Italy: Remarks Made in Several Visits, from the Year 1816 to 1854


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Seite 107 - Inferno a lui s' oppose, e in vano S' armo d' Asia, e di Libia il popol misto, Che il Ciel gli die favore, e sotto ai Santi Segni ridusse i suoi compagni erranti. VENETIAN. L' arme pietose de cantar gho vogia, E de Goffredo la immortal braura Che al fin 1...
Seite 171 - Tasso endured all the horrors of a solitary cell, and was under the care of a gaoler whose chief virtue, although he was a poet and a man of letters, was a cruel obedience to the commands of his prince. His name was Agostino Mosti. Tasso says of him, in a letter to his sister, " ed usa meco ogni sorte di rigore ed inumanita.
Seite 390 - Hie superum formas superi mirantur et ipsi, Et cupiunt fictis vultibus esse pares. Non potuit natura deos hoc ore creare Quo miranda deum signa creavit homo. Vultus adest his numinibus, potiusque coluntur Artificum studio quam deitate sua.
Seite 185 - Del Gottifredo i sei ultimi canti, e de' due primi quelle stanze che saranno giudicate men ree, sì veramente che tutte queste cose siano reviste et considerate, prima dal Sigr. Scip. Gonzaga, dal Sigor. Domenico Veniero, e dal Sigor. Battu. Guarino, i quali per l' amicitia e servitù ch' io ho con loro, mi persuado che non ricuseranno questo fastidio.
Seite 126 - Dans toutes les circonstances , je ferai tout ce qui sera en mon pouvoir pour vous donner des preuves du désir que j'ai de voir se consolider votre liberté , et de voir la misérable Italie se placer enfin avec gloire , libre et indépendante des étrangers...
Seite 176 - who indulge in the dreams of earthly retribution will observe that the cruelty of Alfonso was not left without its recompence, even in his own person. He survived the affection of his subjects and of his dependants, who deserted him at his death, and suffered his body to be interred without princely or decent honours. His last wishes were neglected ; his testament cancelled. His kinsman, Don...
Seite 409 - Oblectat me, Roma, tuas spectare ruinas: Ex cujus lapsu gloria prisca patet. Sed tuus hie populus muris defossa vetustis Calcis in obsequium marmora dura coquit. Impia tercentum si sic gens egerit annos Nullum...
Seite 166 - Leonora deserted the poet in the first days of his distress ; and it is equally known that Tasso, who would not have forgotten an early flame, did not hang a single garland on the bier of his supposed mistress. § The biographer has left it without doubt that the first cause of the punishment of Tasso was his desire to be occasionally, or altogether, free from his servitude at the court of Alfonso, and that the immediate pretext of his imprisonment was no other than disrespectful mention of the Duke...
Seite 412 - IN THE last days of Pope Eugenius the Fourth, two of his servants, the learned Poggius and a friend, ascended the Capitoline Hill, reposed themselves among the ruins of columns and temples, and viewed from that commanding spot the wide and various prospect of desolation.
Seite 181 - ... there is nothing in this, if we look into the writings of the old Italians, such as Cicero and Virgil, we shall find that the English writers, in their way of thinking and expressing themselves, resemble those authors much more than the modern Italians pretend to do. And as for the poet himself from whom the dreams of this opera* are taken, I must entirely agree with Monsieur Boileau, that one verse in Virgil is worth all the clinquant or tinsel of Tasso.

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