Johnson's Dictionary of the English language, in miniature [ed. by J. Hamilton]. By J. Hamilton

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Page 161 - VIRGMEN'SIS, a nuptial goddess. VIR'GO, a name of Astrea and Fortune. VIRI'LIS, and VIBCATA, titles of Fortune. VIRI'PLACA, an inferior nuptial goddess, who reconciled husbands to their wives ; a temple, at Rome, was dedicated to her, whither the married couple repaired after a quarrel, and returned together friendly. VITU'LA, the goddess of mirth. VOLU'SIA, a goddess of com. VI/CAN, th
Page 24 - BEAVER, bcr'vur. a. 227, 98. An animal, otherwise named the castor, amphibious, and remarkable for his art in building his habitat ion ; a hat of the best kind ; the part of a helmet that covers the face.
Page 170 - The old world is destroyed by a deluge, which continued 377 days. 2247 The Tower of Babel is built about this time by Noah's posterity, upon which God miraculously confounds their language, and thus disperses them into different nations. About the same time, Noah is supposed to have parted...
Page 181 - Dolben was ordered to impeach him at the bar of the house of lords, in the name of all the commons of England. A committee was appointed to draw up articles, and Sacheverel was taken into custody. At the same time, in order to demonstrate their own principles, they resolved that the reverend Mr. Benjamin Hoadly, rector of St.
Page 171 - God, nor the attributes and perfections which belong to him, nor the worship that was acceptable to him, nor the moral duties which he required from his creatures ; nor had they any clear notions or firm belief of the immortality of the soul, and a state of rewards and punishments in another life. They believed the world to be under the direction of a vast...
Page 179 - Pole, but having made eighty-one degrees, is in danger of being locked up by the ice, and his attempt to discover a passage in that quarter proves fruitless.
Page 171 - Thalos, of Miletus, travels into Egypt, consults the priests of Memphis, acquires the knowledge of geometry, astronomy, and philosophy ; returns to Greece. calculates eclipses, gives general notions of the universe, and maintains that one Supreme Intelligence regulates all its motions.
Page 114 - The part of any solid body remaining after the rest is taken away," is a flattering description of one of our stumps of the thigh. It is in reality with us barely more than a peg whereon to hang an artificial limb. In youth, in middle age, in advanced years, it never improves. It never can be more than a shortened bone, with shortened and shrivelled materials around...
Page 145 - Saxon word, and signifies whey, butter milk, or small beer, was, he says, " first applied to those in Scotland, who kept their meetings in the fields; their common food being sour milk, a nickname given to those who were against the court interest, in the times of King Charles the Second, and James the Second, and to such as were for it in succeeding reigns.
Page 171 - Alexandria, began his astronomical tera on Monday, June 26, being the first who found the exact solar year to consist of 365 days, 5 hours, and 49 minutes.

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