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Estes and Lauriat, 1877 - 384 pages
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Page 175 - ... there yourself, and did you not find it in the same place where you put it, exactly in the same state, and covered in the same manner ? If you put money in it, there you must find it. You told me it contained olives, and I believed you. This is all I know about the matter; you may believe me or not as you please, but I assure you I have not touched it," Ali Cogia used the gentlest means to enable the merchant to justify himself.
Page 183 - ... sentimentality? In any case, she could not have found a better argument to convince that little generous spirit. The effect was instantaneous. The idea that his mother might want him, that he could help her by his work, suddenly decided him. He looked her straight in the face. " Swear that you will always love me, that you will never be ashamed of me when my hands are blackened ? " " If I shall love you, my Jack ! " Her only answer was to cover him with kisses, hiding her agitation and her remorse...
Page 24 - It was one of the privileges of this inconsequent nature never to retain impressions for any length of time. Singularly enough, too, the tears she had just shed only seemed to add new freshness and brilliancy to her youthful beauty, as a sudden shower upon a dove's plumage seems to bring out new lustre without penetrating below the surface.
Page 309 - Where there is enough for two there is always enough for three, you know ! The difficulty is to find some one who is orderly and sober, and won't make too much trouble in the house.

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