It's about God and the Amer-Ican People: Join the Quiet Revolution and the Rebirth of Our Nation

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Tate Publishing, 2010 - Religion - 305 pages
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There is no end To The amount of criticism and satire that circulates every day regarding our current political system. Many Americans easily recognize that this nation is not at all what it used to be. But how many are led To The voting booths to cast a vote for candidates that they didn't choose and don't seem that different? How many people simply accept as fact that America must have a two-party political system? With a call to organized, peaceful action, It's About God sets forth the principles and ideas that Americans need to find their way back to full freedom. He courageously stands up against the stilted media's grand portrayal of our two parties as fighting, when they actually benefit from playing off of each other. Pointing citizens back to their original principles, It's About God explicitly defends the American right to believe in any religion Americans want, but still argues that anyone can see the moral stature of the nation's roots. As an avid patriot, Joe S. Amer-Ican calls vigorously for a return to true American values. In his no-nonsense approach and style, he seals the case against anti-American politicians and systems that are designed to control our minds, end our democracy, and abolish our freedom. He offers real solutions and insight, first with a call to God, and then with actions that can set the foundations for freeing our nation from the bondage of greed. 'Greg's book is a must read. it is not often, As a publisher, I offer this kind of support for an individual book. However, In this instance, I find that this book should be in every library.' - Dr. Richard Tate, Tate Publishing Founder & Author Acquisitions Manager Greg Litchfield (aka Joe S. Amer-Ican) held a career as a small-town bureaucrat working within the system that he now condemns. After attending Indiana University at Fort Wayne, he went on to a career in politics. He and his wife have three daughters and six grandchildren. The Amer-Ican Pledge Party supports

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