Orientation and Microst...
An Investigation of Strain Concentration in HighStrength AlZnMgCu Alloy 7085 Subjected to Tensile Deformation
A simple technique of nanocrystallizing metallic surfaces for enhanced resistances to mechanical and electrochemical attacks
Influence of Surface Roughness on Corrosion and Tribological Behavior of CPTi After Thermal Oxidation Treatment
Mechanical characterisation of interpenetrating network metalceramic composites
The effect of ECAP and Cu addition on the aging response and grain substructure evolution in an Al44 wt Mg alloy
Compressive creep of hot pressed silicon carbide
Wirelength effect on GMI in Co703Fe37B10Si13Cr3 amorphous glasscoated microwires
Garlic powder and wheat bran as fillers Their effect on the physicochemical properties of edible biocomposites
Process Cost Comparison for Conventional and NearNetShape Cermet Fabrication
The influence of postprocessing on creep and microstructure of rolled Cu8Cr4Nb
Thermal stability of austenite retained in bainitic steels
Mechanism Based Creep Model Incorporating Damage
Polycrystalline elastic constants of in situ cementite Fe3C
A direct comparison in the fatigue resistance enhanced by surface severe plastic deformation and shot peening in a C2000 superalloy
Strengthening study on 6082 Al alloy after combination of aging treatment and ECAP process
An ElastoPlastic Reformulation of the Theory of Critical Distances to Estimate Lifetime of Notched Components Failing in the LowMediumCycle Fati...
Hollow glass microsphere HDPE composites for low energy sustainability
Grain boundary characterization and energetics of superalloys
PHYBAL a ShortTime Procedure for a Reliable Fatigue Life Calculation
Influences of the Process Chain on the Fatigue Behavior of Samples with Tension Screw Geometry
An Experimental Study of the Corrosion Behavior of Nickel Tungsten Carbide in Some WaterGlycol Hydraulic Fluids for Subsea Applications
The Precipitation Behavior of Superalloy ATI Allvac 718Plus
Influence of the temperature on the tensile behaviour of a modified 9Cr1Mo T91 martensitic steel
Solgel based fabrication of novel glassceramics and composites for dental applications
Martensite shear phase reversioninduced nanograinedultrafinegrained Fe16Cr10Ni alloy The effect of interstitial alloying elements and degree of aust...
Ultrahigh strength and low yield ratio of niobiummicroalloyed 900 MPa pipeline steel with nanoultrafine bainitic lath
Deformation twinning in Ti6Al4V during low strain rate deformation to moderate strains at room temperature
Influence of processing parameters on mechanical properties of Ti6Al4V alloy fabricated by MIM
Mechanisms of joint and microstructure formation in high power ultrasonic spot welding 6111 aluminium automotive sheet
Multiscale mechanical and structural characterizations of Palmetto wood for bioinspired hierarchically structured polymer composites
Quantitative Interfacial Energy Measurements of AdhesionPromoted Thin Copper Films by Supercritical Fluid Deposition on Barrier Layers
Mixed mode fracture of marbleadhesive interfaces
The effect of the intramolecular properties in singlecarrier polymer diodes
Experimental Investigation of Static Interfacial Fracture in Orthotropic Polymer Composite Bimaterials Using Photoelasticity
The role of residual stress in the tension and compression response of WCNi
Effect of the strain reversal on austeniteferrite phase transformation in a Nbmicroalloyed steel
Thermodynamic and structural studies of mixed monolayers Mutual mixing of DPPC and DPPG with DoTAP at the airwater interface
Highcycle fatigue behavior of ultrafinegrained austenitic stainless and TWIP steels
Formation of Ag3Sn plates in SnAgCu solder bumps
Finegrained nickel deformed by direct impact at different velocities Microstructure and mechanical properties
Modeling the vivid white color of the beetle Calothyrza margaritifera
Role of the solid electrolyte composition on the performance of a polymeric memristor
Effects of Corrosion and Ribs on Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Reinforcing Steel Bars S400
Effect of AlB2Mg interaction on the mechanical properties of Albased composites
6 MeV pulsed electron beam induced surface and structural changes in polyimide
Design against fracture of functionally graded thermal barrier coatings using transformation toughening
Selfassembling behaviour of selfcomplementary oligopeptides on biocompatible substrates
Characterization of microstructure evolution after severe plastic deformation of pure copper with continuous columnar crystals
Mechanical performance of oil palm empty fruit bunchesjute fibres reinforced epoxy hybrid composites
Enhancement of the giant magnetoimpedance effect and its magnetic response in ionirradiated magnetic amorphous ribbons
Impact of 3Dmodel thickness on FEsimulations of microstructure
Crashworthiness design for functionally graded foamfilled thinwalled structures
Precipitation and clustering in the early stages of ageing in Inconel 718
Migration of liver and kidney explants inside trapezoidal PDMS microchannels
An Analytical Modified Model of Clad Sheet Bonding by Cold Rolling Using Upper Bond Theorem
Investigation of Single Pass Shape Rolling Using an Upper Bound Method
Microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded and ECAPed AZ31 Mg alloy grain refined with AlTiC master alloy
Fractal Approach to Hierarchically Evolved Laser Processed CaP Coatings
Tribological Studies of a ZrBased GlassForming Alloy with Different States
Characterization of Ti6Al4V open cellular foams fabricated by additive manufacturing using electron beam melting
Application of coincidence of reciprocal lattice point model to metalsapphire hetero interfaces
The essentials for the control of chargeorbital ordering in thin films of perovskite manganites
Rcurve behavior of CuSn30Ag05Cu solder joints Effect of mode ratio and microstructure
Mechanical properties of filled antimonide skutterudites
Engineered synovial joint condyle using demineralized bone matrix
Effects of local phase conversion on the tensile loading of pulsed NdYAG laser processed Nitinol
Effect of isothermal dissolution and reprecipitation of austenite on the mechanical properties of duplex structures
Molecular dynamics simulation study of thermodynamic and mechanical properties of the CuPd random alloy
Micromechanics Study of Fatigue Damage Incubation Following an Initial Overstrain
Multiscale performance of carbon microfiber reinforced cementbased composites exposed to a decalcifying environment
Allylhydridopolycarbosilane AHPCS as matrix resin for CSiC ceramic matrix composites
Carrier transport in SiC crystals and radiation detectors as affected by defect traps and inhomogeneities
Design and fabrication of CoCrMo alloy based novel structures for load bearing implants using laser engineered net shaping
Direct laser processing of bulk lead zirconate titanate ceramics
Tensile creep behavior and strainrate sensitivity of superalloy GH4049 at elevated temperatures
Effects of thermal stress and imperfect interfacial bonding on the mechanical behavior of composites subjected to offaxis loading
Dielectric properties and thermal induced domain evolution in the piezoelectric single crystal PbIn12Nb12O3PbMg13Nb23O3PbTiO3
Stable shear of Cu46Zr47Al7 bulk metallic glass alloy by controlling temperature rise
Effect of strain hardening on texture development in cold rolled AlMg alloy
Developing Two New Tundish Plasters and Comparing with the Magnesia Plaster Used in Continuous Casting of Steel
Mechanical Engineering
Autonomous swingup control of a threelink robot gymnast
Does the choice of stair gait cycle affect resulting knee joint kinematics and moments?
Engineering value recovery from municipal solid waste
The Bees Algorithm modelling foraging behaviour to solve continuous optimization problems
Fieldbus based distributed servo control using Lon WorksIP gatewayweb servers
Finite element model updating and structural damage identification using OMAX data
A new twonode catenary cable element for the geometrically nonlinear analysis of cablesupported structures
Critical load for buckling of nonprismatic columns under selfweight and tip force
A structural topological optimization method for multidisplacement constraints and any initial topology configuration
Cutting force estimation in a micromilling process
The exact theory of deep beams without ad hoc assumptions
Theoretical analysis on capillary adhesion of microsized plates with a substrate
Machining performance and surface integrity of SiC ceramic machined using electrical discharge milling and the mechanical grinding compound pro...
Analytical models for the penetration of semiinfinite targets by rigid deformable and erosive long rods
Spatial resolved temperature measurement based on absorption spectroscopy using a single tunable diode laser
An experimental study of resistant properties of the small intestine for an active capsule endoscope
Development of an Optical System for Simultaneous Ultrasonic Wave Propagation Imaging at Multipoints
Dynamic analysis of a heavy duty marine gearbox with gear mesh coupling
Contactfree planar stage using linear induction principle
Design parameter to improve the suction performance of mixedflow pump impeller
Trajectory tracking controller design using neural networks for a tiltrotor unmanned aerial vehicle
Hybriddynamical modelling characterization and experimental verification of a freewheeling clutch
A framework of an anisotropic elastoplastic model for clays
FiniteElement Simulations of FullScale ModularBlock Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls under Earthquake Loading
An experimental investigation of oblique entry pressure losses in automotive catalytic converters
Acoustic emission and gasphase measurements in twophase flow
Optimal design of an aeroelastic wing structure with seamless control surfaces
Performance analysis and optimization of a gas turbine cycle integrated with an internal combustion wave rotor
The adoption of servitization strategies by UKbased manufacturers
The performance of a porous ceramic hydrostatic journal bearing
PlaneStrain Propagation of a FluidDriven Crack in a Permeable Rock with Fracture Toughness
A study of novel viscous dissipation measurement for polymer melts in microchannels
Dynamic fracture analysis of adhesive bonded material under normal loading
Numerical atlas method for path generation of spherical fourbar mechanism
Rolling element bearing faults diagnosis based on optimal Morlet wavelet filter and autocorrelation enhancement
Symplectic analysis for elastic wave propagation in twodimensional cellular structures
A Review of External Pressure Testing Techniques for Shells including a Novel VolumeControl Method
Data from BF Apostol and colleagues advance knowledge in mechanical engineering
Data on mechanical engineering detailed by TR Mclean and coauthors
Data on mechanical engineering published by BN Shishir and colleagues
A method for the prediction of head checking initiation location and orientation under operational loading conditions
Active damping of a piezoelectric tube scanner using selfsensing piezo actuation
Exact solution of the dualphaselag heat conduction model for a onedimensional system excited with a periodic heat source
Numerical Assessment Of Reverseflow Mufflers Using A Simulated Annealing Method
Implementation of distributed power and friction control to minimize the stress state and maximize velocity in Canadian Pacifics heavy haulheavy gr...
An experimental study on the reduction of motorfan noise by modification of the blade and shroud configuration
Cascade position control of a single pneumatic artificial musclemass system with hysteresis compensation
Multiobjective evolutionary optimization of polynomial neural networks for fatigue life modelling and prediction of unidirectional carbonfibrereinfo...
Probabilistic model identification of the bitrockinteractionmodel uncertainties in nonlinear dynamics of a drillstring
Colour flow and motion imaging
Frequency response function interpolation for damage detection under changing environment
Torsion of micropolar hollow circular cylinders
Heart rate normalization in the analysis of heart rate variability in congestive heart failure
Highvelocity compaction and conventional compaction of metallic powders comparison of process parameters and green compact properties
Investigation into the influence of environmental conditions on power system ratings
Overhead line realtime rating estimation algorithm description and validation
FlexuralTorsional Buckling of Cantilever Strip BeamColumns with Linearly Varying Depth
An efficient passive technique for reducing sloshing in rectangular tanks partially filled with liquid
Hinfinity controllers with integral action an experimental evaluation
Prediction and simulation errors in parameter estimation for nonlinear systems
Production order quantity for economical and quality consideration
Application of ExponentialBased Methods in Integrating the Constitutive Equations with Multicomponent Nonlinear Kinematic Hardening
Findings from YC Liou and coauthors provide new insights into mechanical engineering
Findings in mechanical engineering reported from B Seibold and coresearchers
Estimation of nonparametric noise and FRF models for multivariable systemsPart II Extensions applications
Propagation of acceleration waves in the viscoelastic JohnsonSegalman fluids
Characterization and development of the ideal pedal force pedal travel and response time in the brake system for the translation of the voice of the cu...
Anharmonic variations in elastohydrodynamic film thickness resulting from harmonically varying entrainment velocity
Fuzzy dynamical system approach to the observer design of uncertain systems
Experimental investigation to study the performance of solid lubricants in turning of AISI1040 steel
Effect of surface temperature rise on friction characteristics for sliding speed under unlubricated condition
Micropolar fluid squeeze film lubrication of short partial porous journal bearings
Delaydependent global robust stability criterion for neural networks with neutraltype timevarying delays
Design consideration of actuator specifications in a mobile manipulator system
A new transmissivetype tilting actuator for a smooth projected television image
Fuzzy modelling approach to magnetorheological dampers forward and inverse model
An in vitro investigation of imageguided steerable catheter navigation
Experimental study of tilting pad journal bearingrotor system with acoustic emission technique
A hydrobulging mechanism of tailorwelded tubes with dissimilar thickness
Effects of thickness ratio and length ratio on deformation uniformity of tailorwelded tube hydroforming
Preliminary design analysis of a hopper vehicle for Mars mission
Slidingmode control for staringmode spacecraft using a disturbance observer
Multiobjective faulttolerant output tracking control of a flexible airbreathing hypersonic vehicle
Sampleddata exponential stabilization of a class of nonlinear stochastic systems
A new model for wrinkling and collapse analysis of membrane inflated beam
Fabrication of hotpressed ZrCbased composites
Visualization of stress and strain fields in complex plastic bulk forming
Adhesion and delamination boundary conditions for elastic plates with arbitrary contact shape
Application to induction motor faults diagnosis of the amplitude recovery method combined with FFT
Connectivity characterization of threedimensional surface topography based on mathematical morphology
Whole crankshaft beamelement finiteelement method for calculating crankshaft deformation and bearing load of an engine
American Petroleum Institute welding neck flange design for subsea pipelines
Differentiating damage effects in a structural component from the time response
Matrix of the covariance of covariance of acceleration responses for damage detection from ambient vibration measurements
Rehydration and ultrasonicassisted decolouration of dry tilapia Oreochromis niloticus skin
A novel twiceinterpolation finite element method for solid mechanics problems
Finite triangular surface mesh simplification with geometrical feature recognition
Flow behavior in microchannel made of different materials with wall slip velocity and electroviscous effects
Mould cooling simulation for injection moulding using a fast boundary element method approach
Toolpath generation based on anglebased flattening
Microtechnologies in neurosurgery
The bifurcation and chaos of a gear pair system based on a strongly nonlinear rotorbearing system
ResonantBased Identification of the Poissons Ratio of Orthotropic Materials
On the relation between rotation increments in different tangent spaces
Rapid localization of damage using a circular sensor array and Lamb wave based triangulation
Identification of a multicrack in a shaft system using transverse frequency response functions
Thermomechanical finite element analysis and experimental investigation of singlepass singlesided submerged arc welding of CMn steel plates
Development of an exhaust gas recirculation strategy for an acetylenefuelled homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Interaction between particleladen underexpanded twin supersonic jets
The transient dynamic response of multiphase magnetoelectroelastic sensors bonded to a shell structure
Role of information and communication in redefining unmanned aerial vehicle autonomous control levels
Finite element analysis of a personalized femoral scaffold with designed microarchitecture
Numerical and experimental study on prediction of thermal history and residual deformation of doublesided fillet welding
Externally Reinforced Welded IBeamtoBoxColumn Seismic Connection
Theoretical and experimental studies on the steadystate performance of lowspeed hightorque hydrostatic drives Part 1 modelling
Adaptive control of an active mount for shipboard equipment subjected to broadband excitation
Global integrated control of vehicle suspension and chassis key subsystems
Tubular channel growth in piezoelectric ceramics under electric fields
Angular and temporal determinism of rotating machine signals The diesel engine case
Thermalstress induced phenomena in twocomponent material Part II
Thermal stresses in two and threecomponent anisotropic materials
Dynamic behaviors of mode III interfacial crack under a constant loading rate
Performance of supersonic model combustors with staged injections of supercritical aviation kerosene
On a micromorphic model for the synovial fluid in the human knee
Estimation of the radial force using a disturbance force observer for a magnetically levitated centrifugal blood pump
Relaxation of Multiwell Energies in Linearized Elasticity and Applications to Nematic Elastomers
Analytical solution of a stiffened orthotropic plate using alternative displacement potential approach
Improved group theoretic method using graph products for the analysis of symmetricregular structures
Numerical investigation of flow in the liner of a model reverseflow gas turbine combustor
Particle temperature distribution in a dust flame
The effects of radiation and particle size on the pyrolysis of biomass particles
Unsteady modelling of cavitating flow with artificial viscosity
The collapse of thickwalled metal tubes with wide external grooves as controllable energydissipating devices
Regularizing Effect and Local Existence for the NonCutoff Boltzmann Equation
Robust train formation planning
Adhesive contact of curved surfaces
Parametric study of externally loaded rotating discs under shrink fit
Free vibration analysis of a rotating annular disc under uniform pressure loading
Fractional radial heat conduction in an infinite medium with a cylindrical cavity and associated thermal stresses
Neural network approach for the selection of processing parameters of aluminiumiron composite preforms during cold upsetting
The principles and practice of magnetic instrumentation for natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery and other limited access surgical operations
Elastoplastic Mesoscale Homogenization of Composite Materials
Reduction of friction torque in vane pumps by using physical vapour depositioncoated vane
Analytical solutions for twopoint boundary value problems optimal lowthrust orbit transfers
The effect of the neutral point position on the natural frequencies of lateral vibrations of a hanging beam
Flight control of a launch vehicle using an L1 adaptive controller
An experimental and analytical investigation of a prototype isolation system for an explosive gas operated device and interaction force estimation
Fuzzy multicriteria group decision making for real estate investments
Improved robust stability criteria for neural networks with fast timevarying delays
Laser pulse heating and phase change process a comparison of volumetric heat source models
Spatial thermal mapping using thermal infrared camera and wireless sensors for error compensation via open architecture controllers
Effect of gas cutting fluids on machinability of different materials
Collision avoidance manoeuvre for a vehicle a practical approach
Fundamental study on washing characteristics of a novel multiphase flow system
Feasibility Test of Adaptive Passive Control System Using MR Fluid Damper with Electromagnetic Induction Part
WrinkleBased Measurement of Elastic Modulus of NanoScale Thin Pt Film Deposited on Polymeric Substrate Verification and Uncertainty Analysis
Design of a visionbased autonomous pathtracking control system and experimental validation
Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Thin Film by Membrane Deflection Test
Tilting trains benefits and motion sickness
Generation and prediction methods for circumferential distribution changes in the braiding angle on a cylindrical braided fabric
Test rig for micro gear and experimental analysis on the meshing condition and failure characteristics of steel micro involute gear and metallic glass o...
The biomechanical effects of variation in the maximum forces exerted by trunk muscles on the joint forces and moments in the lumbar spine a finite ...
Optimum mean power output of a pointabsorber wave energy converter in irregular waves
Electromagnetothermomechanical behaviors of conductive circular plate subject to timedependent magnetic fields
Hinfinity control of active magnetic suspension
Percutaneous innerear access via an imageguided industrial robot system
The use of fuzzy set modelling for maintenance planning in a manufacturing industry
Measuring Multiple ResidualStress Components using the Contour Method and Multiple Cuts
A study on the effect of road friction on driveline vibrations
An investigation of manual transmission drive rattle
Design and construction of largearea flexible printedcircuit automotive electrical interconnection harnesses
Elastomultibody dynamics of internal combustion engines with tribological conjunctions
Modelling and control of a high redundancy actuator
On the effects of sliding velocity and operating pressure differential in rotary Oring seals
Optimal lower bounds on the local stress inside random thermoelastic composites
Conceptual design of a mediumsized joinedwing aircraft
Geometry and stiffness optimization for switches and crossings and simulation of material degradation
Numerical analysis of a centrifugal fan for performance enhancement using boundary layer suction slots
How to measure actual tire shape in the rolling condition using Scanning LDV
Asymptotic Stability of the Wave Equation on Compact Manifolds and Locally Distributed Damping A Sharp Result
Analysis of flows past airfoils at very low Reynolds numbers
Buckling of a Weakened Infinite Beam on an Elastic Foundation
A Simplified Treatise of the Scott Bond Testing Method
Comparison of position controllers designed for an elastic system using its complete and deficient dynamic models
Adaptive fuzzy slidingmode controller for control of the strip casting process
Comprehensive uncertainty analysis of a Wiebe functionbased combustion model for pilotignited natural gas engines
Estimating clamping pressure distribution and stiffness in aircraft bolted joints by finiteelement analysis
Investigating the needle dynamic response during insertion into soft tissue
Autonomous spatial orientation of robots using chaotic cognition and geometric cues
Robust stabilization of switched nonlinear systems with timevarying delays under asynchronous switching
Optimization of electrodischarge machining parameters on ZrO2 ceramic using the Taguchi method
A novel algorithm to generate backlashfree motions
Droplets atop a wrinkled substrate
The linesymmetric octahedral Bricard linkage and its structural closure
Lubrication mechanisms with lasersurfacetextured surfaces in elastohydrodynamic regime
In Situ Experiments with X ray Tomography an Attractive Tool for Experimental Mechanics
Backstepping slidingmode control for a pneumatic control system
Counterbalance of cutting force for advanced milling operations
Design and analysis of magneticallydrive actuator applied for linear compressor
Extended Boussinesq Equations for WaterWave Propagation in Porous Media
Spindle position regulation for wind power generators
Motion constraint design and implementation for a multifunctional virtual manipulation system
Singular Limits of the KleinGordon Equation
Computerized gear cutting simulation using a psuedoplanar method
Development of a DVD pickupbased fourdegreesoffreedom motion error measuring system for a singleaxis linear moving platform
Inverse dynamics analysis for a 3PRS parallel mechanism based on a special decomposition of the reaction forces
Novel Microtensile Method for Monotonic and Cyclic Testing of Freestanding Copper Thin Films
Potentialfieldbased evolutionary route planner for the control of multiple unmanned aerial vehicles
Construction of a dynamic cutting force model for oblique cutting
Development of a middlerange sixdegreesoffreedom system
Nonundercutting region and property evaluation of epitrochoidal gerotor geometry
Effect of Welding on the Slip Damping of Layered and Jointed Structures
Effects of load and sliding velocity on abrasive wear of Lantana camara fibrereinforced polymer matrix composite
Lifecycle assessment modelling and lifecycle assessment evaluation of a triboelement
Extended FourthOrder DepthIntegrated Model for Water Waves and Currents Generated by Submarine Landslides
Dynamic behavior of globoidal cam systems with torque compensation mechanisms
Explicit Pseudodynamic Algorithm with Improved Stability Properties
An integrated performance analysis for a small axialflow fan
Parallel autoparking of a model vehicle using a selforganizing fuzzy controller
Analytical solutions for an antiplane problem of two dissimilar functionally graded magnetoelectroelastic halfplanes
Observations on Limit EquilibriumBased Slope Reliability Problems with Inclined Weak Seams
Effects of transient diesel engine operation on its cyclic heat transfer an experimental assessment
Validation of a diagnostic method for estimating the compression condition of direct injection diesel engines
A modified blending function for zonal hybrid Reynoldsaveraged NavierStokeslargeeddy simulation methodology
A new methodology to obtain the exact solutions of isotropic plane beam subjected to arbitrary loads
Vibration Analysis of Perforated Plates Using TimeAverage Digital Speckle Pattern Interferometry
New data from B Weisse et al illuminate research in mechanical engineering
New findings from V Arakelian and coauthors describe advances in mechanical engineering
New geometry study findings have been reported by GE Moralesespejel and coresearchers
New lubricants findings from PS Dellis and coresearchers published
New mechanical engineering findings from K Russell and coauthors described
New mechanical engineering research has been reported by K Genuit et al
New mechanical engineering research has been reported by N Biboulet et al
New mechanical engineering research reported from M Spinelli and coauthors
New mechanical engineering study findings recently were published by KB Lim and coresearchers
New mechanical engineering study findings recently were reported by M Dobson and coresearchers
New mechanical engineering study results reported from JR Lin et al
Further developments on the estimation of rigid body properties from experimental data
Reverse anatomy shoulder replacement comparison of two designs
Optimal control of the magnetic bearings for a flywheel energy storage system
Parameter identifications for a rotor system based on its finite element model and with varying speeds
An extended fuzzy controller for a vehicle active suspension system
Largeeddy simulation of kerosene spray combustion in a model scramjet chamber
Problems with HuDuan Boundary Effect Model and Its Comparison to SizeShape Effect Law for QuasiBrittle Fracture
Prediction of Extreme Response Statistics of NarrowBand Random Vibrations
Using life curves as input to quantitative risk analysis in electricity distribution system asset management
Analytical Solution for Fracture Analysis of CFRP SheetStrengthened Cracked Concrete Beams
Reliabilitybased design optimization of airframe components
Prediction of mechanical gear mesh efficiency of hypoid gear pairs
EBSD Study of Delamination Fracture in AlLi Alloy 2090
Experimental performance of a compliant scroll expander for an organic Rankine cycle
Extracting modal parameters of highspeed railway bridge using the TDD technique
The elastic behaviour of nonsintered metal powder compacts
Analysis and modelling by finite element method of the equal channel angular extrusion pressure
Application of relevance vector machine and logistic regression for machine degradation assessment
Wear mechanisms of TiNcoated CBN tool during finish hard turning of hot tool die steel
Characterization of the aluminium coating layer in the hot press forming of boron steel
Effects of solid body temperature on the nonNewtonian thermal elastohydrodynamic lubrication behaviour in point contacts
Peristaltic flow of Sisko fluid in a uniform inclined tube
Technologies for tomorrows electric power generation
Aerodynamic performance of a bypass engine with fan nozzle exit area change by warped chevrons
The capability of energy storage systems to damp power system oscillations
Computational assessment of pressfit acetabular implant fixation the effect of implant design interference fit bone quality and frictional properties
Suppression of vertical bending and rigidbodymode vibration in railway vehicle car body by primary and secondary suspension control results of si...
Recent findings from E BialoblockaJuszczyk and coauthors highlight research in tissue engineering
Recent findings from M Dehestani and coauthors highlight research in mechanical engineering
Reports by T Mokulys and coresearchers describe recent advances in mechanical engineering
Reports from C Chang et al highlight recent research in numerical analysis
Reports from J Kim et al highlight recent research in engineering mechanics
Reports from S Khelladi et al highlight recent research in mechanical engineering
Reports outline mechanical engineering study results from DG Pavlou et al
Research conducted by S Kugler and coresearchers has updated our knowledge about mechanical engineering
Research conducted by SE Anderberg and coresearchers has updated our knowledge about mechanical engineering
Research from H Ossberger and coauthors in the area of mechanical engineering published
Research from J Li and coauthors provides new data about mechanical engineering
Research from M Silvast and coresearchers in the area of mechanical engineering described
Research from MXD Li et al has provided new information about mechanical engineering
Research from QZ Wang et al broadens understanding of mechanical engineering
Research from VG Marian and coresearchers yields new findings on mechanical engineering
Research in the area of mechanical engineering reported from JY Choi and colleagues
Control mechanism strategies for spinstabilized projectiles
Research on mechanical engineering described by D Lara and colleagues
Research results from NA Prakash and colleagues update understanding of mechanical engineering
The Evolution of the Field of Biomechanics Through the Lens of Experimental Mechanics
CPGbased control of serpentine locomotion of a snakelike robot
A preliminary numerical and experimental investigation on the shear stress distribution on multirow bolted FRP joints
Airborne wear particles from passenger car disc brakes a comparison of measurements from field tests a disc brake assembly test stand and a pinondis...
Analysis of the nominal load effects on gear load capacity using the finiteelement method
Dislocation approach to study interaction of adhesively bonded weak zones
Loadtransfer from fibres to a transversally isotropic layer for nondilute composites
Prediction of unsteady nonlinear combustion instability in solid rocket motors
Determination of the wear of internal combustion engine components based on measurement of the oil spectrum
Hypoelastic soft tissues
An availability analysis of dualfuel engines at part loads the effects of pilot fuel quantity on availability terms
The inception of OMA in the development of modal testing technology for wind turbines
On Relaxation Hyperbolic Systems Violating the ShizutaKawashima Condition
Parameters identification of Van der PolDuffing oscillators via particle swarm optimization and differential evolution
A variable stability projectile using an internal moving mass
Plastic collapse in presence of nonlinear kinematic hardening by the bipotential and the sequential limit analysis approaches
Comparison of decision treefuzzy and rough setfuzzy methods for fault categorization of monoblock centrifugal pump
A sensorless torque control for Antagonistic Driven Compliant Joints
Correlation and covariancesupported normalization method for estimating orthodontic trainer treatment for clenching activity
Reliable gait planning and control for miniaturized quadruped robot pet
Spiral landing guidance law design for unmanned aerial vehicle netrecovery
A closed formsolution for bendingstretching analysis of functionally graded circular plates under asymmetric loading using the Green function
Numerical study of the transient behaviour of a thermal storage module containing phasechange material
Effect of bearing number on nonlinear dynamic behaviour of aerodynamic noncircular journal bearing systems
A novel shock isolator for heavy structure installation
Active control and experiment study of a flexible hubbeam system
Shock wave characteristics of a hydraulic damper for shock test machine
The influences on railway rolling noise of a rail vibration absorber and wave reflections due to multiple wheels
Wing flutter simulations using an aeroelastic solver based on the predictorcorrector scheme
The method for analysing and disposing of functional interaction in axiomatic design
A new criterion for assessment of train derailment risk
Assessing dynamic response of multispan viscoelastic thin beams under a moving mass via generalized moving least square method
Dynamic pullin instability of electrostatically actuated beams incorporating Casimir and van der Waals forces
Experimental study on correlation between turbulence and sound in a subsonic wind tunnel
Hyperelastic materials behavior modeling using consistent strain energy density functions
New visions in experimental investigations of a supersonic underexpanded jet into a high subsonic crossflow
Nonlinear behaviour of the regenerative chatter in turning process with a worn tool Forced oscillation and stability analysis
Parametric identification of fractionalorder systems using a fractional Legendre basis
Squeezability Part 2 getting stuff out of a bottle
Divergence and flutter of shear deformable aircraft swept wings subjected to roll angular velocity
Filmforming properties and traction of nonfunctionalized polyalkylmethacrylate solutions under transition from elastohydrodynamic lubrication to t...
Functional solving process model toward product innovation design based on a functional solving model with multiple elements and evolutions
A mixed lubrication model incorporating measured surface topography Part 2 roughness treatment model validation and simulation
Multivariate Statistical Approach to Structural Damage Detection
Passivitybased control of linear switched reluctance motors
An analytical model of thermal contact resistance based on the WeierstrassMandelbrot fractal function
Buckling of parabolic shallow arches when support stiffens under compression
Realtime Detection and Analysis of Damage in Highperformance Concrete under Cyclic Bending
Impact of leanburn control technology on the fuel economy and NOx emission of gasoline engines
Mesh Dependence and Nonlocal Regularization of OneDimensional Strain Softening Plasticity
The requirement for smart catheters for advanced endovascular applications
Lowerextremity musculoskeletal geometry affects the calculation of patellofemoral forces in vertical jumping and weightlifting
The effect of load application rate on the biomechanics of synthetic femurs
A robust onedimensional regressive discrete Fourier series
Direct multivariate subspace time identification
Identification of unbalance forces by metaheuristic search algorithms
Multistate stochastic network interdiction via reliability modelling and evolutionary optimization
Studies by SL Grassie and coauthors describe new findings in mechanical engineering
Studies from A Almasi and colleagues reveal new findings on mechanical engineering
Studies from D Dabirrahmani et al add new findings in the area of bone research
Studies from E Sarrouy and coresearchers update current data on signal processing
Studies from P Ballard and colleagues reveal new findings on mechanical engineering
Studies from SY Park et al further understanding of mechanical engineering
Studies from XH Chen and coresearchers in the area of mechanical engineering published
Study findings from N Lechevin et al provide new insights into mechanical engineering
Study findings from XJ Gu et al provide new insights into mechanical engineering
Effects of thermophoresis on the forced convective laminar flow of a viscous incompressible fluid over a rotating disk
Effects of bone density alterations on strain patterns in the pelvis application of a finite element model
Robust variable structure attitude control with L2gain performance for a flexible spacecraft including input saturation
Structural health monitoring using shaped sensors
Novel Method for Analyzing Crack Growth in Polymeric Microtensile Specimens by In Situ Atomic Force Microscopy
A nonlinear theory of torsional divergence
Parameter study for the finite element modelling of long bones with computedtomographyimagingbased stiffness distribution
Effects of prebuckling analyses on determining buckling loads of pinended circular arches
Hydraulically interconnected vehicle suspension optimization and sensitivity analysis
Tribological behaviour of lubricated surfaces under application of electric current
Dynamic and vibration analysis of a satellite with flexible panels equipped with variablespeed control moment gyros
Fuzzy supervisor approach on logicbased switching H2Hinfinity
Stressbased binary differential evolution for topology optimization of structures
Improving bending stress in spur gears using asymmetric gears and shape optimization
Elastogeometrical modeling and calibration of redundantly actuated PKMs
Rejection of fixed direction disturbances in multivariable electromechanical motion systems
A moment method for low speed microflows
Lasertriangulation device for inline measurement of road texture at medium and high speed
Mechatronic analysis of a complex transmission chain for performance optimization in a machine tool
Rotor balancing using high breakdownpoint and boundedinfluence estimators
A new possibilistic reliability index definition
Energy Emissions from Failure Phenomena Mechanical Electromagnetic Nuclear
Progressive Collapse Mechanisms of Brittle and Ductile Framed Structures
Analytical investigations on different air injection angles to optimize power output of a vanedtype air turbine
Dynamic response of a rigid block resting on a diagonally shaken horizontal substrate
Combined buoyancy and viscous effects in liquidliquid flows in a vertical pipe
Probabilistic Seismic Demand Models and Fragility Estimates for Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges with One SingleColumn Bent
Stiffness Degradation and Time to Cracking of Cover Concrete in Reinforced Concrete Structures Subject to Corrosion
The effects of heat transfer on performance and exergy destruction for a turbocharged sparkignition engine
Displacement and Strain Measurement by Circular and Radial Gratings Moir Method
Prediction and suppression of inconsistent natural frequency and mode coupling of a cylindrical ultrasonic stator
Variablevalveactuationenabled highefficiency gasoline engine
Sampling Moir Method for Accurate Small Deformation Distribution Measurement
Guideline of design on coated films with a gradient layer under elastohydrodynamic lubrication conditions
Effects of surface texture size on the tribological properties of slideways
A dynamic analysis of a continuous welded rail track under a longitudinal stress caused by temperature changes
Analytical expressions for stress and displacement fields in viscoelastic axisymmetric plane problem involving timedependent boundary regions
Characterization of forces dynamic response and sound radiation from an articulated switch sleeper in a turnout system
Mechatronics education at CDHAW of Tongji University Laboratory guidelines framework implementations and improvements
Study on the combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine with multiinjection modes based on experimental investigation and computati...
Transfer matrix solutions to axisymmetric and nonaxisymmetric consolidation of multilayered soils
Robust control of rotary crane by partialstate feedback with integrator
A biomechanical evaluation of orthopaedic implants for hip fractures by finite element analysis and invitro tests
The role of vessel geometry and material properties on the mechanics of stenting in the coronary and peripheral arteries
A method for mapping the boundaries of collisionfree reachable workspaces
Attempt at unitary magnetorheological finishing for a pierced die cavity
Design methods of rhombic tensegrity structures
Element Integration Method for upper bound limit analysis
Laser surface cladding the state of the art and challenges
Morphological stability analysis of vesicles with mechanicalelectrical coupling effects
Performance comparison of three planar 3DOF parallel manipulators with 4RRR 3RRR and 2RRR structures
New approach for swinging up the Furuta pendulum Theory and experiments
Cavitation and contrast the use of bubbles in ultrasound imaging and therapy
New insights into tooth wear based on in vitro studies
Experimental analysis of reciprocating compressor performance with ecofriendly refrigerants
Gas Flows with Several Thermal Nonequilibrium Modes
Strain Separation on a Nonplanar Object Using a Luminescent Photoelastic Coating
The role of interface DoFs in decoupling of substructures based on the dual domain decomposition
Sample average approximation applied to the capacitatedfacilities location problem with unreliable facilities
Forward kinematics modelling of a parallel ankle rehabilitation robot using modified fuzzy inference
Optimum design of linear tuned mass dampers for structures with nonlinear behaviour
Waketracking and turbulence modelling in computational aerodynamics of wind turbine aerofoils
Manufacturing and assembly automation by integrated metrology systems for aircraft wing fabrication
The effect of engine and transmission oil viscometrics on vehicle fuel consumption
The use of multivariate models for the prediction of heat transfer in vehicle exhaust systems
Using constraints at the conceptual stage of the design of carton erection
A kinematic analysis of meshing polymer gear teeth
Modelling the response of a standing person to the slipstream generated by a passenger train
Realtime train rescheduling in junction areas
State of the art for European track maintenance and renewal logistics
Some torsional stiffness and damping characteristics of a small pneumatic tyre and the implications for powertrain dynamics
A Sharp Interface Model for the Propagation of Martensitic Phase Boundaries
Numerical analysis of sedimentation of a 2D or 3D cold particle
An assessment of steering drift during braking a comparison between finiteelement and rigid body analyses
Design concepts and analysis of a semiactive steering system for a passenger car
Applications of continuous tracking SLDV measurement methods to axially symmetric rotating structures using different excitation methods
Compensating combustion forces for automotive electromagnetic valves
HoleDrilling Residual Stress Measurements at 75 Origins Advances Opportunities
Relaxation Methods for Measuring Residual Stresses Techniques and Opportunities
Dimensionless flow equations for dynamic simulation of turbomachine components and fluid systems
On the thermoelastostatics of heterogeneous materials I General integral equation
An optimum design for composite helical springs
Micromechanical Formulation of Stress Dilatancy as a Flow Rule in Plasticity of Granular Materials
On the BrezisNirenberg Problem
Structural Reliability Estimation with VibrationBased Identified Parameters
Quantitative Structural Health Monitoring by Ultrasonic Guided Waves
Detection of Changes in Global Structural Stiffness Coefficients Using Acceleration Feedback
Factors influencing the energy consumption of road freight transport
Threedimensional ultrasound imaging
Center of percussion and gait design of biped robots
Determination of the Constitutive Relation Parameters of a Metallic Material by Measurement of Temperature Increment in Compressive Dynamic Tests
Response Surface Models to Detect and Localize Distributed Cracks in a Complex Continuum
Towards an understanding of the loosening characteristics of prevailing torque nuts
Numerical Simulation of Damage Localization in Polyester Mooring Ropes
Nonlinear Large Deformation FiniteElement BeamColumn Formulation for the Study of the Human Spine Investigation of the Role of Muscle on Spi...
Investigation of turbulence and blade orientation effects in a radial diffuser pump by laser Doppler velocimetry
Solutions of the moment hierarchy in the kinetic theory of Maxwell models
Elastodynamic analysis of a gear pump Part II Meshing phenomena and simulation results
Global Nonexistence for Nonlinear Kirchhoff Systems
Process value analysis for business process reengineering
Shrinkage Measurement in Concrete Materials using Cure Reference Method
Edgewave buckling of rolled elastic strips asymptotic results
Modifications to the response of a parametrically excited cantilever beam by means of smart active elements
On the SchrodingerPoissonSlater System Behavior of Minimizers Radial and Nonradial Cases
Improved Decentralized Method for Control of Building Structures under Seismic Excitation
A predictive capability for the aerodynamic deformation of convertible car roofs
Investigation of relative micromotion at the stemcement interface in total hip replacement
New approximate analytical solutions for creeping flow past axisymmetric rigid bodies
Peeling behavior and spalling resistance of CFRP sheets bonded to bent concrete surfaces
Greydata envelopment analysis approach for solving the multiresponse problem in the Taguchi method
Mechanical Characterization of Coatings Using Microbeam Bending and Digital Image Correlation Techniques
Surface analysis of the elastomer in lip seals run against shafts manufactured with microcavity patterns
Analysis of forces and moments in gerotor pumps
A numerical study of projectile impact on thin aluminium plates
An analysis of the contact stress distribution at the surface of the tooling during the CONFORM process
Combustion and the design of future engine fuels
Modelling cement augmentation a comparative experimental and finite element study at the continuum level
Modifying strainhardening of carbon steels for improved finite element simulation of orthogonal machining
Polyurethane as a potential knee hemiarthroplasty biomaterial an invitro simulation of its tribological performance
Tribofilm formation in biotribocorrosion does it regulate ion release in metalonmetal artificial hip joints?
Automated invitro testing of orthopaedic implants a case study in shoulder joint replacement
In vitro friction and lubrication of large bearing hip prostheses
Shakedown Approaches to Rut Depth Prediction in LowVolume Roads
Laser forming overview of the controlling factors in the temperature gradient mechanism
Laserassisted Direct Write for aerospace applications
Conditions for photovoltaics deployment in the UK the role of policy and technical developments
Incipient slip conditions in the rolling contact of tyred wheels
Prediction of coolant deflection tendencies in rotating film cooling
STING a softtissue intervention and neurosurgical guide to access deep brain lesions through curved trajectories
Symmetry Reduced Dynamics of Charged Molecular Strands
Effect of the dwell angle of split injection in a singlecylinder optical diesel engine
Effect of lubricant additives in rolling contact fatigue
Natural roller bearing fault detection by angular measurement of true instantaneous angular speed
Efficient Model Correction Method with Modal Measurement
A lowcost electricity generator for rural areas using a travellingwave loopedtube thermoacoustic engine
Application of novel polar representation method for monitoring minor engine condition variations
Optimization of thermoacoustic stacks for low onset temperature engines
Understanding the effect of nonconventional laser beam geometry on material processing by finiteelement modelling
A maximum dissipation thermodynamic multiscale model for the dynamic response of the arterial elastinwater system
Macro to Nanoindentation Hardness StressStrain Aspects of Crystal ElasticPlasticCracking Behaviors
NanoPattern Recognition and Correlation Technique for SubNanometer InPlane Displacement Measurement
Effect of fluid application conditions on grinding behaviour
Micromechanical Modeling for Inherent Anisotropy in Granular Materials
Stability of Gasless Combustion Fronts in OneDimensional Solids
Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of strained heteroepitaxial growth with intermixing
Online tracking of instantaneous frequency and amplitude of dynamical system response
Singularity Analysis Of A Kinematically Simple Class Of 7jointed Revolute Manipulators
Algorithmic tangent stiffness in elastoplasticity and elastoviscoplasticity A geometric insight
Longtime behaviour of fluid motions in porous media according to the Brinkman model
Variational Formulation of the First Principle of Continuum Thermodynamics
Interstory drifts of multistory buildings under random earthquake excitations
Nonlinear Thermoelastic Buckling of PinEnded Shallow Arches under Temperature Gradient
The influence of coolant temperature on a singleeffect lithium bromidewater absorption chiller when energized from a lowtemperature source
Wet adhesive wear characteristics of untreated oil palm fibrereinforced polyester and treated oil palm fibrereinforced polyester composites using the ...
On the mechanical properties of a treated betelnut fibrereinforced polyester composite
Comparison of the indicated work outputs idle stabilities and heat release characteristics of a directinjection diesel engine operating cold at two compr...
Computational simulation of the relaxation of local stresses due to foreign object damage under cyclic loading
Passive contramagnetized parallelairgap serial flux magnetic bearings
Penetrative convection via internal heating in anisotropic porous media
Form inspection using kernel methods
Optimal vibration control of beamtype structures using multipletunedmassdampers
Scalingfactor estimation using an optimized masschange strategy
Boundary Regularity in Variational Problems
The evolution of electrochemical microstructural and mechanical properties of aluminium alloy 2024T4 D16AT during fatigue cycling
On the slabbing of stones through diamond wire cutting operations
A closedform solution for in vitro transient ultrasonic wave propagation in cancellous bone
Modeling the lateral pedestrian force on a rigid floor by a selfsustained oscillator
The Dielectric Permittivity of Crystals in the Reduced HartreeFock Approximation
Generic differential kinematic modeling of articulated mobile robots
Invertibility and Weak Continuity of the Determinant for the Modelling of Cavitation and Fracture in Nonlinear Elasticity
Dimensional Analysis of the Earthquake Response of a Pounding Oscillator
Timeoptimal task scheduling for two robotic manipulators operating in a threedimensional environment
Beyond kinetic relations
Shocks versus kinks in a discrete model of displacive phase transitions
Influence of pad and runner mechanical deformations on the performance of a hydrodynamic fixed geometry thrust bearing
The effect of temperature on the mechanical properties of adhesives for the automotive industry
Design life prediction of a heavy haul track foundation
Melnikov chaos in a periodically driven RayleighDuffing oscillator
Cultured neural networks
A dissipation model for cyclic nonassociative thermoplasticity at finite strains
A thrust network approach to the equilibrium problem of unreinforced masonry vaults via polyhedral stress functions
Reciprocal and variational principles in linear thermoelasticity without energy dissipation
On the zeros of the transfer function of flexible link manipulators and their nonminimum phase behaviour
Numerical investigation and validation of the optimization of a centrifugal compressor using a response surface method
Modelling of neurofuzzy control of a flexible link
Fuzzy modelling control and bifurcationbased stability analysis of a gasoline direct injection engine
Parametric modelling application to a twin rotor system using recursive least squares genetic and swarm optimization techniques
Stochastic approach to modelling of nearperiodic jumping loads
A new iterative approach to the optimization of thermal energy systems application to the regenerative Brayton cycle
Dynamic Separation of Resistance Spot Welded Joints Part IExperiments
Performance and emission investigation of a fourstroke liquefied petroleum gas sparkignition engine generator used in a Malaysian night market
Identifying joints from measured reflection coefficients in beamlike structures with application to a pipe support
Life cycle cost modelling as an aircraft design support tool
Performance of the resurfaced hip Part 2 The influence of prosthesis stem design on remodelling and fracture of the femoral neck
Testing of Prestressed Concrete Shell Under LongTerm Load and Unload
Competing risks and opportunistic informative maintenance
Parametric finiteelement studies on the effect of tool shape in friction stir welding
Verifiable control of a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles
Identification procedure for epistemic uncertainties using inverse fuzzy arithmetic
Inelastic Plate Buckling
Implementation and investigation of internetbased teleoperation of a mobile robot using wave variable approach
The dynamics of thick curved beams constructed with functionally graded materials
Fast detection of system nonlinearity using nonstationary signals
Hyperelastic materials modelling using a strain measure consistent with the strain energy postulates
Investigation on the effects of various swirl generators on heat transfer and fluid flow in decaying swirling flows
Forced Vertical Vibration of Rigid Circular Disc on a Transversely Isotropic HalfSpace
The effect of viscous dissipation on laminar nanofluid flow in a microchannel heat sink
The pulsatile flow of OldroydB fluid in a multistenosis artery with a timedependent wall
Dynamics of a four degreesoffreedom parallel manipulator with parallelogram joints
The influence of inlet swirling on the aeration performance of liquid jet gas pumps
A SemiCircular Bend Technique for Determining Dynamic Fracture Toughness
Hybrid magnetic attitude control gain selection
Experimental characterization and damage identification of polymeric film constituting stratospheric super pressurized balloons
ScaleTransformations in the Homogenization of Nonlinear Magnetic Processes
An experimental investigation into dental wear toothtooth contact
Simulation algorithm and validation of a photovoltaic water pumping system model using longterm field data
Validation of computational models in biomechanics
Description of the Inelastic Collision of Two Solitary Waves for the BBM Equation
Genetic adaptive state estimation with missing inputoutput data
Tools and techniques for understanding the fundamentals of automotive sound quality
Modified CrossCorrelation Method for the Blind Identification of Structures
Very fast blind source separation by signal to noise ratio based stopping threshold for the SHIBBSSJAD algorithm
Evaluation of synthetic composite tibias for fracture testing using impact loads
Force sensing and its application in minimally invasive surgery and therapy a survey
Desirable eigenstructure for good shortterm helicopter handling qualities the rate command response case
Visual control of vehicles using twoview geometry
Digital signal processing of incylinder pressure for combustion diagnosis of internal combustion engines
Estimation of Influence Tensors for Eigenstressed Multiphase Elastic Media with Nonaligned Inclusion Phases of Arbitrary Ellipsoidal Shape
On the internal structure of weakly nonlinear bores in laminar high Reynolds number flow
A cumulativesummationbased stochastic knock controller
Stationary or onboard energy storage systems for energy consumption reduction in a metro network
Modeling of granular media submitted to internal underpressure
Local Delamination Buckling of Laminated Composite Beams Using Novel Joint Deformation Models
TimeDomain Model for Predicting Aerodynamic Loads on a Slender Support Structure for Fatigue Design
Hinfinity stability analysis for delayed Hopfield neural networks
Study on steam turbine fault diagnosis and maintenance service grid system
The effect of microporous layers on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
New Multidimensional Visualization Technique for LimitState Surfaces in Nonlinear FiniteElement Reliability Analysis
Aerodynamic optimization of wind turbine airfoils using response surface techniques
Combustion and particulate emission characteristics of a diesel engine fuelled with dieseldimethoxymethane blends
Investigation of external restraining force effects on welding residual stresses using threedimensional thermal elasticplastic multibody coupling finite ...
The effect of stem structure on stress distribution of a custommade hip prosthesis
Computation of rotating blade noise scattered by a centrifugal volute
Fault diagnosis approach based on Volterra models
MD simulation of a copper rod under thermal shock
Modelling and simulation of a twoaxis tracking system
Wear prediction of clearance joint by integrating multibody kinematics with finiteelement method
An inertial piezoelectric rotary motor
Optimal shape design of a brake calliper for squeal noise reduction considering system instability
Robotic colorectal surgery where are we right now?
A twodegreeoffreedom hip exoskeleton device for an immature animal model of exerciseinduced LeggCalvePerthes disease
Observerbased cascade control of a 6DOF parallel hydraulic manipulator in joint space coordinate
5Link model based gait trajectory adaption control strategies of the gait rehabilitation exoskeleton for poststroke patients
An eigen theory of waves in piezoelectric solids
Vertical Vibrations of a Rigid Foundation Embedded in a Poroelastic Half Space
Structural Engineering
Data on structural engineering reported by P Marin and coresearchers
Ductility demand spectra for multiple near and farfault earthquakes
Elastic buckling of coldformed steel columns and beams with holes
Intelligent fuzzy weighted input estimation method for the input force on the plate structure
Solution method for the classical beam theory using differential quadrature
Feasibility analysis of a movable bridge compensating for clearance deficit during floods
A macroelement to simulate dynamic SoilStructure Interaction
InPlane Behavior of Partially Grouted Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Walls
Analysis of electrical accidents in UK domestic properties
Multicriteria Capacity Envelopes for Biaxial Bending of Concrete Hydraulic Structures
Estimation of hourly averaged solar irradiation evaluation of models
Delay Correlation of Mechanical Hysteresis and Damping
Multiobjective optimization of orthogonally stiffened cylindrical shells for minimum weight and maximum axial buckling load
Mechanical behavior and buckling failure of sharpnotched circular tubes under cyclic bending
Windstructure interaction in conductor bundles in transmission lines
Characterization and modeling of multiple friction pendulum isolation system with numerous sliding interfaces
Findings from J Aviles and coresearchers advance knowledge in structural engineering
Fullscale validation of vortex suppression techniques for mitigation of roof uplift
Experimental Study on FireExposed Rectangular ConcreteFilled Steel Tubular CFST Columns Subjected to BiAxial Force and Bending
Experimental investigation on CFRPtoconcrete bonded joints across crack
Efficiency assessment of CFRP laminate reinforcement of a partly deficient posttensioned flyover
The Group Search Optimizer and its Application to Truss Structure Design
Inverse determination of soil density and stress state using dispersion wave measurements and cone penetration tests in a nonlayered soil
Damage detection for beam structures using an anglebetweenstringandhorizon flexibility matrix
System identification of steel framed structures with semirigid connections
Measured and simulated air pressure conditions in Finnish residential buildings
On The Applicability Of Pushover Analysis For Seismic Evaluation Of Medium And Highrise Buildings
Experience of using a chilled water circuit design to expedite in situ chiller performance measurement
Finite element modeling of confined concreteI DruckerPrager type plasticity model
Modelbased optimal start control strategy for multichiller plants in commercial buildings
Modelling sanitary demands for occupant loads in shopping centres of Hong Kong
Normalised spectrum for flowgenerated noise prediction using computational fluid dynamics
Secondorder analysis and design of imperfect composite beamcolumns
StressStrain Behavior of Concrete in Hybrid FRPConcreteSteel DoubleSkin Tubular Columns
Thermal comfort in an office with intermittent airconditioning operation
Behaviour of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Hybrid FRP Composite Rebar
Vulnerability assessment of singlepylon cablestayed bridges using plastic limit analysis
Experimental Research on and Application of TwicePrestressed Concrete Beam
Postbuckling analysis of piles by perturbation method
Health monitoring of flexural steel structures based on distributed fibre optic sensors
A hybrid neural network strategy for identification of structural parameters
Evaluation of Direct Strength Method for CFS Compression Members without Stiffeners
Seismic Performance of Benchmark Highway Bridge with Variable Friction Pendulum System
Strength of coldformed lipped channel beams under interaction of local distortional and lateral torsional buckling
Vertical geometric irregularity in stepped building frames
Stiffness of Reinforced Concrete Frame Members for Seismic Analysis
Seismic Resistance Capacity of HighRise Buildings Subjected to LongPeriod Ground Motions EDefense Shaking Table Test
Wave propagation in the elastic halfspace due to an interior load and its application to ground vibration problems and buildings on pile foundations
Behavior of concrete prisms confined with FRP composites under axial cyclic compression
Dynamic analysis of concrete arch dams by idealcoupled modal approach
A novel concept of convertible roofs with high transformability consisting of planar scissorhinge structures
Finite element procedures for the numerical simulation of fatigue crack propagation under mixed mode loading
Acceleration trajectory tracking control for earthquake simulators
Damreservoirmassed foundation system and travelling wave along reservoir bottom
Earthquake Analysis Of Reinorced Concrete Minarets Using Ambient Vibration Test Results
Progressive collapse analysis of a RC building subjected to blast loads
An analytical approach to traininduced site vibration around Shinkansen viaducts
Elastic lateraltorsional buckling strength of Igirder with trapezoidal web corrugations using a new warping constant under uniform moment
On strain change of prestressing strand during detensioning procedures
Flexural behavior of hybrid precast concrete beams with Hsteel beams at both ends
Response Spectrum Method for Kinematic SoilPile Interaction Analysis
Modularized Topdown Construction Technique Using Suspended Pour Forms modularized Rc System Downward Mrsd
Comparison of One and TwoWay Slab Minimum Thickness Provisions in Building Codes and Standards
Behavior of Hollow TubularFlange Girder Systems for Curved Bridges
Fatigue assessment of welded trapezoidal joints of a very fast ferry subjected to combined load
Numerical assessment of seismic safety of liquid storage tanks and performance of base isolation system
Methodology of LongTerm RealTime Condition Assessment for Existing CableStayed Bridges
Laboratory Tests and Numerical Analyses of Prefabricated TimberConcrete Composite Floors
Selection of maintenance actions using the analytic hierarchy process AHP decisionmaking in railway infrastructure
Numerical simulation of idealised threedimensional downburst wind fields
Characteristics of Rectangular Flanged and EndConfined Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Walls for Seismic Design
Deterministic and probabilistic representation of nearfield pulselike ground motion
Experimental study on steel tubular columns infilled with plain and steel fiber reinforced concrete
Adaptive Harmony Search Method for Structural Optimization
An improvement to linearelastic procedures for seismic performance assessment
Effect of superstructureabutment continuity on live load distribution in integral abutment bridge girders
Seismic strengthening of rectangular reinforced concrete columns using fiber reinforced polymers
Evaluation of building period formulas for seismic design
Influence of Effective Depth on Shear Strength of Concrete BeamsExperimental Study
Seismic assessment of an existing nonseismically designed major bridgeabutmentfoundation system
Towards DamageBased Design Approach for RC Bridge Columns Under Combined Loadings Using Damage Index Models
CFDST stub columns subjected to large deformation axial loading
Coupled stability analysis of thinwalled composite beams with closed crosssection
Groundmotion attenuation relationship for the Sumatran megathrust earthquakes
Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Exterior Wide BeamColumn Joints
Seismic performance assessment of baseisolated safetyrelated nuclear structures
Verification of Nondimensional Energy SpectrumBased Blast Design for Reinforced Concrete Members through Actual Blast Tests
Seismic vulnerability functions of multistorey buildings estimation and applications
Seismic Vulnerability of an Inventory of Overturning Objects
Application of HilbertHuang transform to characterize soil liquefaction and quay wall seismic responses modeled in centrifuge shakingtable tests
Evaluation of equivalent linear methods for estimating target displacements of existing structures
Optimum design and experimental study of multiple tuned mass dampers with limited stroke
Protection of seismic structures using semiactive friction TMD
Characteristics of the strong ground motions from the 6 April 2009 LAquila earthquake Italy
Safety of Structures in Strong Winds and Earthquakes Multihazard Considerations
Strength and behaviour of reinforced SCC wall panels in oneway action
Dynamic nonlinear response of pile foundations under vertical vibrationTheory versus experiment
Optimization of elastic columns using axial grading concept
Nonlinear Performance of Explicit Pseudodynamic Algorithms
LargeScale Experimental Study of Precast Segmental Unbonded Posttensioned Concrete Bridge Columns for Seismic Regions
Cyclic tests of four twostory narrow steel plate shear walls Part 2 Experimental results and design implications
Subassemblage tests and finite element analyses of sandwiched bucklingrestrained braces
An efficient mathematical programming method for the elastoplastic analysis of frames
Interaction of foundationstructure systems with seismically precarious slopes Numerical analysis with strain softening constitutive model
On the effect of internal flow on vibrating catenary risers in three dimensions
The impact of the earthquake incident angle on the seismic loss estimation
Strategy for numerical verification of steel structures at the ultimate limit state
Wind buckling of metal tanks during their construction
On free vibration analysis of thinwalled beams axially loaded
On the stability of a nonconvolutional perfectly matched layer for isotropic elastic media
New findings from SC Chun and coresearchers in the area of structural engineering described
New research on structural engineering from M Fragiadakis and coauthors summarized
New structural engineering data have been reported by NM Apaydin and coauthors
New structural engineering study findings have been reported from Polytechnic University
New structural engineering study results reported from S Ernst et al
Modeling of timber beams strengthened with various CFRP composites
Mixed FiniteElement Modeling of Rectangular ConcreteFilled Steel Tube Members and Frames under Static and Dynamic Loads
Seismic performance of ordinary RC frames retrofitted at joints by FRP sheets
New accuracy indicator to quantify the true and false modes for eigensystem realization algorithm
Static tests on a soilsteel bridge structure with a relieving slab
Bestfit models for nonlinear seismic response of reinforced concrete frames
Numerical solution of curved pipes submitted to inplane loading conditions
Behaviour of multispan coldformed Zpurlins with bolted lapped connections
Plastic mechanisms database for thinwalled coldformed steel members in compression and bending
Parametric study on buckling behaviour of dented short carbon steel cylindrical shell subjected to uniform axial compression
Elastic Buckling of ColdFormed ThinWalled Channel Beams with Drop Flanges
A numerical investigation into the response of free end tubular composite poles subjected to axial and lateral loads
Builtup hybrid composite box girders fabricated and tested in flexure
Experimental studies on the shear behaviour and strength of LiteSteel beams
PerformanceBased Procedure for Direct Displacement Design of Engineered WoodFrame Structures
Reports by D Ambrosini and coresearchers describe recent advances in structural engineering
Reports from GG Penelis and coresearchers add new data to research in structural engineering
Reports outline structural engineering study findings from S Guner and colleagues
Reports summarize structural engineering study results from Widianto and coresearchers
Research by HK Miyamoto and colleagues in structural engineering provides new insights
Research conducted at SE Quiel and coauthors has provided new information about structural engineering
Research from CA Stamatopoulos and colleagues provide new insights into structural engineering
Research from L Ronning and colleagues provide new insights into structural engineering
Research from T Carlberger and coauthors in the area of structural engineering published
Crack Detection Application for Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using BOCDABased Optical Fiber Strain Sensor
Research on structural engineering detailed by K Chung and coauthors
Research on structural engineering discussed by J Park and coresearchers
Research on structural engineering reported by CC Tsai et al
Research reports on geometry from A Lago and colleagues provide new insights
Research results from KK Sasaki and coauthors update knowledge of structural engineering
Dynamic testing of a soilsteel composite railway bridge
Application of fiber element in the assessment of the cyclic loading behavior of RC columns
Effect of Wall Flexibility on Dynamic Response of Concrete Rectangular Liquid Storage Tanks under Horizontal and Vertical Ground Motions
Nonlinear behavior of concrete gravity dams and effect of input spatially variation
Structural assessment of corroded selfconsolidating concrete beams
Tracking ErrorBased Servohydraulic Actuator Adaptive Compensation for RealTime Hybrid Simulation
Confidence Factor?
ReliabilityBased Evaluation of Flexural Members Strengthened with Externally Bonded FiberReinforced Polymer Composites
Simulating soil stiffness degradation in transient site response predictions
Elastoplastic stability of singlelayer reticulated shells
Shear strength and behavior of tubed reinforced and steel reinforced concrete TRC and TSRC short columns
Inelastic buckling behavior of steel members under reversed cyclic loading
Elongation of Reinforced Concrete Members Subjected to Cyclic Loading
Simulation study on hydronic balancing to improve individual room control for radiant floor heating system
Inelastic Displacement Amplification Factor for Ductile Structures with Constant Strength Reduction Factor
A SANISAND model with anisotropic elasticity
Optimal Layout of Gill Cells for Very Large Floating Structures
Accurate Stress Analysis on Steel Box Girder of Long Span Suspension Bridges Based on MultiScale Submodeling Method
Pretension Process Analysis of Archsupported Prestressed Grid Structures Based on Member Initial Deformation
Structural Damage Warning of a LongSpan CableStayed Bridge Using Novelty Detection Technique Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis
Vibration Test and Analysis of An Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Under MultiSupport Excitations
Correlation model for spatially distributed groundmotion intensities
Fragility Assessment of Reduced Beam Section Moment Connections
Effects of Large Cumulative Travel on the Behavior of LeadRubber Seismic Isolation Bearings
Nonlinear Static Analysis of Structures with Rocking Columns
Principles of scaling and similarity for testing of leadrubber bearings
Studies from D Ha and colleagues yield new information about structural engineering
Study data from A Calabrese and colleagues update understanding of structural engineering
Study results from JF Miller and colleagues broaden understanding of structural engineering
Fuzzy hybrid control of a windexcited tall building
Collapse modelling analysis of a precast soft storey building in Australia
Assessment of longterm behavior of tuned mass dampers by system identification
Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Beams with Partial Interaction in Steel Frame Structures at Elevated Temperature
Using multiple point constraints in finite element analysis of two dimensional contact problems
Longterm deflection of cracked composite beams with nonlinear partial shear interaction A study using neural networks
Determination of impact factor for steel railway bridges considering simultaneous effects of vehicle speed and axle distance to span length ratio
Effects of plastic fines on the instability of sand
Nonlinear response of a resonant viscoelastic microbeam under an electrical actuation
Moisture and Biodeterioration Risk of Building Materials and Structures
Embedded waterbased surface heating part 2 experimental validation
Experiments on Reinforced Brick Masonry Vaulted Light Roofs
Rainwindinduced cable vibrations in the Alamillo cablestayed bridge Sevilla Spain Assessment and remedial action
A computer method for nonlinear inelastic analysis of 3D semirigid steel frameworks
Computerised interaction diagrams and moment capacity contours for composite steelconcrete crosssections
SN curves for fatigue of bond in reinforced concrete structures under transverse tension
Framework for analytical quantification of disaster resilience
Air permeability and thermal performance of concrete block wall specimens
Seismic Response and Fragility of Deteriorated Reinforced Concrete Bridges
Timevariant service reliability of posttensioned segmental concrete bridges exposed to corrosive environments
Windinduced vibration of a trafficsignalsupport structure with cantilevered tapered circular mast arm
OutofPlane Seismic Performance and Detailing of Brick Veneer Walls
Fragility functions for low aspect ratio reinforced concrete walls
A new method for progressive collapse analysis of RC frames under blast loading
Axial plastic collapse behavior of plates
Numerical investigation of inelastic buckling of steelconcrete composite beams prestressed with external tendons
Stability Capacity of Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Assemblies
Wind Loads and WindInduced Responses of Guangzhou New TV Tower
LongTerm Behavior of Composite Beams under Positive and Negative Bending II Analytical Study
Tests on cyclic performance of FRPconcretesteel doubleskin tubular columns
Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Strengthened with FiberReinforced Polymer or Steel Plates
Design for Moment Redistribution in RC Beams Retrofitted with Steel Plates
Shear Behavior of Concrete Slabs Longitudinally Reinforced with HighPerformance Steel
Soil characteristics and site effect assessment in the city of Delhi India using HV and fk methods
Tridimensional modelization of the impact of a vehicle against a metallic parking column at a low speed
Seismic response of a nonsymmetric rigid block on a constrained oscillating base
Structural performance of the historic and modern buildings of the University of LAquila during the seismic events of April 2009
FRPConcrete Bond Behaviour Under Cyclic Debonding Force
Criteria for uniqueness and extrema of moments in continuous end spans with differential settlement
Polymer concreteGRP plate hybrid joints for transverse momentshear continuity in GRP bridge decks
Probabilistic Seismic Loss Assessment of a Vancouver HighRise Building
Propagation of seismic waves through liquefied soils
ThreeDimensional FiniteElement Modeling of Nailed Connections in Wood
Stability Analysis of Bay Bridge Saddle Configuration
Simplified progressive collapse simulation of RC framewall structures
Antiplane foundationless soilstructure interaction
Should average shearwave velocity in the top 30 m of soil be used to describe seismic amplification?
Analytical Model for FiberReinforced PolymerJacketed Square Concrete Columns in Axial Compression
Kinematic bending moments in pile foundations
A generalized conditional intensity measure approach and holistic groundmotion selection
InPlane Experimental Testing of TimberConcrete Composite Floor Diaphragms
Probabilistic seismic performance and loss assessment of a bridgefoundationsoil system
Selfcentering structural systems with combination of hysteretic and viscous energy dissipations
Semiactive tuned mass damper building systems Design
Structural performance assessment and fatigue analysis of a railway bridge
Characterizing the diverter switch of a load tap changer in a transformer using wavelet and modal analysis
Parametric study on the dynamic response of cable stayed bridges to the sudden failure of a stay Part II Bending moment acting on the pylons and str...
Time domain identification of hybrid base isolation systems using free vibration tests
Postearthquake bridge repair cost and repair time estimation methodology
MomentRotation Response of Slender Steel IGirders
A numerical study on response factors for steel wallframe systems
Estimation of the urban heat island for UK climate change projections
Vibration analysis of pultruded FRP frames with semirigid connections
Evaluation study on structural fault of a Renaissance Italian palace
Performance of hurricane shutters under impact by roof tiles
Wind Tunnel Studies on Sawtooth and Monosloped Roofs
Fullscale dynamic response of an RC building under weak seismic motions using earthquake recordings ambient vibrations and modelling
Effects of Steel Lap Splice Locations on Strength and Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Columns
Investigation of concrete encased steel composite columns at elevated temperatures
Length of critical region for confinement steel in limited ductility highstrength reinforced concrete columns
FiniteElement Model for Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Girders
Modeling of the seismic behavior of shearcritical reinforced concrete columns
A note on the LAquila earthquake of 6 April 2009 Permanent ground displacements obtained from strongmotion accelerograms
Active base isolation of buildings subjected to seismic excitations
Characterization of shaking intensity distribution and seismic assessment of RC buildings for the Kashmir Pakistan earthquake of October 2005
Influence of inelastic seismic response modeling on regional loss estimation
Reliabilitybased optimization considering design variables of discrete size
Transverse vibrations in existing railway bridges under resonant conditions Singletrack versus doubletrack configurations
The effect of the building population and the number of floors on the vertical transportation design of low and medium rise buildings
Rupture and damage mechanism analysis of a bolted assembly using coupling techniques between AE and DIC
Groundmotion prediction by a nonparametric approach
Shear Capacity of the FlangeWeb Intersections of Brick Masonry Nonrectangular Sections
The influence of boundary conditions and axial deformability on buckling behavior of twolayer composite columns with interlayer slip
Behaviour of combined channelangle connections to tubular columns under monotonic and cyclic loading
Failure of unrestrained lightly reinforced concrete slabs under fire Part I Analytical models
Fully integrated design and analysis of Tensioned Fabric Structures Finite elements and case studies
Tsunami Catalogs for the Eastern Mediterranean Revisited
Ambient interference in longterm monitoring of buildings
Analyses of heat recovery devices in the HVAC system in an operating theatre in the tropics
Experimental Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Walls Subjected to InPlane Cyclic Loading
Shear wave velocities of Mississippi embayment soils from low frequency surface wave measurements
Numerical modelling of cracks in masonry walls due to thermal movements in an overlying slab
Applied Element Method Analysis of Porous GFRP Barrier Subjected to Blast
Comparative Analysis on the Seismic Behavior of Combined RCMasonry Buildings
Nearsource seismic demand and pulselike records A discussion for LAquila earthquake
A method for assessing kinematic bending moments at the pile head
Fatigue Evaluation for Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts
Modular HighForce Seismic MagnetoRheological Fluid Damper
Structural Behavior of Wood LightFrame Wall Segments Subjected to InPlane and OutofPlane Forces
Limit analysis of local failure in shallow spherical concrete caps subjected to uniform radial pressure
Secondorder elastic finite element analysis of steel structures using a single element per member
Distortional Buckling of ColdFormed Steel Shear Wall Studs under Uplift Force
Shear resistance of coldformed steel framed shear walls with 0686 mm 0762 mm and 0838 mm steel sheet sheathing
Reliabilitybased optimal design of linear dynamical systems under stochastic stationary excitation and model uncertainty
Composite Flexural Behavior of FullScale ConcreteFilled Tubes without Axial Loads
A study of the collapse of a WWII communications antenna using numerical simulations based on design of experiments by FEM
An analytical model based on lumped parameters for the dynamic analysis of church bells
Behavior of FiberReinforced Concrete Columns under Axially and Eccentrically Compressive Loads
1G model tests and hollow cylindrical torsional shear experiments on seismic residual displacements of fill dams from the viewpoint of seismic perfor...
The eigenvalues of isolated bridges with transverse restraints at the end abutments
A methodology for deriving analytical fragility curves for masonry buildings based on stochastic nonlinear analyses
Revisiting Eurocode 8 formulae for periods of vibration and their employment in linear seismic analysis
Structural reliability of eccentricallyloaded sections in RC columns made of recycled aggregate concrete
Extended cracked membrane model for the analysis of RC panels
Influence of soil nonlinearity on the dynamic response of highspeed railway tracks
Practical aspects of demand and capacity evaluation of RC members in the context of EC83
Guided wave damage characterisation in beams utilising probabilistic optimisation
An Efficient Approach for Seismic Fragility Assessment with Application to Old Reinforced Concrete Bridges
Concrete welding using steel fibers
Engineered cementitious composites for effective strengthening of unreinforced masonry walls
Ambient vibration retesting and operational modal analysis of the Humber Bridge
Damage Identification in a Truss Tower by Regularized Model Updating
Flexural strength and behavior of steel and FRPreinforced concretefilled FRP tube beams
Further seismic displacement PSDF results
Ground motion modelling in Tehran based on the stochastic method
Nonlinear behavior of reinforced concrete shear walls using macroscopic and microscopic models
Structure Damage Detection Using Neural Network with MultiStage Substructuring
Forced vertical vibration of rigid circular disc buried in an arbitrary depth of a transversely isotropic half space
Preparation of Engineering Geological Maps of Bam City Using Geophysical and Geotechnical Approach
Design test and field application of a GFRP corrugatedcore sandwich bridge
A numerical model based on nonconvexnonsmooth optimization for the simulation of bending tests on composite slabs with profiled steel sheeting
Finite element analysis of buried steel pipelines under strikeslip fault displacements
The projection gradient algorithm with error control for structural reliability
Dynamic Identification of a Concrete Bridge with Orthotropic PlateType Deck
Modeling Spatially Unrestricted Pedestrian Traffic on Footbridges
Strength and Stiffness of Circular ConcreteFilled Tubes
Independent component regression for predicting the responses of biaxial baseisolated buildings
Numerical simulation of a cablestayed bridge response to blast loads Part I Model development and response calculations
Response of a frame structure on a canyon site to spatially varying ground motions
Effects of a Construction Tower Crane on the Wind Loading of a HighRise Building
Horizontal Wind Loads on OpenFrame LowRise Buildings
Statistics of inelastic responses of hysteretic systems under bidirectional seismic excitations
Square hollow section SHS Tjoints with concretefilled chords subjected to inplane fatigue loading in the brace
Obtaining optimal performance with reinforcementfree concrete highway bridge decks
Optimizing Structures Subject to Multiple Deflection Constraints and Load Cases Using the Principle of Virtual Work
Estimation of particle velocity based on blast event measurements at different rock units
A numerical study into the evolution of loads on shores and slabs during construction of multistorey buildings Comparison of partial striking with ot...
An evaluation of the incidence of soil subsidence on the dynamic behaviour of a Gothic bell tower
Transformation of Fundamental Parameters for Energy Demand and Indoor Temperature from Room Level to Building Level
Buckling of cylindrical shells with longitudinal joints under external pressure
Longterm sensorbased monitoring of an LRFD designed steel girder bridge
Conceiving Methods And Innovative Approaches For Tall Building Structure Systems
Stiffnessbased design methodology for steel braced tube structures A sustainable approach
Static Strength of Tubular TJoints with Reinforced Chord under Axial Compression
Dynamic contact response of a finite beam on a tensionless Pasternak foundation under symmetric and asymmetric loading
Geometrically nonlinear static analysis of a simply supported beam made of hyperelastic material
Evaluation on structural behaviors of prestressed composite beams using external prestressing member
Steadystate response and free vibration of an embedded imperfect smart functionally graded hollow cylinder filled with compressible fluid
Stub column tests of thinwalled complex section with intermediate stiffeners
Linear and nonlinear response of concrete slab on CFR dam during earthquake
Seismic failure probability of concrete slab on CFR dams with welded and friction contacts by response surface method
Structural Health Monitoring
Surface Engineering
Surface Science and Engineering
Additional Research

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