It's True! Pigs Do Fly (5)

Allen & Unwin, 1 mai 2004 - 96 pages
Psst! It's true! This is the best book on FLIGHT you'll ever read!

Who wants to fly like a bird? Almost everyone. But birds are built for flight, with wings and hollow bones, and we're not. So how do we get off the ground?

Terry Denton delves into history and finds inventors and scientists trying out all sorts of daring, gravity-defying and sometimes crazy ideas. War kites, a hot-air balloon manned by barnyard animals, an aerial steam carriage and a giant catapult all helped unlock the secret of human flight.

Flabbergast your friends with these high-flying facts and crazy crash landings.

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À propos de l'auteur (2004)

Terry Denton has illustrated many popular and funny books, including the hilarious Just series by Andy Griffiths and Duck for Cover, Spooner or Later and Freeze a Crowd by Paul Jennings and Ted Greenwood. His own books include the madly inventive Storymaze and Gasp! series. In his Wombat and Fox books, Terry's idiosyncratic sense of humour shines through, this time directed to a younger audience.

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