Jalisco Condo Law in English

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JaliscoCondosOrg Publishing, 2011 - 174 pages
State law has regulated condos in Jalisco since 1995, and is binding on both the condo administration and all owners.Would it surprise you to learn that many condos don't follow the Jalisco condo laws?This should concern you, because it exposes your condo to potential consequences down the road that could result in financial costs or decreased property values.Many condos: X don't correctly collect condo feesX don't hold proper owners meetingsX don't carry out proper votes at these meetingsX don't have a correct administrative structureWhy does this problem exist?In most condos in Canada or the US, there's high compliance with provincial and state condo laws. The same does not occur in M xico - especially amongst condos that are run by foreigners. The management of these condos is often unaware of the details of the condo legislation - in some cases, the Board is unaware of the very existence of the law. If you're an owner, or if you're part of your condo's administration, you need to know what the law says and what the proper procedures are.If you're considering buying a condo, you need the knowledge to find out if the condo is being run properly before you buy into potential trouble.THE PROBLEM . . .The condo legislation is written in Spanish, and there's no high-quality translation designed for use by foreigner-run condo administrations.THE SOLUTION . . .This book contains the complete text of the Jalisco condo law translated into English. It's presented in a unique side-by-side format, with both Spanish and English synchronised paragraph by paragraph. You can always refer to the original Spanish at any time. As well as a high quality translation, there are in-line comments and notes to help clarify certain passages and issues. Topics covered by the condo legislation and contained in this translation: Types of condominiums & how they're createdFormat of the condo by-lawsDefinition of common propertyRights and duties of ownersRepairs, maintenance, and improvement workDuties and authority of Administrator & Council (Board)Types of owners meetings and their purposeVoting at each type of meeting - they differ significantlyFees: their purpose and how they should be assessed - including a requirement for reservesLate penalties for delinquent ownersDisputes between ownersDebt collection & suing a delinquent ownerDissolution of the condominiumIt also contains translations of other legislation related to condo management and day-to-day operation: co-ownership of property, the Public Registry of Property, powers of attorney, associations (A.C.s), legal entities, and sanctions.

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