Jamie: Reminiscences of a Jack the Lad

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AuthorHouse, 2011 - Fiction - 282 pages
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JAMIEReminiscences of a 'Jack the Lad'SynopsisThe story is written in the first person and is essentially a 'romp' - rather tongue in cheek - based on a 'rags to riches' theme and is written in two parts.The plot revolves around Jamie - the central character. Jamie is a Lancashire Lad and the bookfollows his rise from na ve youth, to hugely successful entrepreneur in the esoteric world of 'female fantasy'. Part One tells the story of how a chain of events led him into the world of female erotica and Part Two, written some twenty years later, brings the reader up to date with his achievements. The Prologue sets the scene: following the death of his dad; killed in action in Borneo whilst serving as a Sergeant in the British Army, Jamie, together with his mum and younger sister Sarah are obliged to leave the security of married quarters in Fulwood Barracks, Preston, for a nearby council estate, where they struggle to make ends meet.In his eighteenth year, Jamie takes a job on a local farm where Chloe; the farmer's wife, initiates him in the pleasures of the flesh. Near disaster follows, in the shape of a shotgun wielded by the irate farmer on catching Jamie and Chloe in a compromising situation. A spell working as a porter in the kitchens of a nearby mental hospital serves to make Jamie aware of the wiles of women. However, he becomes disenchanted with this environment and, determined to improve his prospects, attends a three year course for mature students funded by the Department of Employment as part of a government initiative to reduce the dole queue.Aged twenty five, a chance encounter with Ralph at a sports club in Preston leads him into the world of the male escort. He is introduced to Tabatha - a divorcee from Chester and boss of 'Tamarind'; an escort agency in Manchester catering for business women seeking no strings-attached liaisons with young studs. Tabatha puts Jamie through a searching and startling interview process which has him reeling. But he makes it through (just) and moves from Preston to Manchester and rooms with two students; Neil, a medical student with a fondness for the bass trombone and Naomi, a bright young girl from Ghana studying modern languages, who is devoted to the local church mission where the quixotic Pastor Kerr officiates.

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