It Was Greek to Me

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"It Was Greek to Me" is the story of a young American diplomat in the l970s. Pat Ferguson served as the Assistant Cultural Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece. She also fell in love with a writer known as Greece's Hemingway. Pat came of age in a very exotic locale, far removed from the infl uences of her home, her family and her church. In her memoir, she dissects that process honestly and reveals why she eventually decided to return to her roots in Minnesota.

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"Good material!..."
Judith Guest,
Author, "Ordinary People"

"The story is fantastic! Wonderful material about the two young women (you and Barbara )"
Sheila O'Connor,
Author, "Where No Gods Came"

"It was such a pleasure to read your memoirs... Especially interesting was your personal slant on the ex-patriot's' life in Athens and your role as a professional in the U.S. Foreign Service It was an informative as well as entertaining read. And to have hobnobbed with so many famous people must have been a very heady experience."
Nancy Raeburn,
Author, "Mykonos: a Memoir"

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