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Xlibris Corporation, 2006 - Poetry - 60 pages
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This book is made up of short stories and poems based on true events, in my life or the lives of close friends of mine. Also they demonstrate the feelings and thoughts of average people dealing with the obstacles of life. These stories give a good incite to the teenage mind and many situations that people are put into. Each story has its own background and significance: "Being Madgical" is based on a true story and has a lot of meaning to it. Madgical is a young girl dealing with love and how to pick and choose the life she wants to lead. Trying to handle the responsibilities of an adult, she gets caught up in her own thoughts and waits for that perfect moment and her perfect boyfriend to come back to her, realizing not all friendships are forever. "They had nothing to say to Each Other" is a short story about how in this one particular relationship she feels chained up and that she needs time for herself and although she is sad about losing her boyfriend, at the same time she is free. "Empty Glass" is a heart touching tale of a girl coping with the death of her cousin who she hated so much. Thinking about life itself in this empty glass sitting on the table, it helped her show emotion for the family member she never understood. "The Beach House" gives a good view of the life of a southern small town girl who has more money than anyone could imagine, but her broken heart cannot be fixed with the nice things in her life. With many relationships torn apart, she finds herself in a city so far away from her hometown and repairs a relationship she never thought could be mended. "The Florist" shows just simply going through that routine once more can lighten that regular day up. Jordan had lost all hope for love and lived alone with her daughter by the beach. Living in her thoughts she goes about her daily routine and meets a man she would have never thought could make her smile, and changes everything. "I Was His Trophy" is the terrifying story of love and reality. Alex lives in a world she thinks is beyond perfect when one day she meets a guy who opens up her eyes to what is really happening. Her world crumbles when she finds out her friends betray her and her boyfriend who was once her relief is now who she fears most. It is the story of how true love sometimes never finds its way.

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