Jürgen Habermas on Society and Politics: A Reader

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Beacon Press, 1989 - 324 halaman
Here for the first time are Habermas's most important writings on society, the state, and social theory collected in one volume. For more than three decades Habermas has consistently attempted to supply foundations for a reconstructed Marxist social theory that provides a critical analysis of modernity. He has defended the position that only if a general notion of reason can be invoked can we hope to sustain a democratic social order. This carefully edited volume includes selections from Habermas's earliest works through his most recent: essays on the aim of social science, the structure of a theory of action and society, the development of modern society, psychoanalysis, and the crisis of the welfare state.

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Jürgen Habermas, professor of philosophy at the University of Frankfurt, has been hailed as the "foremost social and political thinker in Germany today" (Times Literary Supplement). Included here are essays on his theories of communication, socialization, social evolution, and the development of law and morality.

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