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Author House, Mar 1, 2010 - Social Science - 284 pages

This book is a monument, not to Joanna Bradshaw who is the subject of Jody, but to America. Jody's is truly an American story. With the gift of extraordinary talent, the will to make the most of herself, and the willingness to pay her dues, she rose to the very top of her profession against staggering odds. She fulfilled Abraham Lincoln's broad vision of America as a land where anyone could rise as far as talent and hard work would take them.

Jody came a long way from a kid with a summer job on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, serving hamburgers at Burke's Bar-B-Q to break through the glass ceiling and become an icon in American retailing. As Macy's first female corporate VP, followed by a progression of more senior level executive positions that included the presidency of two leading home furnishings chains, Jody broke down the traditional barriers to her gender. She proved that a woman's rightful place in retailing includes the very highest executive levels.

Of course, there was a price. Experience the lean years, the heartbreak of two divorces, and the scramble to be there when loved ones were passing. But also revel in the rich stories of her nearly endless travels across the globe in search of the most exciting, fashion-forward, trend-setting goods. And meet some of America's greatest retailing legends, giants with whom she rubbed shoulders on a daily basis.

So come share her story the quiet joys, the vaulting triumphs, the naked failures and the wonderful memories visited upon this unique personality. It is all here, unvarnished. You will never forget Jody. Like the Little Engine that Could, that promised, I think I can I think I can I think I can she did!

Read this book. It will enrich your life.


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Joanna "Jody" Bradshaw is an icon in home furnishings retailing who broke through the glass ceiling in a man's world. As Macy's first woman corporate VP, and later, on the manufacturing side, as SVP of merchandising for the Simmons Company, she broke down the traditional barriers to her gender. Jody proved that talent is the bottom line and that a woman's rightful place in the retail community includes the highest executive levels.

Joanna Bradshaw graduated from Mount Holyoke College and began her retailing career on Bloomingdale's training squad. In her more than 45-year career, she was a significant player in four legendary turnarounds: Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Simmons and Abraham & Straus as a senior merchandising executive. Later she co-founded HØME Ltd., a start-up chain of 120,000 square-foot "category killer" lifestyle stores; served as GMM, SVP for Dansk International; and president of two "Tiffany" specialty chains, Conran's Habitat and Workbench, before starting her own consulting firm.

Jody worked with some of America's greatest retailing legends, giants with whom she rubbed shoulders on a daily basis, many who became friends and confidants. Simultaneously, she has also had a rich romantic life with many suitors and two marriages.

She likes to joke that she has been paid to go shopping around the world for 40 years, and has a repertoire of fabulous stories from her adventures in search of the most wanted home goods and from exotic vacations to Australia, Russia, China, and to Kenya on Safari.

Jody is also a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design, a licensed interior designer, and has served as a director on several boards.

Currently, she is working on a how-to book of retailing intended to help the small independent retailer compete more effectively against the large retail chains.

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