Job Card

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AuthorHouse, 2011 - Fiction - 384 pages
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It is about a man that stumbles across three credit cards he fi nds in a secret room,
after being nosey walking around a Federal Government Building his company was
call to do a job for by mistake.
Mistaken made because the name of the company is the same name called
by the State to their own demo.
Given a badge to walk around the building to use the rest room when they
need to.
Hutch takes advantage by walking where he shouldn't and comes across
another badge where he puts it on and winds up some where he shouldn't be.
By dumb lucky he goes into what he thinks is a bathroom and there presses
a tile in the wall, it activates another part of a wall in one of the stall of the
In that stall the 3 credit cards are displayed to him, not knowing that the
Government uses these Unlimited Funded Untraceable credit card to buy whatever
they need no matter how much it cost.
Still being nosey after taken the credit cards, Hutch ventures into the
basement where they're experimenting on some colognes and their reaction on
the females that one would encounter.
There are three that work with a man's sweat, the more he sweats the
stronger the cologne affect is.
One is black capped and that puts fear to a woman that smell it, the gold
cap one makes a woman very mad at the one wearing it that she strikes at him in
The last one is the silver capped one that makes woman very horny and all
colognes seem to have a very long lingering affect when the man sweats heavy.
Using the card a few times Hutch encounters, some good people and then
two unsavory men that feel he doesn't deserve to have such a thing and want it
for themselves.
Car chases and jealous coworkers, greedy gold digging girlfriend with
vengeful spitefulness about her.
Three fine healthy video type vixens that are just down to earth, best friends
since little and now strip dancers making their way through college.
Along with Hutch's old time friends the Grand Drunken Master, that party
hard with him and always there in a heartbeat to lend a hand no matter where
Hutch is.
Together this story has some of the most exciting things about Hutch and
how his life goes and not even on a daily run, but just saying to one self.
What would you do if you came across three unlimited funded untraceable
credit cards and didn't know it till late.
In this three part story read how Hutch handles every situation and his tattle
tale coworker.

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