Joseph Goldyne: The Pull of the Eye, the Play of the Hand

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Joseph Goldyne's (b. 1942) paintings, drawings, and prints are poetic evocations of the surrounding world, often with a deep appreciation for the history of art.
It is for his peerless efforts in the refinement of the monotype rather than for his work in the classic intaglio media that Joseph Goldyne is acknowledged as one of the leading West Coast printmakers. Indeed, few are familiar with his edition prints, which have been shown only rarely. The artist's dedication to the traditional media of printmaking owes to his preoccupation with the process and unique aesthetic merits of the edition print, as opposed to the inherent multiplicity provided by its matrix.
This comprehensive catalogue documents Goldyne's evolution as an artist while exploring the ideas that have inspired his works. With more than 400 color illustrations of Goldyne's drawings, paintings, monotypes, and edition prints, the publication also features a Catalogue Raisonne of the edition prints by Thomas H. Garver.

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