Jesus was a Liberal: A Blogger's Bold Opinions on Politics and Religion

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Liberalism - 444 pages
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Jesus was a Liberal was provoked by the perpetual attempt of the religious right and the ultra-conservative elements in America to label everything "liberal" was if it were an evil that had infested our entire society with the poisonous venom. The party of Lincoln who deeply believed that "government should do for people what they cannot do for themselves or do so well," has betrayed the words of their founder by vigorously opposing programs vital to our nation's future including Social Security, unemployment compensation, and Medicare. Labeling liberals as communists, "pinkos," socialists, the Republican Party's right-wing and their evangelical Christians co-conspirators has pelted liberals with every kind of vindictive accusation imaginable. The fact is that the Man from Galilee insisted that his followers feed those who are hungry, give water to those who thirst, clothe those who are naked, and visit those in prison, He was establishing the basis for precisely what the Democratic Party has espoused for the past seventy-five years. A quick review of the word "liberal" in the Webster's New Universal Dictionary, one immediately reads these characteristics "maximum individual freedom,""government protection of civil liberties," "characterized by generosity and a willingness to give in large amount." In fact, one must question whether it is possible to be a Christian and a Republican in the same life. This work will answer that question chapter after chapter.

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