Jacko, His Rise and Fall: The Social & Sexual History of Michael Jackson

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Blood Moon, 2007 - 542 стор.
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From Darwin Porter, award-winning author of such previous blockbusters as Brando Unzipped, Katharine the Great (Kate Hepburn), Howard Hughes: Hells Angel, The Secret Life of Humphrey Bogart, Hollywoods Silent Closet, and many others: JACKO, HIS RISE AND FALL: THE SEXUAL HISTORY OF MICHAEL JACKSON Youve heard scattered segments of THE MICHAEL JACKSON saga, but never in a smooth chronological progression that bonded all the elements together, and managed, en route, to include many of the entertainment industrys most intriguing celebrities: Jackie-O, the Reagans, the Bushes, the Windsors, the aristocracy of Americas pop culture, and many of the movie stars of Hollywoods Golden Age. They all opened their doors and sometimes their arms to MICHAEL, the Gloved One, the Thriller. From humble beginnings as a bubblegum star in Gary, Indiana, to his unenviable role as the most famous, and most maligned, celebrity in the world, this comprehensive biography reveals the good, the bad, the ugly, and in some cases, carefully documented interludes so bizarre as to be virtually unbelievable. Its the publishing industrys first comprehensive overview of a career that could have happened only in America. In March of 2006, The Sunday Times of London referred to Porters biography of Marlon Brando as Lurid, raunchy, perceptive, and definitely worth reading. WAIT TILL THEY SEE WHAT HES DONE WITH MICHAEL JACKSON! NO ONE, until now, has ever published a full journalistic overview of a superstar whose fame equals, (and possibly exceeds) that of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, the Queen of England, and the Pope. But here it is, at last: MICHAEL, The Gloved One, the Thriller, the pop star whose anticsonstage and off--have generated more ink, episodically, than any other living entertainer. Jacko, His Rise and Fall: The Sexual History of Michael Jackson. By Darwin Porter. Hardcover. 587 pages. with approximately 150 photographs and a detailed index listing references to the names of hundreds of celebrities and wannabes who interacted with or reacted to Michael. Dont let this one pass you by! This spring, this biographic sizzler will generate controversy--and perhaps some empathy--for the much maligned superstar.

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Google не перевіряє відгуки, але виявляє та вилучає неправдивий контент

great read

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I love this book... I learned alot about the King of Pop Читати огляд повністю

Про автора (2007)

As a young boy in Florida, celebrity biographer Darwin Porter began meeting singers who included Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra when his mother worked as the "Girl Friday" for Sophie Tucker, "the last of the red-hot mammas." Previous subjects of the biographies he has written have included Katharine Hepburn, Howard ("The Aviator") Hughes, Humphrey Bogart, and Marlon Brando, which the SUNDAY TIMES of London defined as "Lurid, raunchy, perceptive, and definitely worth reading." A Hollywood columnist and radio broadcaster, and award-winning author of many current editions of the FROMMER TRAVEL GUIDES, Porter began gathering material on Michael Jackson and his family back in the 60s, interviewing everyone from hotel managers to show business personalities about their close encounters with "Jacko." When not traveling (which is rare), Porter lives in New York City.

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