John Savile of Haysted: A Tragedy in Five Acts

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T.C. Newby, 1847 - 108 pages
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Page 84 - BUCKINGHAM. How now ? Heard you I said I'd wed you ?—I, the Duke ? LILIAN. I heard you, Sir.—Rather in beggar weeds Would I go forth an outcast thro' the world, Than wed so mean a thing, as falsehood makes. BUCKINGHAM. I warn you,—these are not the words to soothe The wrath, that may consume your father's hopes. LILIAN.
Page 84 - me go.—Name not my father's name. His honest name is not for lip like your's. You warn me—take a warning back from me. Bethink you of the gulf you stand on. Think That a whole land heaps curses on your head, And I—fond, dreaming, senseless, foolish girl,
Page 86 - in the sheath.) I fancy I can read some words Upon the blade,—my breath has stained it,—now 'Tis clear again—aye—clearer, for the stain. So 'tis with fame.—Theyll blacken me for this, But my poor name will brighten for't the more. (Enter SAVIT.E,
Page 84 - tis still left, and at my father's knees Pray for God's help, since man's is useless. BUCKINGHAM. You shall not balk me so.—You leave me not. What ho !—come forward, Priest, and join our
Page 16 - I speak not gaily now—banish the thought. No ! no!—I spoke to you in gladness—see! Lilian—it was in musings such as these. Your Sister lived; she saw with dreamy eyes, Not what things were—but what she painted them.
Page 91 - There's yet a hope. I have just heard the King Lodges at Porchester Fort to day. I'll see him— Go you to Buckingham meanwhile,—nay—nay,— Go—face him boldly; try to move his heart; And as you live, delay him ! Ere an hour I shall be back from presence of the King With warrant of protection.
Page 86 - on the table.) (looks out of the window.) How clear the sky is ! What a pleasant thing To look up in the blue, and see no cloud! Ho! Savile
Page 31 - them We rush and rescue; if she pleases me, So:—if I like her not—take her yourself, And in your favour I'll forego one half The fine upon the father. Ain't it kind, Just when he can't afford to keep the girl, To take her off his hands ? NED. There never was such wit
Page 64 - conscience with the shadow of a fault; I'll have her spotless pure.—I'll call you in, When 1 have won her to consent to wed The Duke, she dreams so much of. If she will not consent ? EPSLIE. BUCKINGHAM. If you fail, Have not I said That I will have revenge ?—And that she's
Page 7 - (Enter JOHN FELTON.) So, Sir, what want you here ? Quick, bully Ned, Ask him his business. (turns away.) FELTON. If you will let me.—I'll have no more doings With Master Trivett. I'll tell your Grace, BUCKINGHAM. Oh! you know him, Ned— NED. 'Tis Felton;—An old Officer of the force Your Grace commanded at the Isle of

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