John Perrot: early Quaker schismatic, Volumes 28-33

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Friends' Historical Society, 1971 - Biography & Autobiography - 116 pages

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I wanted to make contact with a scholar in the field of John Perrot the Quaker. In 1978 3 mos before my father passed away at age 92+ 8 mos he gave me a very important piece of information about John Perrot aka John Perratt II born 1565. Perratt was the son sir Robert Dudley and and unknown woman raised by Sir John Perrot 1528 alleged 1/2 brother of Elizabeth I. The boy's oxinesis can be found entering Grey's Inn 1580 along with Sir John's other two son's by Sybile John's Perrot, the two other boy's mother.
Perratt II was given that name after the River Perratt in England to distinguish him from other Perrot sons. He got into trouble with the family and was dis owned for getting Perrot's daughter pregnant in 1558 with a boy known to the world as Robert Phillips. This was 6 years prior to her marriage to the Phillips of Picton Castle. Further: Perratt II had a son by Margaret Lovelace-Mercer who married local Tenby knight of the garter Thomas ap Rice 1570/ Her first born son named Perrot ap Rice 1598 was born 3 mos early and survived or she was Pregnant 3 mos. when she married ap Rice in the Sping of 1598. We know this because she had 12 births by the date of death April 1 , 1610/ Working backward Perrot ap Rice would have to have been conceived at a time in 1597 to accomodate that many children during the old calendar year.
My father named Perrot ap Rice 1598 son of Perratt II as my 7th great grandfather, JOHN RICE of Dedham 1624 is my PROVED 6th great grandfather and Perratt II would be my 8th ggf and all of us carry the DNA matching Robert Dudley's Coousins Robert Sutton and John Dudley, 6th cousins and 2nd cousin respectively.
Dad's testimony to me was that The Boy JOHN RICE was raised in Dedham Ma by Reverend JOHN ALLIN a non conformist misnister of Puritan belief. Both Dudley and Sir JOhn Perrot were the PURITANS of the first Order and they did the only thing they could do with this boy under the laws of WELSH illegitimate children of the time. They placed the boy with the EDMUND RICE family of East Anglica but when Edmund emigrated to America he left the boy JOHN RICE Behind in England and he was returned to Perrot ap Rice of Tenby 1638.
Perrot and his father were rather slippery men....they left tenby with the boy about 1639 and indeed delivered him to Dedham where he was age 14 and lived with the good Reverend until he married in 1649 one Anne Hackley of the same Puritan Community of Dedham. Perrot ap Rice changed his name after hearing the first Quaker Preaching of George Fox and became known as John Perrot the Quaker Pope Converter. Dad said he wrote prolifically many pamphlets and tracts published in the Quaker community and was sprung from Bedlam Prison for the insane about 3 years after his attempt to convert the Pope. His connection to the Tudor son's at Sir JOHN PERROT and Perrot II is what convinced the Italians to let him go.
Perrot ap Rice 1598 was the grandson of Henry VIII if it is true that SIR JOHN PERROT 1528 was his son. Margaret MERCER: Perrot's mother is the previously unknown daughter of sir JOHN PERROT and Joanna LOVELACE MERCER of Tenby. John PeRRatt the second set up a trading post on the James River with a native woman and Perrot ap Rice traded with him until his quaker conversion. Making repeated trips in the Sparrow Fishing vessel to Cornwall for Copper, English Cloth and other goods. Their trade with the native peoples of Virginia 1640-1654 allowed James town to survive...and when Perrot left for full time Quaker work he imported his son Thomas ap Rice in 1555 to James River where his grandfather was continuing the trade with Native American's. Thus Perrot ap Rice 1598 the grandson of Henry VIII by Margaret MERCER and JOHN PERROT 1528 left his debts behind and "Turned over a new leaf" according to Samuel Gordon Rice 1887, my father. I am D. Charles Rice 1948 you can see my page of Face Book called D. Charles Rice to understand how we Tudor Blood descendants became the NEBRASKA RICE


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