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Page 439 - I have acquired, always to extend its domain; for knowledge is immense and the spirit of man can extend infinitely to enrich itself daily with new requirements. Today he can discover his errors of yesterday and tomorrow he may obtain a new light on what he thinks himself sure of today.
Page 520 - Crampy sensation in the forehead or above the root of the nose, with a feeling as if one should lose one's reason. Rush of blood to the head, with heat and redness of the face. Throbbing of the temporal arteries; swelling of the jugular veins. These are some of the more prominent head-symptoms indicating Aconite in sanguineous apoplexy. Among the following headachesymptoms we shall discover several which likewise point to Aconite in this affection. Congestive headache comprises...
Page 43 - ... consciousness. Jerking, tearing, and stitching in the head. Spasmodic contractive feeling in the forehead, above the eyes as if the brain were pressed together. Pressing headache especially in the forehead, generally with heat in the brain, especially when walking, reflecting, or after eating.
Page 41 - Violent paiu in the small of the back, as if sprained, early in the morning, when sitting; the pain was so violent that he had to rise (1st potency, second day),'.
Page 924 - LAURIE, Dr. J. Homoeopathic Domestic Medicine, with the Treatment and Diseases of Females, Infants, Children and Adults- 7th American edition, much enlarged, with many additions, and the dose minutely indicated to every medicine.
Page 924 - ... Nature and Treatment of Apoplexy. III. The Nature and Treatment of Mental Derangement. IV. The Nature and Treatment of Irritation, Congestion, and Inflammation of the Brain and its Membranes Based on Th. J.
Page 121 - Burning and feeling of heat in the eyes. — * Inflammation of the eyes and margins of the lids, with aching pains, "especially after a cold, in new-born infants and arthritic persons.
Page i - New Manual of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica, arranged with reference to well authenticated observations at the sick bed, and accompanied by an alphabetical Repertory, to facilitate and secure the selection of a suitable remedy in any given case.
Page xvi - York, respectfully informs the Homoeopathic Physicians, and the friends of the System, that he is the sole Agent for the Leipzig Central Homoeopathic Pharmacy, and that he has always on hand a good assortment of the best Homoeopathic Medicines, in complete sets or by single vials, in Tinctures, Dilutions, and Triturations : also Pocfot Cases of Medicines; Physicians...
Page 330 - Stitching headache, -day and night, extending to the ears, root of the nose and malar bones, with painfulness of the teeth.

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