Jim and Nell: a dramatic poem in the dialect of North Devon. By a Devonshire Man

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Private Circulation, 1867 - 56 pages

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Page 17 - Nell ? Ott's matter, Gracey b'ant hur well Nan ? is our Nell apurt ?" " Tha frump o't Varmer, as may zay, Hur layv'th us all, 'e zee to-day, An
Page 4 - Giles, git zum stroyl out o' tha shippen, And carr et down to tha bee-lippen; Tha bee-butts be all bare : An' whare tha busks an' barras be, Tie a bullbagger to tha tree, I zeed tha ackmals thare.' 6
Page 29 - ... it, Tha bell won't always doll ; . Et auffen wulv'th wi' merrier noise. (Honey ! we've got two purty buoys, Peart-an'-parcel of our soull)' 100 ' Ees, bit jist now voaks lie in swars, Guns niver blast in ould Death's wars, Ha zoon vill'th up es stroll : Tha cockered cheeld, tha doylish chun, Bushed or unbushed, if Death jet'th one, Ha must obey es call. 101 ' Zum buckle vor a lang time wi' en, An
Page 13 - em.' 40 ' Yer's Jim an' Nell ! (all auver doust ;) Why, Nell, thee handkecher's a-foust, Ott vor dith luke sa wist ? ' (>Tis thick gurt hunk. I tell 'e all, Auver tha passon's desk I'll vail Avore I wool be kist.' 41 ' Law, Nell, doant quarley, 'tis bet fun, I zem, Jim Barrow's lick ma sun ; Ye'll zing anither tune Avore the braun's a-burned again, I'll warn, yer vust rewtratter's gwain Fegs, I'll be gossip to 'un. 42 ' I 'sure 'e, Jim's no dumbledrane,1 Drashel an...
Page 39 - The chief object of the foregoing story is to interweave every provincial word known to the Author ; and he has kept this object in view so closely that few verses have been added during the progress of the tale without the introduction of at least three or -four new words. This may have, in many instances, interfered with the poetical interest of the tale, but will, it is presumed, increase its local value. The Author is not aware of any composition formed on a similar plan, and he must reiterate...
Page 35 - bide in, I'll mend thy breeches; Jim, go and zarch vor angle-twitches, An' blackworms vor tha burds ; Cubabys be good, an' maskills too, Oakems, ticks, long-cripples '11 do; Kip min in bits o' sherd'. 125 'D'ye mind? tha flaw blawed to tha tallet A skirdevil, or ott they call it.' 'No, 'twas a wash-dish, Jim; Poor leetle pixy, wi' the tripes 'E pored down es poor oozle-pipes, 'E made es peeper tin'.
Page 4 - Lord, dame, doant agg an' argy zo, Bin 'e wur aprilled hours ago, 'E've creusled vur tha day; I niver zeed !e zo vore-wained, Avore tha cock-leart all wur clained, Zo, ott's tha use vor zay.
Page 3 - An' dra' thick settle nigh tha clock, An' auff tha brandis tak' tha crock, Yer's Maister a-cum haum. 2 'Doant strake about tha house, bit muve, Tha stinpole lout ! — 'Od rat it, you've Smal time to git things vitty: Cum, doo be peart a-bit — tha mux A-tap the draxel's up ta hux, I'm vexed tha keaks be clitty. 3...
Page 47 - Spread") displaced as the threads of ribbon by washing or wear. Frith, s. (qy. writh) brushwood. From, after. Frump, s. the upshot, the principal matter.
Page 5 - em : Well, Gaffer Voord, how be? And Gammer too ! Dame, how d'ye doo ? And scrimmit Joe, an' lanky Loo, We'm2 cruel glad vor zee. 9 ' An' leetle Bob ! tha daps o's veather, (Hoi, wull, us did count on un, reather:) Yer, Bobby, yer's tha crickett ; Tha chield's a-vroared, tha conkerbells Be hangin' to un — Yett theesel, Bob — Yen thick auther thicket.

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