Jack of All Trades

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AuthorHouse, 2000 - Fiction - 396 pages
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Even in the least prepared of us, there's the potential of a good life, of good deeds. Jack Zant corroborates that theory. Born into money, he didn't need to know how to get along without it or how to actually earn the stuff; it was given whenever he asked, or whenever his parents thought he needed some, which was frequently.

No matter the cushy station in life, things can change. Jack Zant's changes were radical, testing, and eventually, amazing. To arrive at that triumphant finale, he had to survive mental and physical torture--no small task, given his background, but he had help, and from the least expected and most unusual of sources. It was hidden--and deeply-- but over the years that this story covers, his character slowly began to surface. Compassion, caring, and a unique kind of communicating - perhaps this cluster of "C's" constitutes a composite of his attributes - even as hidden away as they are in the beginning.

There's one other "C": coincidence, or perhaps, design, fate. The others in his life-adventure are coincidence. He knew some of them, but not in the capacity that they emerge. Others were total strangers. Yet, in the end, they become an incredible unit.

Isolation --pain--death-- job--joy--love--loved--strange companions. Is there a common bond? Those are the ingredients of the coincidences--and Jack knows all those parts - he lives them. The summary of those parts is what makes him a man to be admired, a man with a unique ability to love, and in summary, a beautiful story.

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