Jesus – When Is He Coming?

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AuthorHouse, Sep 21, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 236 pages
For many years its been taught, almost without contradiction, that no one can know when Jesus will return for His church. Thats because He spoke of His return saying, But of the day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, NOR THE SON, but only the Father. (Mark 13: 32). That indeed was true at the time Jesus said it; however, shortly after His resurrection He said something else that changed the situation concerning the knowledge of His return. He then said, ALL AUTHORITY has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. (Matthew 28: 18). Since Jesus now has ALL AUTHORITY in heaven and earth, its inconceivable that He Himself no longer knows when He will come for His church. That means Mark 13: 32 (above) was true for ONLY a short time after He said it. In I Thessalonians 4: 15 - 17, we have a description of Jesuss return for His church. Then Chapter 5 follows acknowledging that unbelievers will indeed have no idea when its about to happen; however, Verse 4 says, But YOU, brethren, are NOT IN DARKNESS that this day should overtake you as a thief. BELIEVERS ARE NOT IN DARKNESS ABOUT WHEN JESUS IS COMING. His return doesnt have to be a surprise to His Church. Therefore, this book examines both Bible prophecies and examples to see when Scripture indicates Jesus will return. The first chapter of this book shows from Scripture that, also contrary to general teaching, there is at least one major prophecy that must still be fulfilled BEFORE Jesus can come.

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Can Jesus Come At Any Time?
The Beginning Of Gods Schedule
The Covenant
The Prophecy of Seventy Weeks
When Will God Make Jesus Enemies His Footstool?
Four Things That Are Yet To Come
When Is HE Coming?
The Two Witnesses
Joshua As An Example Of Jesus
Israels Entry Into the Promised Land
Mosess Age
The Stone Tables of Gods Word
Examples In Jesuss Life
Isaacs Wedding
The Wedding At Cana

The Week of Creation
The Days Of Noah

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Robert Jackson has been a Bible teacher in his local church for almost sixty years, and like so many other believers, he grew up under the generally common teaching that, NO ONE CAN KNOW when Jesus is going to come again. However, he eventually came to realize that teaching isnt consistent with Jesuss admonition for us to, ASK, and it shall be given to you; SEEK, and you will find; KNOCK, and it will be opened to you. (Matthew 7: 7). You see, Jesus didnt include any caveat in His admonition to preclude our asking WHEN Hes going to come again. Therefore, about forty years ago Mr. Jackson decided to stop studying what the naysayers were teaching and instead, begin prayerfully studying Scripture to see what God said about when Jesus will come again. He found that Scripture includes much more in answer to that question than he had ever imagined. Therefore, he has written this book for others who also have a longing to know when Jesus is coming, and hopefully encourage them to obey Jesuss admonition in their effort to discover what the Bible says about when Hes going to come. As you begin your search, he hopes you will be strengthened in faith by the fact that when Jesus gave us His admonition in Matthew 7: 7 (above), He also gave us His very special promise that, ...everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him that knocks it will be opened. (Matthew 7: 8).

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