Jahr's new manual, (or Symptomen-codex.)

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W. Radde, 1848 - Homeopathy - 60 pages

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Page 222 - A number of small red vesicles at the termination of the glans behind the prepuce, changing to ulcers, which burst and discharge a yellowishwhite, staining, strong-smelling matter ; afterwards the larger ulcers...
Page 524 - ... a sensation of obstruction in the left eustachian tube, with a rushing sound in the ear of the same side, and a feeling as if the hearing were dull, while at the same time it is sensitive to the most minute sounds; increased sense of hearing with pain in the forehead.— (Trans.
Page 446 - If a person immediately after swallowing a solution of a crystalline salt, which tasted purely and strongly acid, is attacked with burning in the throat, then with burning in the stomach, vomiting, particularly of bloody matter, imperceptible pulse and excessive languor, and dies in half an hour, or still more in twenty, fifteen, or ten minutes, I do not know any fallacy which can interfere with the conclusion, that oxalic acid was the cause of death.
Page 616 - ... covered with a herpetic, horny scurf, itching intolerably, and emitting a clear fluid when scratched, or even of itself.' After the horny scurf which had formed after the vesicles had been scratched open, had crumbled away of itself within eight or ten days, new blue vesicles appeared again, with intolerable burning itching, inducing frequent scratching ; the scratching brought on a shining-red, loose swelling of the fingers (they felt like sheep-skin) with inflammation, and intolerable burning-stinging...
Page 570 - Momentary darts of pain in the forehead, obliging one to shut the eyes ; attended with giddiness. Pain on the top of the head, when rising in the morning. — Pressing pain in the temples in the forenoon, with drawing in the eyes, as if strabismus would follow.
Page 96 - But all these sensations very soon subsided, and vigor seemed to be restored to the constitution which I had not experienced for years. I have not since had a paroxysm, and only a few times some small symptoms of asthma. Besides the violent attacks, I had scarcely passed a night without more or less of it, and often so as not to be able to lie in bed. Since that time I have enjoyed as good health as, perhaps, before the first attack.
Page 343 - ... minutes. Constant nausea and inclination to vomit. the whole day, many days in succession, with heat from the pit of the stomach, to the pit of the throat ; there is no retching, the nausea is not felt while eating or drinking, for both of which she has an appetite.
Page 523 - Headache : with sickness of the stomach ; from walking ; one-sided pain just above the eyebrows, with sickness of the stomach. — The pain is increased by looking down and by stooping. — Headache ; slight...
Page 101 - CHEST. — A general tightness of the chest, with short and somewhat laborious breathing.
Page 532 - Passing attacks of vertigo in quick succession in the evening when standing, as if he would lose his senses. Violent vertigo, she dares not move her eyes ; more in the daytime than at night, generally attended with palpitation of the heart ; headache after the vertigo, as if torn and pulled into shreds. Plumbum acet.

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