Jesus in Time

AuthorHouse, 21.5.2003 - 248 sivua
"It's the realism in his writing that has me hooked." "His soul is a beautiful place to visit." "Honestly, I love it all. His word choice, his style, his message, the entire compilation is such an inspiration. The reason he caught my eye at first is because he has his own unique style and I really like it. He seems like a very fascinating person. I like his sense of humor too." "Faithfully, he amazes me. To me, he truly is the definition of poetry. He always inspires me never to put down my pen, even if I just write for myself. I can't wait for the book. He is right up there with Saul Williams to me. I can't wait to add his work to my collection!!!!" "He has got the gift of words. He can wrap so much up in one poem." "His poems have such cadence to them, At times I don't think of them as poems, but verses from a rapper like Common or Black Thought." "The words. When I actually slow the world down and read his words, I felt all kinds of emotions. It was wonderful for me to experience his craft. I look forward to reading more of his work." "I admire his love for poetry."

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