. . It Happens!

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iUniverse, Dec 1, 2002 - Fiction - 396 pages
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Al DeGregorio s philosophy of life was very simple - ..it Happens! This is never more evident than when B.A.D. and his boys struggle to escape from the jewel thieves: "You little bastards have made a big mistake, because I'm going to fix your asses for good now," Murphy bellowed, as he raised his gun and came storming into the room. Just as B.A.D. had hoped, he was too mad and too intent on hurting them to see the trap that had been set. On his second step into the room his foot came down on the newspaper, sliding on the shit underneath like it was grease, his legs went out from beneath him, the gun went flying in the air, and he landed hard on his back, knocking the wind out of him. At this moment B.A.D. couldn't help himself and let the rope holding the bag go for good measure. The drop was perfect, the underwear opening as it fell releasing its contents directly on Murphy's face. "C'mon let's go before he regains his senses. He'll kill us for sure now," B.A.D. commanded. The four of them bolted for the door, making sure to avoid the reach of their fallen foe. They almost crushed each other, as they all tried to go through the door at the same time. As they went through the second door, and were outside, they didn't know which way to go so they just followed B.A.D. as he turned left and began running as fast as he could. Both Big Louie and Rosie had lost their towels before they had even made it through the second door, but they weren't about to stop to retrieve them. It was this sight, four young men running down the street, two of whom were naked and looked like a runaway bull and a plucked chicken, that was caught in the headlights of the car as it approached. Just like deer, mesmerized by the bright lights, they just stood there watching the car pull up within ten feet of them. They had resigned themselves to the fact that they had not escaped quickly enough and now were dead meat.

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