Job Training and Employment Legislation, 1973: Hearings, Ninety-third Congress, First Session, on S. 1559 ...

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Page 234 - deprived areas. The administration will provide $15 million for this program of recreation support, the same amount as last summer, but $10 million less than the amount needed according to a survey conducted late last fall by the National League of Cities and the United States Conference of Mayors. The
Page 268 - to the recommending of laws he thinks wise and the vetoing of laws he thinks bad. And the Constitution is neither silent nor equivocal about who shall make laws which the President is to execute. . . . * * * "The Constitution does not subject this law-making power of Congress to
Page 268 - * • The Founders of this Nation entrusted the lawmaking power to the Congress alone in both good and bad times." Id. at 587-89. In the instant case the defendant claims that the President's assessment of the needs of the nation through his budget message requires him, as Acting Director of
Page 273 - details of that funding termination. "Except as otherwise provided by law, sums appropriated for the various branches of expenditure in the public service shall be applied solely to the objects for which they, are respectively made, and
Page 98 - shall be made in accordance with the criteria used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the Department of Labor in defining persons as unemployed; and "(7) 'underemployed persons' means— "(A) persons who are working part time but seeking full-time work; "(B) persons who are working full time but receiving wages below the poverty level determined
Page 277 - 2, of the Constitution, Congress had the power to vest by law the appointment of inferior officers of the federal government in the President alone, in the Courts, or in the heads of Departments. And it declared, with respect to the appointment of the
Page 619 - In the interest of time, I will submit my statement for the record, and turn this meeting over to him. Senator Nelson. Thank you very much, Mr. Burkett. Your statement will be inserted in the record at this time. [The prepared statement of Mr. Burkett follows:] Statement by Lowell A. Burkett Executive Director, American Vocational Association BEFORE THE
Page 104 - or any official thereof, in connection with or affecting the administration of any authority under this Act shall contain, immediately following each substantive provision of such rules, regulations, guidelines, interpretations, or orders, citations to the particular section or sections of statutory law or other legal authority upon which such provision is based.
Page 261 - 394 US 103, 108, 110 (1969). A case or controversy in the constitutional sense "must be definite and concrete, touching the legal relations of parties having adverse legal interests." Aetna Life Insurance Co. v. Haworth, 300 US 227,
Page 103 - (A) the minimum wage which would be applicable to the employee under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, if section 6(a) (1) of such Act applied to the participant and if he were not exempt under section 13 thereof, (B) the State

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