John Janda's Story: GRE Vocabulary in Context

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Independently Published, Jan 30, 2017 - 49 pages
John Janda is the lead investigator at a small research firm in New York City. His memorable story was purposefully formulated to enhance vocabulary retention. With over 400 vocabulary words and definitions in context, follow John as he receives an acerbic review of his research proposal and considers whether to re-submit, to quit, or to try for an entirely new grant.You probably know how challenging it is to learn GRE Vocabulary and you may have already tried the following techniques:Vocabulary mnemonicsWord lists and word groupsYouTube videosFlash cards, Apps, GamesWhile these methods might be helpful for some, others find it hard to sift through 500+ vocabulary words. To make matter's worse, even when you think you have learned a particular word, you can never remember the actual definition- sometimes, you even forget you have ever seen the word. The truth is, mastering GRE vocabulary happens by using a variety of methods to study.My struggle with vocabulary retention led me to write this short story and having a story with regular characters helped me to recall words better. I put similar vocabulary words together and created a story that was slightly based on real events. A lot of the story is exaggerated, but the hyperbolic nature of the story helped me to achieve my verbal reasoning goal for the GRE.Creating the story took time, but the end result was great. I hope it works for you too.

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