Italy and the Italians in the Nineteenth Century: A View of the Civil, Political and Moral State of that Country: with a Sketch of the History of Italy Under the French; and a Treatise on Modern Italian Literature, Volume 1

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Page xiv - Italy : It is in the Southern division that we find the true classical ground of Italy, — the land of antiquities, and of mighty recollections, — the land of the fine arts. It is chiefly to the South that belong the romantic scenes described by poets and travellers ; — the beautiful moonlight nights, the glowing azure of the sky, — the dark blue sea, — the purple tinged mountains, — the forests of orange, lemon, and olive trees. There you find men lawless and impassioned ; and female...
Page 306 - Will no one tell me what she sings? — Perhaps the plaintive numbers flow For old, unhappy, far-off things, And battles long ago: Or is it some more humble lay, Familiar matter of to-day? Some natural sorrow, loss, or pain, That has been, and may be again?
Page 52 - tis the hour of prayer ! Ave Maria ! 'tis the hour of love ! Ave Maria ! may our spirits dare Look up to thine and to thy Son's above ! Ave Maria ! oh that face so fair ! Those downcast eyes beneath the Almighty dove — What though 'tis but a pictured image strike, That painting is no idol, — 'tis too like.
Page 168 - quali, in persona della Notte, rispose Michelagnolo così : Grato mi è il sonno , e più l'esser di sasso, Mentre che il danno e la vergogna dura , Non veder, non sentir, m' è gran ventura : Però non mi destar ; deh parla basso.
Page 173 - Se dentro a11 mur, sotto un medesmo nome. Fosser raccolti i tuoi palagi sparsi, Non ti sarian da pareggiar due Rome; quella valle che al Foscolo ispirò gli alati versi: Te beata gridai....
Page 141 - There is a strong national likeness among them. Under every portrait is an inscription, which states the name of the individual, the province he was born in, the year in which he came to Naples, that in which he departed again for China, and the epoch and mode of his death, when known. Those who have suffered martyrdom are represented with the instruments of their death ; others have chains round their necks, as a sign of their having suffered imprisonment.
Page 21 - ... servant of Acerra,* a village in the neighbourhood of Naples, and he is so highly gifted by nature and accomplished by education, that he is at once a thief, a liar, a coward, a braggart, and a debauchee : still the facetious way in which he relates his various feats, enraptures the grovelling countrymen. He delights in licentious double entendre, gross jokes, and dirty tricks ; there is not a single good quality in him : his cunning is very low, and he is always outwitted when he meets with...
Page 186 - Light as the angel shapes that bless An infant's dream, yet not the less Rich in all woman's loveliness ; — With eyes so pure, that from their ray Dark Vice would turn abash'd away, Blinded, like serpents when they gaze Upon the emerald's virgin blaze...
Page 232 - L'universo si controbilancia. Le nazioni si divorano perché una non potrebbe sussistere senza i cadaveri dell'altra. Io guardando da queste Alpi l'Italia piango e fremo, e invoco contro agl'invasori vendetta; ma la mia voce si perde tra il fremito ancora vivo di tanti popoli trapassati, quando i Romani rapivano il mondo, cercavano oltre a...
Page 90 - Yes, Love indeed is light from heaven — A spark of that immortal fire With angels shar'd — by Alia given, To lift from earth our low desire. Devotion wafts the mind above, But Heaven itself descends in love — A feeling from the Godhead caught, To wean from self each sordid thought — A Ray of him who form'd the whole — A Glory circling round the soul!

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