Jock and I and the Hydra

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Digby, Long & Company, 1905 - English fiction - 311 pages

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Page 148 - But the Consul's brow was sad, And the Consul's speech was low, And darkly looked he at the wall, And darkly at the foe. "Their van will be upon us Before the bridge goes down; And if they once may win the bridge, What hope to save the town?
Page 21 - May fairly be described as a masterpiece. ' — Birmingham Daily Post. Our Lady of Beauty {Second Edition Being the love story of Charles VII, King of France, and Agnes Sorelle, Demoiselle de Fromenteau. 'A fascinating picture of Agnes Sorelle . . . a story that is worth reading.
Page 152 - Just then a scout came flying, All wild with haste and fear: "To arms! to arms! Sir Consul, — Lars Porsena is here." On the low hills to westward The Consul fixed his eye, And saw the swarthy storm of dust Rise fast along the sky.
Page 1 - These Cat Tales will challenge comparison with anything in the fish or fishing line which has ever seen print. A droll and laughable work, and Mr Louis Wain's many admirers will find his illustrations add not a little to the fun.
Page 1 - A most enjoyable book.' — Morning Leader. ' In his own amusing fashion, Mr Alden tells tale after tale of cat villainy, sagacity, intellect and cunning. He draws his cat characters to the life ; and in Mr Louis Wain he has found the artist to follow his lead with vivacity.' Bookman. ' Broadly farcical, but very pleasant reading . . . the cats associated with seacaptains all make good yarns. Mr Louis Wain is the appropriate illustrator of the book.
Page 24 - ... sport with such enthusiasm, and he is such a successful angler and shot, that it is impossible for a lover of sport not to envy him.
Page 25 - A charming story . . . extremely well written. The book is well worth reading/ — British Weekly. 'A trifle of great charm . . . humour abounds and the story ends with one of those irrelevant but triumphant touches of pathos in which Daudet excelled...
Page 22 - Literary World. Fallen from Favour •An attractive tale ... thoroughly interesting.1— Literary World. His Lawful Wife ' A charming book.'— Queen. ' May be read with pleasure. — Glasgow Herald. The Wheel of Fire ' Skilfully worked out ... the reader's interest is never allowed to flag from the beginning to the end.'— Literary World. In Storm and Strife ' The book is charmingly written, and will be thoroughly enjoyed by all who peruse it.'— Liverpool Courier.
Page 24 - This capital work furnishes the young collector with a book which is not beyond his means, and which at the same time contains an account of all the birds which he is likely to meet with in the British Isles.
Page 12 - The Wicked Lord Soulis," and the like. Each is simply told, and a capital series of illustrations greatly enhance the value of the book. . . . Must prove a prime favourite amongst British children all the world over.

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