Journal of Materia Medica, Volum 15


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Side 319 - Narrative of the Origin and Formation of the International Association for obtaining a Uniform Decimal System of Measures, Weights, and Coins.
Side 261 - ... (2) that in these instances the brain symptom is often the most prominent and sometimes the sole prominent symptom of the eye troubles, so that, while there may be no pain or sense of fatigue in the eye, the strain with which it is used may be interpreted solely by occipital or frontal headache ; (3) that the long continuance of eye troubles may be the unsuspected source of insomnia, vertigo, nausea, and general failure of health ; (4) that in many cases the eye trouble becomes suddenly mischievous...
Side 252 - ... the attack, it seems sometimes to arrest the course of the malady as effectively as quinine cures an ague, or ipecacuanha a dysentery. 5. The relief of pain is always one of the earliest effects produced. 6. In acute cases, relief of pain and a fall of temperature generally occur simultaneously. 7. In subacute cases, the pain is sometimes decidedly relieved before the temperature begins to fall...
Side 47 - applicable," he does so in accordance with his own experience that the remedial power of the gelseminum seems confined to those branches of the trifacial nerve supplying the upper and lower jaw, more particularly the latter, and more especially when in either jaw the pain is most directly referred to the teeth or alveoli ; indeed, he can scarcely recall an instance of the above in which relief was not speedily and thoroughly given.
Side 83 - That mercury is probably a true vital antidote against the syphilitic virus and that it is capable of bringing about a real cure. That, in practice, a good many cases are really cured by mercury, the cure being proved by the restoration to good health, and in some cases by renewed susceptibility to contagion. That the probability of cure depends upon the stage of development attained...
Side 110 - Suppose we own that milk is good, And say the same of grass; The one for babes is only food, The other for an ass. Doctor, one new prescription try (A friend's advice forgive), Eat grass, reduce thyself, and die. Thy patients then may live.
Side 220 - Atchison, L. Curtis, E. Curtis, Yandell and Scott. On motion of Prof, Rogers, the President and Secretary of the convention and Prof. Atchison were appointed a committee on publication. Question 5. Is there any reason why the customary diploma fee shall be abolished! On motion of Prof. Rogers, it was Resolved, That it is the sense of the convention that the diploma fee should: not be abolished.
Side 363 - Considered merely as a labor-saving machine, it is a new power, offered to man, incomparably greater than that which he has acquired by the new agency which he has given to steam. It is in design the greatest invention of human ingenuity since that of printing.
Side 318 - Choiestersemia does not occur in every disorder of the liver, because even when a part of the organ is disordered, there may remain a portion still capable of performing the function of excreting cholesterin.
Side 186 - I give an ounce every two, three, or four hours, according to the severity of the case — that will be from twelve to thirty-six grains of quinine in the twenty -four hours according to the case.

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